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Listen to podcast interviews with leading voice technology experts.

Tyler Hatch Dfi Forensics

Digital Forensics – Tyler Hatch, DFI Forensics – Voice Tech Podcast ep.029

Tyler Hatch is the founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc., a digital forensics and cybersecurity provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vivatech 2019
Dylan Zwick Pulselabs
Chris Mitchell Audioanalytic
David Ciccarelli Voices
Alexey Khitrov Idrnd
Dustin Coates Algolia


Read articles on a wide range of voice technology topics, written by authors with deep technical experience.

The Rise Of Speech Recognition Technology In Gaming

The Rise of Speech Recognition Technology in Gaming

Speech recognition features are finding their way into an ever greater number of game titles, offering a whole new way to play.

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