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What to do if the Number of your Intents Skyrockets

If you’re working with any sort of QnA type chatbots, you realize sooner or later that the number of intents goes skyrocket high. The solution to this problem is Mega Agents.

Build A Bixby Capsule For Podcast

How to make a Bixby Capsule for a Podcast

Build a Capsule for the new Samsung Bixby voice assistant platform, and make your podcast available to millions of new listeners. Full instructions that anyone can follow!

Fixing A Few Common Errors When Publishing Your Google Assistant App

Fixing a few common errors when publishing your Google Assistant App

A look at some common DialogFlow and Google Actions errors, and their solutions: Invalid Privacy Policy, Invalid Invocation Name, and App…

Fixing The Voice First Party Third Party Gap With Schema.org

Fixing the Voice First-Party / Third-Party Gap with schema.org

Leveraging website data with schema.org markup could become essential for voice app developers.


“Alexa, when is the next bus?”

Amazon was invited to support the 3rd annual Makeathon, a 36-hour prototyping and design competition.