Amazon Unveils the Echo Show 5, Less Expensive and More Compact with a Display

Amazon Unveils The Echo Show 5 Less Expensive And More Compact With A Display
by Antoine

The Echo Show 5, the latest generation of the Echo family, will be available in France on June 26 at the highly competitive price of €89.99. With a compact design, HD camera with hidden camera, and a 5.5” display to boot, the new Alexa-equipped Echo Show confirms the new 2019 trend of the importance of smart displays.

With the launch of the new Echo Show 5, Amazon is clearly laying all of its cards on the table, giving its customers the option “to add a connected display in every room of the home at a very simple and reasonable price.

After the Echo Spot and the Echo Show 2, the new Echo Show 5 is the third device that comes with a display. At 5.5”, it fits somewhere in between its older brothers, offering features similar to Alexa-equipped devices. Listen to music, get access to information like the weather, manage skills and of course connected devices, even if it’s not being used as a Zigbee hub. Not to mention the option of video surveillance all around the home to see if baby is sleeping tight.

It also allows you to make video calls with other users of Alexa-equipped devices, or to use the app on your smartphone.

Echo Show 5, a Truly Complementary Display

For Amazon, this device is perfect for a desk or night table. Anyone worried about putting a camera –equipped device into their bedroom can rest assured that they’ll be able to see the hidden camera that allows them to conceal the lens, and the button on the bottom that cuts the mic off. Protecting your personal data is also one of the major concerns of all makers of connected devices.

Always concerned with personal data, Amazon also offers new ways to easily delete recordings on all their Alexa-equipped devices. Pretty soon all you’ll have to say is: “Alexa, erase what I just said,” or “Alexa, erase everything I’ve said today,” to have all corresponding recordings erased.

The smart speakers let you choose the sound, and now it’s the image that’ll be at the very heart of new smart displays. Besides films and TV series with Prime Video, more than a hundred visual Skills are already available to, for example, follow the news with BFMTV. The coming integration with wikiHow will allow access to video tutorials for recipes or online training courses by simple voice command.

On sleep mode, the display will turn into a clock face or photo frame.

The Echo Show 5 comes in two colours, black and white, and will be available as of June 26, 2019. It’s already available for pre-order on Amazon for €89.99. You can also take advantage of a €25 discount with the purchase of two devices. Amazon also sells a magnetic stand to adjust the angle of the device and the camera for €19.99. You can even now get a Blink indoor camera for €99.99 instead of €169.99.

Now’s the perfect time to add this latest edition to your collection of indoor devices.

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