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Someone to Practice With - Elie Dordek, ShanenLi - Voice Tech Botcast ep.071

July 13, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 71
Voice Tech Podcast
Someone to Practice With - Elie Dordek, ShanenLi - Voice Tech Botcast ep.071
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This is a special bonus episode recorded on the new Rumble Studio audio platform that I’ve created. Rumble Studio is a conversational A.I. SaaS for businesses to plan, record, publish and distribute audio for content marketing, and in a fraction of the time it takes today. The conversations are recorded asynchronously, so I’ve coined the new term, BotcastTM.

The very first BotcastTM to be published on the Voice Tech Podcast is with Rabbi Elijah C Dordek! Elijah (Elie) is the founder of ShanenLi, an app that uses speech recognition to create personal tutor for text based tasks. It’s being first used to help children in the Ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish community learn to read and speak Hebrew, and Elie has plans to expand this to any language and any type of text.

We discuss the unique teaching methods Elie has developed, and the value of distance learning during the COVID crisis. We also explore the challenges involved in training speech-to-text models with children, and how technology in general can be used to address cultural pain points.

Elie is looking for excited educators and inspired investors who would like to start pilot programs in schools, for any text based reading tasks. He is in search of a technical co-founder who can help with the programming and/or speech engine technology. If you are interested in joining Elie, or know anyone who might be, please reach out to him at elijahcdordek@shanen.li 

As this is the first interview of this kind, please let me know what you liked or disliked by tweeting @VoiceTechCarl, or email me at carl@voicetechpodcast.com


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