Podcast Episodes

Adam Emfield Cerence

Voice UX for Self-driving Cars – Adam Emfield, Cerence – Voice Tech Podcast ep.046

Adam Emfield is the Head of User Experience at Cerence, formerly known as Nuance Automotive. Join us for a fascinating conversation about voice UX in the automobiles of the future.

Bob Stolzberg VoiceXP

The Wix of Voice – Bob Stolzberg, VoiceXP – Voice Tech Podcast ep.045

Bob Stolzberg is the founder of VoiceXP, a platform that lets you build engaging voice experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby without writing a line of code.

Rob Lubow Botcopy

Dialogflow Chatbots for Websites – Rob Lubow, Botcopy – Voice Tech Podcast ep.044

Rob Lubow is the co-founder of Botcopy, a tool that lets you build custom chatbots for your website, powered by Dialogflow.

Micah Hollingworth Broadw.ai

Voice Box Office – Micah Hollingworth, Broadw.ai – Voice Tech Podcast ep.043

Micah Hollingworth is CEO and co-founder of Broadw.ai, an AI powered ticketing agent and integrated marketing platform for live Broadway events and theater-goers.

Mike Page Phebi

Voice Search for eCommerce – Mike Page, Phebi Inc – Voice Tech Podcast ep.042

Mike Page is the co-founder and CEO of Phebi, Inc, a voice search SaaS solution that makes it easy for customers to talk to e-commerce websites.

Petar Ojdrovic Home Service

Airbnb Hospitality by Voice – Petar Ojdrovic, Home Service – Voice Tech Podcast ep.041

Petar Ojdrovic is the founder of Home Service, a voice-based solution for vacation rental management that improves the guest experience while helping hosts save time and drive 5 star reviews.

Stuart Crane Surveyline

Surveys by Voice – Stuart Crane, SurveyLine – Voice Tech Podcast ep.040

Stuart Crane is the founder and CEO of SurveyLine, a new product that lets you create voice based surveys. To try it now, simply say “Alexa/Google, launch voice tech survey”

Jonathan Rechtman Cadence Translate

High-tech Interpreters – Jonathan Rechtman, Cadence Translate – Voice Tech Podcast ep.039

Jonathan Rechtman is the co-founder of Cadence Translate, a language services company that help corporations and financial firms conduct business and investment research across the language barrier.

David Borish Primo Ai

Speech-to-Text Selection – David Borish, PRIMO AI – Voice Tech Podcast ep.038

PRIMO AI recommends the highest performing Speech-to-text (STT) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services for a particular dataset and geographical region.

Don White Satisfi Labs

Questions & Answers – Don White, Satisfi Labs – Voice Tech Podcast ep.037

Don White is CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform that offers conversational search and commerce solutions for fan, guest, and customer engagement.