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The Voice Layer - Jan König, Jovo - Voice Tech Podcast ep.068

June 08, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 68
Voice Tech Podcast
The Voice Layer - Jan König, Jovo - Voice Tech Podcast ep.068
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Today on the show, we welcome Jan König, co-founder of Jovo. Jovo is an open source layer that lets you build and run voice experiences across multiple devices and platforms including, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, mobile phone and web apps, and many more!

In this episode, we get an inside look into Jovo’s architecture and business model, as well as the latest and greatest version of the build-once deploy-everywhere solution for voice. Jovo version 3 has just been released, and it expands the number of channels you can build for, which now includes Twilio, Facebook Messenger, and even Samsung Bixby. The product has significantly matured and is used by many top brands to build world-class apps today. 

Not only do we dig into all the new Jovo v3 features, but we speak about the challenges involved with building an open source startup. On the dev side, we take a look at standards, software patterns, and the design considerations between voice bots versus chat bots. On the industry side, we explore best practices, where the voice market is going beyond the big platforms, and much, much more.

Jan is a highly concentrated source of information, and the insights per minute in this episode is off the charts! So, if you’re looking to have your mind-blown, in multiple directions, then take a listen!


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Quotes from the show

[05:17] For us, voice is not just an afterthought. 

[15:50] We’re already seeing companies adopt our component features.

[16:15] There’s not a lot of best practices out there in the voice space.[24:00] Voice is a niche right now, which makes it difficult for an open source voice startup.[27:55] The really good experiences are built by cross-functional teams. 

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