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Conversational Components - Yaki Dunietz, CoCo - Voice Tech Podcast ep.070

July 06, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 70
Voice Tech Podcast
Conversational Components - Yaki Dunietz, CoCo - Voice Tech Podcast ep.070
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As the voice industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds, conversational components stand out as a key development moving forward. What are these conversational components? Simply put, they are modular blocks of customizable, reusable conversational services, accessible via APIs that can fit together in a myriad of ways to form larger, conversational flows. 

Conversational Components, known as CoCo are leading the charge with this modular-based component approach. In this episode, Yaki Dunietz, the company's CEO, who has been working in conversational AI for more than 20 years, and Jason Gilbert, lead conversation designer at CoCo, who has designed text-to-voice experiences across a range of conversational channels, join us to share more about the company and its unique approach to chatbots. 

We kick the show off by diving into CoCo’s service as a hub and directory for conversational components. We learn about how the components are accessed, vendor publishing, and how searches on the platform work. From there, we move onto how the bots handle queries, both in and out of context. It is vitally important for these bots to engage in small talk, which requires a few thousand smaller bots all to fire at the same time. Through increasing access, CoCo hopes to encourage collaboration and in doing so, propel developments in the space forward. 

We round off the show by learning more about Yaki and Jason’s respective backgrounds and how it shaped their thinking, what it takes to build a bot’s personality, and what the future has in store for CoCo.


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Quotes from the show

[07:22] The component resides on the platform

[25:03] Good chatbots, and even good digital assistants, have personality

[43:16] Forging personality and character, creating a chatbot experience, is an artform

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