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Stuart Crane is the founder and CEO of SurveyLine, a new product that lets you create voice based surveys. Stuart presents the many use cases of voice surveys, and their advantages over traditional methods. He also shares some design tips for creating effective voice surveys, including how to personalise the questions for users and use a custom voice for branding.

SurveyLine and the Voice Tech Podcast have partnered up to make a survey especially for you, the Voice Tech Podcast listener! To try it now, simply say “Alexa/Google, launch voice tech survey”.

Stuart is also the founder of VoiceMetrics, a product that lets businesses access their own database information by voice. We discuss the reasons for his decision to pivot the business to SurveyLine, the major startup opportunities in voice right now, and the ultimate potential of voice interfaces.

Highlights from the show

  • How are companies using voice surveys?
    • Companies are experimenting with voice surveys, supplementing traditional surveys, not replacing them.
    • Customers can take voice surveys by phone, on smart speakers, or even embed them in existing mobile apps.
  • What are the advantages of taking surveys by voice?
    • Voice makes it faster and easier to complete a survey
    • This leads to more complete answers on free form questions than mobile or paper based surveys
    • Using a real voice to ask the questions creates an entertaining experience and supports the brand identity.
  • What are the main features of SurveyLine?
    • There are multiple question types (free form, multiple choice..), and branching logic.
    • The premium version gives you your own voice app with custom invocation phrase
  • Are surveys anonymous?
    • Yes, no personally identifiable information is received by default
    • To convert users, you can ask them for their phone number then send them an SMS with a link
    • You can also ask users to enter an existing customer ID, so you can link their answers to their account and personalise their survey.
  • How can we personalise the voice asking the questions?
    • The standard Alexa voice can be replaced by voice recordings
    • You can either click the mic to record directly in the SurveyLine app, or you can source voice talent from the partner
  • What’s your top design tip when creating voice surveys?
    • Tell people how many questions are in the survey and how long it will take. Setting expectations helps to avoid users abandoning the survey part-way through.
  • What infrastructure is the SurveyLine product built on?
    • They are an Amazon AWS advanced partner, so they use hundreds of nodejs lambda functions in a serverless backend architecture.
  • What is VoiceLine, and what were the reasons for your pivot to SurveyLine?
    • VoiceLine lets businesses access their own database information by voice, summarising the info every day e.g. sales figures
    • SurveyLine is inherently more scalable as it requires less custom setup, and the demand is higher.
  • What are the major startup opportunities in voice?
    • Voice within mobile apps. Mobile will be a catalyst for voice adoption.
  • What is the true power of voice interfaces?
    • To be able to engage a user in casual conversation, which leads to opportunities to positively influence their behaviour. Conversation is the content that many people seek.
    • Voice ubiquity is yet to arrive, but will be here soon, changing everything.

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