Vivatech 2018 Voice Startup Summary – Voice Tech Podcast ep.003

This episode covers 8 of the most interesting voice startups that I found at the Vivatech technology conference in Paris, France.

Included in this episode is a voice transcription and synthesis mobile app for the hard of hearing, a voice enabled smart alarm clock that can monitor your sleep quality, a robot behaviour system that delivers CMS content in person, and a comprehensive voice assistant platform that can handle multiple requests in a single query.

John Fitzpatrick

Voice AI for eCommerce – John Fitzpatrick, Voysis – Voice Tech Podcast ep.002

John Fitzpatrick is the VP of Product & Engineering at Voysis, a leading voice technology company that builds custom Voice AI solutions for businesses. They are currently focused on the ecommerce vertical, helping to voice-enable mobile apps and websites to augment the shopping experience.

In our conversation we cover a range of topics including the major components of the Voysis system, the technologies and tools John’s team used to build it, and the challenges they faced. We also discuss how Voysis protects a user’s privacy and the implications of the GDPR regulation that comes into force soon.

emotion analytics

Voice emotion analytics companies

This blog post is a roundup of voice emotion analytics companies. It is the first in a series that aim to provide a good overview of the voice technology landscape as it stands. Through a combination of online searches, industry reports and face-to-face conversations, I’ve assembled a long list of companies in the voice space, and divided these into categories based on their apparent primary function.

The first of these categories is voice emotion analytics. These are companies that can process an audio file containing human speech, extract the paralinguistic features and interpret these as human emotions, then provide an analysis report or other service based on this information.