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Talk with your Data – Adrien Schmidt, Aristotle – Voice Tech Podcast ep.032

Adrien Schmidt Aristotle

Episode description:

Adrien Schmidt is the CEO and co-founder of Aristotle by Bouquet.ai, a conversational analytics platform that lets you chat with your data through voice and text. Aristotle makes your data available to the whole company, and makes it faster and easier to perform complex queries.

In our conversation you’ll discover the many benefits of talking with data, and glimpse the ultimate vision of casual data usage in the workplace and the home. We discuss how complex queries are performed over voice, the pros and cons of VUI and GUI, and what the next phase of voice interaction heralds.

Then we get into the technical aspects of training an NLP model on custom company data, and the security measures taken to ensure data privacy. This is an especially interesting episode that touches on many important issues in the voice space, and one you won’t want to miss!

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