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Inside Voice - Carl Robinson - Voice Tech Podcast ep.066

May 11, 2020 Carl Robinson Season 1 Episode 66
Voice Tech Podcast
Inside Voice - Carl Robinson - Voice Tech Podcast ep.066
Show Notes

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Today on the show, we welcome Carl Robinson. Yep, the script has been flipped, and your favorite Voice Tech Podcast host is now on the other side of the mic as today’s guest! Interviewing Carl live from Project Voice is the brilliant Keri Roberts – host of the Inside Voice Podcast.

In this episode, we find out more about Carl’s background as a data scientist, how he got interested in voice tech through emotion detection technology, and the fascinating array of projects he has worked on since those earlier days. We also discover why the Voice Tech Podcast was started, how it has progressed since its inception in 2018, and the many insights Carl has gleaned from the array of guests and conversations he has had on this very podcast show to date.

From the boom in voice tech education, to hearables and wearables, biometric smart speaker detection, and the remarkable advancements being made in emotion detection – Carl also shares the technology he is most excited about right now, and his predictions for future trends. Whether you are new or old to the world of voice tech, or perhaps just seeking some great tips for your own podcast – this is a fantastic episode that will connect you to the heart of your host and the latest in voice tech!


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Quotes from the show

[06:34] you’ve just got one chance to convert a listener. If you mess up, well, that’s it.

[09:32] The world is your oyster. So many people are working in voice, it’s incredible!

[16:48] Hearables and wearables will be an important catalyst for greater usage.

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