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“What should we be doing with voice?” If you or your team are asking that question, you need to be at Project Voice and we’re here to tell you why!

Today on the VoiceTech Podcast we welcome Bradley Metrock, the organizer of Project Voice 2020. Bradley is CEO of Nashville-based Score Publishing, which helps creators find their voice. He founded podcast network VoiceFirst.FM hosts the popular show This Week In Voice, published More Than Just Weather And Music: 200 Ways To Use Alexa, and produces the company’s series of VoiceFirst Events. Bradley has been cited as a leading thought leader on voice-first technology and AI, speaking regularly on its profound impact on our world.

Our conversation today mostly revolves around Project Voice 2020, we also discuss some of Bradley’s above-mentioned ventures. He talks about his views on what he sees as the trends in Voice at the moment and lays out his predictions for 2020. It’s a really interesting and intriguing conversation we had, so be sure to keep listening! Also, check out the link below for 30% off Project Voice 2020 tickets.


  • More about Project Voice 2020 conference, who it is for and why people should attend.
  • Lessons learned from the Alexa conference that will be applied to Project Voice.
  • Different tracks taking place during the Project Voice conference.
  • Bradley’s experience in hosting events and building communities and how they overlap.
  • What sets Project Voice apart from other conferences in the web-based world.
  • Setting up events: finding what works for you and putting the community first.
  • Insights into Bradley’s book, More Than Just Weather And Music: 200 Ways To Use Alexa.
  • General trends found within apps and how the book delves into different categories of apps.
  • Apps on voice devices as a stepping stone to more integrated technology.
  • How Samsung’s presence is going to cause Amazon to accelerate.
  • Bradley’s strategy and thinking behind launching a podcast: networking and credibility.
  • Start small, build up, refine your process and find your show’s identity.
  • Everyone needs to be thinking about echo systems and smart speakers.
  • Bradley shares his predictions for Voice in 2020.
  • A change is coming in the mutual non-aggression pact between the major players.
  • The continued rise between niche players on the platform level.

Quotes from the show

[0:09:51] This isn’t a transactional sort of conference

[0:15:20] I am a truth teller to the marketplace and that is what sets our event apart

[0:44:54] Focus on the identity of your show, the feelings it evokes, and the value it adds

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