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Getting Started - Steve Tingiris, Dabble Lab - Voice Tech Podcast ep.067

May 25, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 67
Voice Tech Podcast
Getting Started - Steve Tingiris, Dabble Lab - Voice Tech Podcast ep.067
Show Notes

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Today on the show, we welcome Steve Tingiris. Steve is a leader in the field of voice development, a serial entrepreneur, and amazingly he still codes everyday. He’s the founder of Dabble Lab, which builds tech products and tools to automate business workflows with a strong focus on AI-powered digital assistants and voice. He also runs the hugely popular DabbleLab YouTube channel.

The topic of today’s show is getting started with voice development. Here, we hear from Steve about the various stages of his entrepreneurial journey, his experience working with clients, the many challenges he’s faced in the industry, as well as his deep expertise in the Twilio system and developing IVR solutions. Steve also describes what the state of natural language understanding is today and shares his advice for budding voice developers entering the field. 

We also get stuck into his YouTube channel and all the tutorials he’s consistently put out over the years to help new and experienced developers hone their craft. If you are just getting started in voice development, this episode is packed with great advice, resources, and motivation to get you going!


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Quotes from the show

[16:13] Bots and humans don’t need to be separate… They work better in tandem.

[19:23] Generally, the goal for any company is to maximize the value of its individual human agents. 

[21:00] Consumers have more choice today than they ever have.

[26:35] The biggest mistake I made was underestimating the complexity of designing the CUI

[43:35] You cannot figure out anything without failing. In tech, failure is part of the job.

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