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How to Create a Podcast for Niche Content

Podcast Niche
by Jamie Barton

After the introduction of the iPod in 2001, the world of music not only changed but it also heralded a new dawn in audio entertainment as the podcast was born.

Now 20 years later, it is hard even to consider that podcasts haven’t been around for much longer than that. These audio blogs, as listeners initially knew them, are now prevalent across Europe. This is highlighted by research conducted by Statista, who reported that around 28% of all Europeans who responded to their poll had listened to a podcast within the previous month.

Not only are the numbers of listeners rising, but the number of podcast options to listen to is also growing at a staggering rate, according to Daniel Ek, the CEO of streaming giants Spotify. Ek confirmed that the platform now has over 3.2million podcast options to choose from, up from just 185,000 three years ago, and that’s without even considering the numbers from the other hosting platforms. So, it’s clear that it’s going to be challenging to develop something different; if you look to cover stand-up comedy, there are already hundreds doing the same.

Think about the gaming industry? That’s covered too. However, it is a broad topic, and within gaming, there are many niches. Take bingo, for example; it’s a popular pastime for many across Europe; but some would say a podcast on the game is too niche, thus challenging to produce. Whilst it would seem niche and quite focused, the How About Bingo? podcast proves to be very popular. It makes for a great example of creating a podcast for a niche audience and being a success.

A niche within a niche

In creating your bingo podcast, you need a unique selling point that will help your production stand out. Online bingo gaming has become very popular, with numbers of players now taking to the digital version of the previously only physical game, estimated to be in the region of three million. It’s not only the convenience but the quality of experience and a vast selection of games that can now be accessed digitally driving this movement. You only have to look at the options on Foxy Bingo who have multiple online rooms, with different games such as Bingo Beats Chakra and Fluffy Favourites amongst their offerings. Online bingo is certainly a sector within the bingo industry that can easily be covered, and it demonstrates how to look for valuable content within your niche. The How About Bingo? podcast focuses on not only speaking about what’s happening now but where the industry is going in the future, specifically online. For a niche podcast, finding those elements of your subject to cover is key; find a niche within a niche.

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Understand your audience.

While this may seem an obvious statement, it’s key. Once you’ve identified your subject and niche like the one mentioned above, you need to understand what the listener needs and what people already know about the subject. Also, consider the tone required to engage with the audience and subject matter effectively. These can be done via a few methods, from running informal polls on social media or even speaking to people in the bingo industry, to researching podcasts like our example podcast. How About Bingo Does this very well, engaging with industry leaders on a regular basis to help broaden their understanding of the sector. That makes the presenters more knowledgeable as well as the listener.

Leverage with a website

If you’re providing niche content, it can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming your listeners are already well versed in the basics of your subject. Using our example, How About Bingo, it might be easy to feel they only need to put out the podcast, rather than deliver a solid selection of the basics. However, they pair their podcast with a website that explains many basics for the listener. The same goes for a number of podcasts, they’ll have a ‘home’ that allows them to curate further content that gives a more rounded overview of the subject. You often see this in sports, where an opinion podcast is backed by a site packed with facts and figures, for those who wish to find out more.

While we cannot decide for you what your perfect subject matter is, we hope our tips have helped you on the way to hitting the airwaves soon.

For all your podcast news, tips, information on the latest tech and more remember to visit our homepage here at Voice Tech Podcast.

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How to Create a Podcast for Niche Content
Jamie Barton

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