Podcast Episodes

Christian Petroske ShoutWorks

WordPress to Alexa – Christian Petroske, ShoutWorks – Voice Tech Podcast ep.080

Christian Petroske introduces his new WordPress plugin, Shoutworks, that lets you publish content to Amazon Alexa with the push of a button. He discusses why the pandemic is a good time to launch a voice start-up, and what’s currently holding the voice tech industry back.

Simon Landry Voice Market Data

Alexa Skill Numbers – Simon Landry, Voice Market Data – Voice Tech Podcast ep.079

Simon Landry is the founder of Voice Market Data, a service that makes voice market data more accessible to voice developers.

Carl Robinson Rumble Studio

Podcast Tips, Tools and Voice – Carl Robinson, Rumble Studio – Voice Tech Podcast ep.078

Roger Kibbe, senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung, interviews me, Carl Robinson, for the Bixby Developers Chat podcast. We discuss my new project, Rumble Studio, an innovative new tool for recording podcasts and audio content asynchronously.

Maaike Coppens

Voice X Design Sprint – Maaike Coppens – Voice Tech Podcast ep.077

Maaike Coppens, an award winning conversational CX designer and strategist, explains how she took the Design Sprint process and modified it to create a successful sprint model for voice tech services development and validation.

Voice Tech Podcast 076

Speech Processing for Disease – Prof. Ami Moyal, President, Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering – Voice Tech Podcast ep.076

Prof. Ami Moyal, President, Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering, explains the research that is underway to use voice technology to identify diseases. Currently, Afeka is researching the use of voice tech to identify vocal changes that may indicate the presence of COVID-19.

Jason Croyle Speak2Web

Interactive Web – Speak2Web and Outgrow – Voice Tech Podcast ep.075

Improve your customer experience by adding interactivity and voice to your websites, and get a unique glimpse into the future of the web.

Byron Reese Gigaom

The Fourth Age – Byron Reese, Gigaom – Voice Tech Podcast ep.074

Byron is the former CEO of Gigaom, author of The Fourth Age, host of the Voices in AI podcast, and futurist. We discuss the impact of voice tech on human communication, and why AI won’t take all the jobs.

Alan Nichol Rasa

Open Source NLU – Alan Nichol, Rasa – Voice Tech Podcast ep.073

Alan Nichol is the CTO of Rasa, an open-source, natural language understanding framework that helps companies build mission-critical contextual assistants.

Elie Dordek Shanenli

Someone to Practice With – Elie Dordek, ShanenLi – Voice Tech Botcast ep.071

Elie Dordek is the founder of ShanenLi, an app that uses speech recognition to create personal tutor for text based tasks.

Niclas Bergstrom ReadSpeaker

Text-to-Speech Wizardry – Niclas Bergstrom, ReadSpeaker – Voice Tech Podcast ep.072

ReadSpeaker CTO, Niclas Bergström, explains what it takes to build synthetic voices for brands. We discuss their advantages, their constraints, and whether human voice actors should be worried.