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Voice Dating - Marek Mis, OnlyOne - Voice Tech Podcast ep.065

April 27, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 65
Voice Tech Podcast
Voice Dating - Marek Mis, OnlyOne - Voice Tech Podcast ep.065
Show Notes

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Marek Mis is the founder of OnlyOne, the first ever voice-dating application. Only One helps users find their true love using only their voice.

We explore the fascinating concept of without images, diving into the product features, and how the platform matches you up with your perfect partner. We discuss dating apps in general, typical behavioral patterns seen on dating apps today, as well as the benefits of having voice-only matchmakers, as opposed to the more multi-modal features seen in ‘traditional’ dating apps, like Tinder today. 

We also hear what Marek has learned from the initial data generated by platform’s users; what he’s learned about human connection, what he has been most surprised by, and the types of metrics that he tracks. We also get into the nuts and bolts of this app development process itself. Everything from Dialogflow, to FireBase, to Web App JS, and how you can become an expert in these technologies.

If you’re looking for a fun, intriguing, accessible episode jam packed with advice, then you won’t want to miss this one!


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Quotes from the show

[05:50] If you date someone, you probably want to see them first

[20:17] I think it’s got some magic to it

[21:20] dating app giants haven’t yet given options to go pictureless

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