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Podcast Niche

How to Create a Podcast for Niche Content

For a niche podcast, finding those elements of your subject to cover is key; find a niche within a niche.

Yes, There Are Still Big Podcast Ideas To Be Had

Before starting a podcast, the most central question of all to ask is: Why would a person want to listen?

Alexa Custom Tts Image Josh Ziegler

How to Change Alexa’s Voice

As voice experiences become more common, there’s no reason users should be locked in to hearing the same voice answering every question.

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Conversational AI Opening New Horizons for Virtual Mental Aid

Talking about one’s emotions and thoughts is crucial for keeping good mental health. Unfortunately, that is often not easy to do.


What is the Clubhouse app? (and how to use it)

A lot of people are talking about the Clubhouse app lately. This post will break down what Clubhouse is and how to get the most from it.

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How AI Chatbots Improve Your Healthcare Experience

In a world where virtual doctor visits are becoming the norm, chatbots are improving efficiency for healthcare workers and building trust with patients.

Voicetech Alex Miller

Why our smartphone apps listening to us is no big deal

People think that their phones and laptops are listening to them all the time. Let’s see how big a deal that is.

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10 Ways to Have a More Meaningful Conversation

Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you could make your daily interactions more meaningful?

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7 Tips on How To Promote Audio Content Properly

Successfully promote audio content to a broader audience, and generate higher ad revenues, with these top tips.

Artificial Intelligence

How secure is Voice Recognition technology?

Voice recognition technology is, without a doubt, a touchstone in the current high-tech era. But how secure is it?