Talk with your Data – Adrien Schmidt, Aristotle – Voice Tech Podcast ep.032

Adrien Schmidt Aristotle

Episode description:

Adrien Schmidt is the CEO and co-founder of Aristotle by, a conversational analytics platform that lets you chat with your data through voice and text. Aristotle makes your data available to the whole company, and makes it faster and easier to perform complex queries.

In our conversation you’ll discover the many benefits of talking with data, and glimpse the ultimate vision of casual data usage in the workplace and the home. We discuss how complex queries are performed over voice, the pros and cons of VUI and GUI, and what the next phase of voice interaction heralds.

Then we get into the technical aspects of training an NLP model on custom company data, and the security measures taken to ensure data privacy. This is an especially interesting episode that touches on many important issues in the voice space, and one you won’t want to miss!

Highlights from the show:

  • Why do people need to talk with their data? It democratises access to data, and makes complex queries faster and easier.
  • AI + BI = CI, the equation of the future. Building a CI using AI + BI
  • What’s the vision of data access in organisations? Casual data usage over the entire day will become a habit.
  • How to voice activate any structured data source? Use Aristotle to train an NLP model on it, then gain access to the key information in it.
  • How are complex queries performed over voice? They are built up in stages over the course of a dialogue, not given all at once as with traditional search apps.
  • What’s the symbiotic relationship between VUI and GUI? Surprise: GUI aspects like charts and buttons are not the most important
  • Is multi-modal really essential, or a stepping stone to a truly voice-only interaction? For enterprises: really essential, but we can envision voice-only use cases like doctors
  • What are the advantages of conversational interfaces? Can quickly access many available options by asking, versus trawling through a complex GUI. By condensing information to the essentials, you enable ease of understanding and speed of access.
  • What are the advantages of using a GUI? Can provide reassurance of correct capture of request, and accuracy of voice answer.
  • What’s the next phase of voice interaction? Hearables will allow us to do real work with voice interfaces.
  • The major challenges in VUI/GUI design? Trust level, confidence, finding the right number of words for the response, NLP and Search complexities
  • How does Aristotle keep client data secure? Uses in-database analytics to avoid pooling client data externally.

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