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Voice Search SEO: 7 Clever Strategies to Get Amazing Results

Seven clever strategies to get amazing results through voice search SEO.

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Voice Tech is enabling the best of both worlds with banking

Get ready…fast and frictionless banking will soon be a reality thanks to new advancements in voice technology.

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The Future Of In-Car Speech Recognition

114 million drivers in the U.S. use in-car voice assistants, compared to just 57.8 million using them in the home, according to Medium.

Voice Tech In Disabillity Health And Social Care Saul Albert

Virtual Assistants Can Support Disabled People To Live Independently In Unexpected Ways

This blog reports on a research project exploring the practical uses of voice technologies to enhance the independence of elderly and disabled people in the home.

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What to do if the Number of your Intents Skyrockets

If you’re working with any sort of QnA type chatbots, you realize sooner or later that the number of intents goes skyrocket high. The solution to this problem is Mega Agents.

Build A Bixby Capsule For Podcast

How to make a Bixby Capsule for a Podcast

Build a Capsule for the new Samsung Bixby voice assistant platform, and make your podcast available to millions of new listeners. Full instructions that anyone can follow! Resizeimage Amy Fletcher

Should I Worry About My Voice Assistant Spying On Me?

The findings of a study published by Consumer Watchdog found that voice-activated assistants are always listening, even when their wake word hasn’t been said.

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How Voice Technology is Benefiting Education

Voice-command technology (also known as Voice First) is rapidly integrating into many industries today, and arguable poses the greatest value for education.

Online Communities Voice Dev

Online communities for voice developers & conversation designers

Here’s our pick of the best online groups and communities for voice developers and designers.

835 Min Anastasia Stefanuk

Giving Voice to AR: How Voice Recognition and Augmented Reality Converge

Augmented reality is a powerful innovation, with countless augmented reality medical
applications, tools for education, automotive, and other industries.