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The best Siri courses – learn to develop apps with SiriKit on iOS 12

Apple Siri Courses
by Carl Robinson

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Developing apps for Apple Siri means using Siri Kit, which enables iOS apps and watchOS apps to work with Siri. Developers therefore require some knowledge of developing iOS apps, unlike other voice assistant platforms which stand independently from any operating system. That said, here is my selection of the best voice app development courses for developing Siri apps for Apple devices.

The following Siri courses are available through the learning platform Udemy, which occasionally has huge discounts on courses, some costing less that $10. The courses are often written by industry leaders with real practical experience designing and building the technology, so you get very high quality training from true experts in the field. The courses I’ve selected are very fresh too, so you know you’re learning the latest techniques.

The links below are affiliate links, which means I get a little reward if you click on them, but you don’t pay any more than normal. If you have any questions, just leave a message in the comments section. Good luck on your course!


The most voice-focused Siri course for building apps with SiriKit

This course is purely focused on speech transcription and Siri Kit, with which you’ll build no less than 7 complete real-world projects. The lessons are for intermediate and advanced iOS programmers only, as it is assumed you can already program using the Swift language. The course comprises 13 hours of on-demand video, and 15 downloadable resources.

The lessons are written by the award winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson, with the content taken from his best selling book, “Advanced iOS: Volume 1”. Paul teaches you about iMessage apps, SiriKit integration, rich media user notifications, and speech transcription, and how to use these features to take your apps to the next level.

The learning materials incorporate the use of annotations, callouts, diagrams, highlighting, and deep explanations that help make complex subject matter much easier to grasp, and you’re guided you along the path of the code every step of the way.

The projects you will create include: a Rich Media Photo Album using voice transcription and search functionality; a Group Scheduling app that integrates with Messages; a Ride-Sharing app that integrates with SiriKit for voice activation; a Lock Screen Widget that helps language learners memorise new vocabulary; a Daily Alarm Planner using the new UserNotifications framework; your own Board Game that implements an “AI” opponent, using the new GKMonteCarloStrategist from GameplayKit; a Tank War Game using SpriteKit’s powerful new Node Tiling system.

This is an awesome course for any iOS developer who wants to voice-enable their apps, or just try out the latest features of SiriKit.

The most popular Siri course for iOS 12 and Swift 4 development

In order to build with SiriKit you need to know how to program apps in Swift 4 for iOS 12 using Xcode 10, and this is exactly what this course teaches you. This is a beginner friendly course that assumes no prior knowledge, that teaches you how to quickly and confidently build any app you want.

At a whopping 44.5 hours long, this is one of the most comprehensive and popular iOS developer courses available. Highlights include Siri Shortcuts, which allows users to perform complex tasks by simply asking Siri; Core ML 2, so you can add machine learning to your apps; ARKit 2, so you can build augmented reality apps; and even the new Dark Mode.

Also covered: XCode and Interface Builder; Inputs, Buttons, and Reactive Interfaces; Apple’s New Programming Language, Swift; Variables, Arrays, Tables, and Loops; Navigation, Storage, and Live Content; Images, Maps and Music; Accelerometers and Motion Feedback; Core Data and JSON; Online Storage With Parse; Games and the Sprite Kit; Instagram and Snapchat Clones; App Store Submission; and Making a Marketing Website For Your App.

The course is written by Rob Percival, the highest-rated and best-selling online coding instructor on Udemy – his courses have been studied by almost one million students.

The best Siri course for developing Siri Shortcuts

This intermediate level course is for iOS developers who want to learn how to create Siri Shortcuts. It assumes you are familiar with the iOS Framework and are comfortable with the Swift language.

Siri Shortcuts is a new feature of iOS 12 which allows app users to chain different Siri actions together. This means you can order coffee without even opening the app. Siri Shortcuts also offer a way to make custom responses, personalising the user experience by customising Siri to the individual user. Also, if your app uses Siri Shortcuts then its chances of being featured on the App Store improve!

In just 3 hours of video lessons, this course teaches you everything you need to know about Siri Shortcuts, including: create Siri Shortcuts using NSUserActivity; developing Siri Shortcuts using Intents; customising the user interface of Siri Shortcuts and implement Custom Responses; and integrating Siri Voice Shortcuts within your iOS App.

Siri Shortcuts are the future of iOS apps, so if you are thinking of implementing them into your projects, this course is a great place to start.

The most in-depth Siri course for iOS 12 and Swift 4 development

If you’re looking for value for money, look no further. With 90 hours of on-demand video and 146 downloadable resources, this is the most comprehensive course available for building iOS 12 apps. The tagline promises to take you from beginner to paid professional, and this might not be much of an exaggeration.

Ideal for people new to programming and for existing programmers who want to learn iOS, this course teaches you all the basic principles and techniques, including: Swift 4; Xcode 10; Interface Builder; Firebase & Cloud Firestore; Building a Slack Clone; Maps & GPS; Core Data; ARKit & Augmented Reality; CoreML & Machine Learning; Tables & Data; APIs, HTTP, and Networking; App Design; Storyboards & Segues; SiriKit; ReplayKit, and more.

More advanced topics are also presented, including: Mastering protocols & delegates; Diving deep into Swift extensions; Swift data structures; Protocol oriented programming; Reactive programming in Swift; Unit Testing; UI Testing.

As you can see, this course includes lessons on SiriKit, allowing you to add a voice interface to the many apps you build in the tutorials. It also serves as a great foundation upon which you can build more Siri specific skills, perhaps by taking one of the more specialised courses in this list.

More Siri courses for app development on Apple iOS

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