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by Carl Robinson

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Here’s our hand-picked selection of the best podcast episodes for voice UX and conversation designers. Whether you’re plotting the happy path or handling unexpected inputs, these are guaranteed to take your conversation flows to the next level and help you build better voice apps!

Voice UX and conversation design podcasts

Dylan Zwick Pulselabs

Usability Testing for Voice – Dylan Zwick, Pulse Labs – Voice Tech Podcast ep.027

Dylan Zwick is the Chief Product Officer at Pulse Labs, a Seattle-based startup that offers a remote testing and analytics platform for voice app developers.

David Ciccarelli Voices

Voice Actors & Synthetics – David Ciccarelli, – Voice Tech Podcast ep.025

David Ciccarelli is the CEO of, the online marketplace where brand managers and marketers discover, audition and hire professional voice actors.

Vasili Invocable

Elevated Voice Design – Vasili Shynkarenka, Invocable – Voice Tech Podcast ep.019

Invocable is an online design tool that lets you prototype voice applications without coding, test your ideas with users, and build better voice apps.

Elizabeth Stokoe Loughborough

Conversation Analysis – E. Stokoe, L’boro, S. Albert, Tufts – Voice Tech Podcast ep.017

Two conversation analysis experts show us how to influence the outcome of a conversation, and we discuss the implications of this research for voice technology.

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Carl Robinson
Carl Robinson

Carl is the host of the Voice Tech Podcast. Since launching in April 2018, Carl has conducted over 40 in-depth interviews with voice industry experts, building one of the most well known media brands in the voice AI space.

Carl is the author of Voice Chops Tuesday, the number 1 voice technology newsletter that is enjoyed by over 1000 voice tech fans each week.

Carl is also a startup founder, product manager and data scientist, recently presenting a model for voice emotion conversion at ICASSP 2019.

To contact Carl, use the links in this box to send an email, tweet or message.

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