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Syed Ahmed PubNub

Fast Scalable Voice IoT Apps – Syed Ahmed, PubNub – Voice Tech Podcast ep.012

Syed Ahmed is a Developer Advocate at PubNub, a global Data Stream Network and real-time infrastructure-as-a-service company based in San Francisco, California. PubNub’s products allow developers to build realtime web, mobile, voice and IoT applications. Low network latency is especially important for voice enabled applications that integrate with IoT devices, as any delay during a conversational interaction can affect usability and frustrate users.

In this episode, Syed explains how PubNub solves the latency problem by using a serverless architecture of PubNub Blocks, and walks us through a simple real-world example of a voice enabled doorbell. We learn about the publisher-subscriber pattern that underpins this technology, and why building voice apps with PubNub is quicker, easier and much more scalable than other methods.

A nice surprise during this conversation was that using PubNub Blocks not only improves the network performance of voice apps, but can be used to add advanced features such as contextual memory between phrases, and even between voice devices on different platforms, allowing developers to build more advanced interactions. It’s a great episode, so check it out!

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Best Podcasts for Voice Technology

The best podcasts for voice technology and conversational user interfaces

Thanks to the meteoric rise of conversational assistants such as Amazon Alexa, the voice technology industry is going from strength to strength, with more researchers, developers, companies and investors becoming involved in the space. At the same time, podcasting is also experiencing huge growth in popularity, with both consumers and content producers embracing the on-demand format. Being a #voicefirst format, podcasts are the obvious choice for those in the voice industry to both share their ideas, and to keep up with everything that’s going on.

Here I present my pick of the 8 best podcasts that cover voice technology and conversational user interfaces. If you have any podcast recommendations that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @VoiceTechCarl !