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by Mia Clarke

Consisting of multiple smaller screen configured to form one continuous display, video walls continue to grow in popularity, in both residential and commercial settings. Video walls have not only proven to be highly effective marketing tools, but they also offer numerous options for business operations.

One of the primary reasons why video walls are so effective is that they can integrate easily with a wide variety of different modes of marketing, from direct calls to passive billboard-style displays. If you want to create an interactive marketing campaign with the help of video walls, silent colourful screens are not enough. You must bring your video wall to life by integrating it with voice technology. This way, you will attract a larger audience and increase your conversion rate.

Many business owners, however, are not aware of many applications of voice-capable video walls. Today we will share with you the top 5 ways to use these two important technologies together.

Engage with a story

One of the best ways to personalise a marketing campaign is to share a story. Silent stories, told using only images, can be powerful. However, when accompanied by voice and music they gain resonance.

Ensure that when presenting your story, and particularly when using narration, that you maintain a tone and pitch that matches the images being shown, and your brand. Video walls support the display of high-definition (HD) movies, and when you add clear and engaging audio narration, it is easy to captivate your audience.

Play podcasts

Lure the audience in by using your voice-capable video walls to play free podcasts. Then simply provide an email sign-up form to encourage steady engagement.

Give potential customers a taste of your podcast, then you can ask the visitors to submit their emails or the phone number to receive the full episode. More and more businesses are making use of podcasts and free content to attract customers, as it’s one of the best uses of voice technology to build a large customer list.

Voice assistants

Many business owners think that video walls can only be used for marketing campaigns. However, it is not always necessary to create an advertorial in advance to run on the video walls. As opposed to directly marketing to the audience, businesses can use a more subtle approach to increase reach and engagement by offering an interaction with an engaging voice assistant.

Make interactive quizzes

Quizzes can be boring. However, when you combine video walls with voice interaction to deliver a game-show like experience, you can more easily capture attention and boost engagement. You can even offer your products as prizes. More engagement leads to more interest in your marketing campaign, making it easier to gather contact info for future marketing pushes. 

Gaming sequences

Video walls these days are touch enabled as well. With a touch-enabled video wall, you can attract the crowds with the help of small video games on the screen. They can be puzzle games or games conveying a message. However, the games will only be entertaining with the help of proper audio.

After the gaming sequence, you can inform the consumers about your products and services. It is a win-win situation as the consumers will be entertained, and you can pitch in your products and services. However, the conversion rate will depend on the entertainment, which is directly dependent on the graphics and voice technology in use. It is another way in which you can integrate voice technology with video wall campaigns to increase your conversion rates.

So, if you want to use voice technology to make your video wall campaigns more effective, these are the five ways in which you can do so. With the help of these five options, you can gain an edge over your competition while using video walls for marketing.

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