Bryan Colligan

Podcasts of the Future – Bryan Colligan, AlphaVoice – Voice Tech Podcast ep.010

Bryan Colligan is the co-founder of AlphaVoice, the easiest way to get your podcast and audio content onto Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In an especially fun conversation, Bryan shares his vision of how the podcasting and voice technology worlds are set to collide, and how the implications will be felt by platforms, content producers and consumers alike.

He reveals the 4 main business models of content producers, explains why voice is the tech wave that will dominate, and foretells the impending convergence of media. We then explore the AlphaVoice product, and examine his plans to build the ultimate Q&A voice interface using content transcription and indexing.

We also touch on how Google entering the podcasting space has influenced his product vision, and tackle the important subject of voice search, including the new paradigms of voice to voice, and voice to video search. Whether you’re a publisher, producer or consumer of digital content, this is an unmissable episode!

Dogac Basaran

Hum a Fingerprint, Extract a Melody – Dogac Basaran, CNRS – Voice Tech Podcast ep.009

Dogac Basaran is a post-doctoral researcher at CNRS, the French national scientific research centre. Today, in part 2 of 2, we explore Dogac’s research into audio fingerprinting, alignment, and melody extraction. By analysing the magnitude of frequency peaks and their relative spacing, Dogac shows us how it’s possible to create audio fingerprints that can be used to detect and match audio recordings, even if they contain noise or are incomplete. These fingerprints have a variety of uses, including aligning multiple recordings of a single speaker/performance, and identifying a particular recording.

We also discuss query by humming, the state-of-the-art technique that takes an audio fingerprint of a person humming a melody, and matches it to a database of music recordings. Dogac also explains why learning how to build neural networks has become an essential skill in this field.