What is the Clubhouse app? (and how to use it)

A lot of people are talking about the Clubhouse app lately. This post will break down what Clubhouse is and how to get the most from it.

2020 OVN Trust Gap April Jon Stine

Can Voice Close Its Trust Gap?

This is a major issue for voice users of every stripe – from consumers and enterprise decision-makers, to the marketers, the platforms, and the thousands of voice developers, designers, strategists, and analysts who are looking to this technology for economic opportunity.

Jon Stine Open Voice Network

Setting the Standard – Jon Stine, Open Voice Network – Voice Tech Podcast ep.064

The Open Voice Network seeks to create a future of AI voice that is standards-based, interoperable, accessible, and data protected.

Rsz 1samuele Errico Piccarini Myjvrez5glq Unsplash Amy Fletcher

The Future Of In-Car Speech Recognition

114 million drivers in the U.S. use in-car voice assistants, compared to just 57.8 million using them in the home, according to Medium.

Webp.net Resizeimage Amy Fletcher

Should I Worry About My Voice Assistant Spying On Me?

The findings of a study published by Consumer Watchdog found that voice-activated assistants are always listening, even when their wake word hasn’t been said.

Alexa Dominic LoBianco

Which Voice Activated Personal Assistant Should You Choose?

Voice activated personal assistants have become common in many households. Which should you choose for yours?

835 Min Anastasia Stefanuk

Giving Voice to AR: How Voice Recognition and Augmented Reality Converge

Augmented reality is a powerful innovation, with countless augmented reality medical
applications, tools for education, automotive, and other industries.

ORII Ring Photo 1200x630 Mikko Nurmimaki

Talk to Your Hand – Voice-enabled Smart Rings are Coming

Smart Rings are a reasonably new and limited wearable device, but there are already several products available.

Alexa Displays Echo Show 5

Alexa Displays – Echo Show 5

From smart displays to smart glasses, Amazon envisions a world where Alexa is omnipresent, serving us, delighting us and providing us with information.

Amazon Unveils The Echo Show 5 Less Expensive And More Compact With A Display

Amazon Unveils the Echo Show 5, Less Expensive and More Compact with a Display

Amazon reveal the Echo Show 5. Get the product specs and pricing, and discover all the cool things you will be able to do with the new device!