Podcast Episodes

Alan Nichol Rasa

Open Source NLU – Alan Nichol, Rasa – Voice Tech Podcast ep.073

Alan Nichol is the CTO of Rasa, an open-source, natural language understanding framework that helps companies build mission-critical contextual assistants.

Niclas Bergstrom ReadSpeaker

Text-to-Speech Wizardry – Niclas Bergstrom, ReadSpeaker – Voice Tech Podcast ep.072

ReadSpeaker CTO, Niclas Bergström, explains what it takes to build synthetic voices for brands. We discuss their advantages, their constraints, and whether human voice actors should be worried.

Elie Dordek Shanenli

Someone to Practice With – Elie Dordek, ShanenLi – Voice Tech Botcast ep.071

Elie Dordek is the founder of ShanenLi, an app that uses speech recognition to create personal tutor for text based tasks.

Yaki Dunietz Conversational Components

Conversational Components – Yaki Dunietz, CoCo – Voice Tech Podcast ep.070

Conversational components are modular blocks of customizable, reusable conversational services. These can be published in the CoCo Hub, then combined together in many ways by the voice developer community.


Yannick Oswald Mangrove Capital

Investing in Voice – Yannick Oswald, Mangrove Capital – Voice Tech Podcast ep.069

Yannick Oswald is an experienced venture capitalist who is bullish on voice tech. He shares his investor insights with us, and explains why voice and podcasts are so hot right now.

Jan Konig Jovo

The Voice Layer – Jan König, Jovo – Voice Tech Podcast ep.068

Jovo is an open source layer that lets you build and run voice experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Steve Tingiris Dabble Lab

Getting Started – Steve Tingiris, Dabble Lab – Voice Tech Podcast ep.067

Steve Tingiris is the founder of Dabble Lab, which builds tech products and tools to automate business workflows, with a strong focus on AI-powered digital assistants and voice.

Carl Robinson Inside Voice

Inside Voice – Carl Robinson – Voice Tech Podcast ep.066

The script is flipped! Interviewing Carl live from Project Voice is the brilliant Keri Roberts – host of the Inside Voice Podcast.

Marek Mis OnlyOne

Voice Dating – Marek Mis, OnlyOne – Voice Tech Podcast ep.065

Marek Mis is the founder of OnlyOne, the first ever voice-dating application. Only One helps users find their true love using only their voice.

Jon Stine Open Voice Network

Setting the Standard – Jon Stine, Open Voice Network – Voice Tech Podcast ep.064

The Open Voice Network seeks to create a future of AI voice that is standards-based, interoperable, accessible, and data protected.