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Voice X Design Sprint - Maaike Coppens - Voice Tech Podcast ep.077

September 28, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 77
Voice Tech Podcast
Voice X Design Sprint - Maaike Coppens - Voice Tech Podcast ep.077
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Design Sprint was greeted by Jake Knapp, and the idea is to build and test a prototype in only five days. A small team works for a week to rapidly progress from problem to tested solution, using a proven step-by-step checklist. Jake describes it as fast-forwarding into the future so you can see how customers react before you invest all the time and expense of building a real product. 

The Design Sprint is a method that has been adopted across digital industries to make better product designs in a faster period of time. The sprint goes from a challenge to a prototype for users. The sprint has strength in the fact that it allows input from users from the very start, and the intense period of everyone working together inevitably results in success.

Maaike has been consulting in voice since the beginning. At the start there were challenges because no one knew how much artificial intelligence could do for voice technology. Next, everyone had diverse ideas and team alignment around projects was difficult. Not everyone had the same knowledge, and there was not enough user knowledge. 

Because of these challenges, Maaike began to look at the methodology around team alignment and speed. That’s where Design Sprint came into play. Maaike Coppens began doing some Design Sprint and quickly saw it solved a lot of problems, but it did not solve the learning gap or learning gap for participants when it came to artificial intelligence. 

The Voice X Design Sprint was borne of these different elements. It is platform-agnostic and takes into account all different variations and domains voice can be a part of. Voice X Design Sprint leverages what voice technology is about, so that people can not only understand with their mind what voice technology is about, what users are experiencing with their brand. Voice X embodies these things through serious plan, through role play.


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Quotes from the show

[07:16] Design Sprint is both good for companies, and for end users.

[13:28] Voice X Design Sprint is platform-agnostic.

[19:47] If you live in siloes what happens is that frustration comes about.

[28:00] The “understand” phase gets a lot of focus in the spring.

[59:36] We must ensure this complex thing is worth building.

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