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7 Tips on How To Promote Audio Content Properly

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by Terry Rogers

If you are producing audio content or a podcast, you may be wondering how you can successfully promote this content to a broader audience. Gathering more listeners for your content will make sure that you can sell more ad revenue and eventually help you to monetize your audio content for a better income.

Audio content is growing in popularity. Many people are choosing to use ongoing audio content to help them through events like their morning commute, workouts, spending time at work, and more. People appreciate podcasting as a format, and it’s particularly useful because a person can do it when they’re paying attention to something else. With the increased popularity of this platform, now is the time to take advantage from your audio content. After you’ve created some of your early episodes, here are some tips that you can use to promote your audio content properly.

Film video as you record

Many people choose to consume their audio content as visual experience as well. Many of the world’s top podcasters often film themselves during the recording process to upload the same experience on a platform like YouTube. Expanding out into video content alongside your audio content can ensure that you have a product that can be marketed in multiple areas. Turning eye cameras and editing your videos alongside your audio content can be easier than you think, and it will lead to many more eyes and ears listening to your posts. 


Transcribing the audio from your podcast can be essential for reaching people that would instead consume the content visually. Depending on your podcast’s nature, you might be able to write an e-book or include chapters of your podcasts to help people access the knowledge you are providing even if they are deaf and hard of hearing. Crowdsourcing your audio transcription can be an easy way to get more people visiting your website because the content you talk about will be transcribed and indexed across search engines. 

Edit Preview snippets for social media.

Using platforms like Instagram can be tough to promote audio content, but it is possible to find the right pieces. If you have short segments or 1-2 min videos that you can post from the process of creating your next episode, this can often work to promote your content and make for a more robust marketing campaign. Preview snippets for your social media are a crucial task in marketing your audio material. Consider some of these short bits or marketing previews as you structure your content.

Expanding your reach over social media to improve the impact of these clips can also help. Using SocialBoss.org that offers targeted followers to view your content can ease marketing on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube clips. 

Become a guest on another podcast

Cross-posting is a popular strategy for blog marketing. Being a guest on another podcast can be a popular choice for people interested in improving their reach. Introducing yourself to a new audience by becoming a guest and having a conversation with other hosts can be crucial. If you come across as an exciting person on the show or an exciting person and then plug your podcast, more people will be ready to check out your content. 

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Bring in guests for your podcasts

Being a guest can be powerful, but bringing in guests can also be a powerful move for your marketing. It’s possible that you could target a celebrity guest or work with another podcaster that is in your niche. Having the ability to work with somebody else can bring in new audiences. As their listers join your podcast to hear their favorite podcaster, your listener rate will climb.

Establish a members club

Marketing to your long-standing listeners turn ad manager or reaching out with a members club can be a great way to make sure that your loyal listeners are regularly tuning in. Changing up the way that you market to your long-standing listeners will help them to feel more appreciated. Offering some member perks for subscribing like early access or some uncut bonuses from the podcast can also be a big draw and work to reward people listening often.

Work at improving your quality regularly.

When most people get started with podcasting, they use the tools they have available to them. As you begin to see success for the platform, it’s essential that you are scaling your efforts and investing in new audio equipment and editing software. Is the quality of your product goes up, the listenership will also go up. Make sure that you are editing your content so that only the best bits make their way into the content. If your two-hour show includes lots of silence, angry rants, irrational rambling and long and drawn out segments typically, it may be better to condense the 2 hours of content that you recorded down to one hour. As you get better at scripting and segmenting your podcast, you can cut down on the editing time and the amount recorded.

If you are making efforts to promote audio content, follow some of these top tips for success. 

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