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Conversational Ai Search

Is Your Business Ready to Join the Conversation?

With the rise of voice technologies, businesses must rethink search and how customers will apply conversational language to brand interactions.

Alexa Displays Echo Show 5

Alexa Displays – Echo Show 5

From smart displays to smart glasses, Amazon envisions a world where Alexa is omnipresent, serving us, delighting us and providing us with information.

The Rise Of Speech Recognition Technology In Gaming

The Rise of Speech Recognition Technology in Gaming

Speech recognition features are finding their way into an ever greater number of game titles, offering a whole new way to play.

What Trumps New American AI Initiative Means For The Future Of AI And Governments

What Trump’s New American AI Initiative Means for the Future of AI and Governments

Trump’s new executive order may be the necessary push to keep the U.S. at the forefront of the AI field.

Amazon Unveils The Echo Show 5 Less Expensive And More Compact With A Display

Amazon Unveils the Echo Show 5, Less Expensive and More Compact with a Display

Amazon reveal the Echo Show 5. Get the product specs and pricing, and discover all the cool things you will be able to do with the new device!

Why Voice Isnt Enough To Be Smart

Why Voice Isn’t Enough to be Smart

Audio Analytic has already developed AI technology that can give devices a sense of hearing, accurately recognising sounds, beyond speech and music.

The Learning Curve Of Voice User Interfaces

The Learning Curve of Voice User Interfaces

With voice interfaces, you should be able to ask a question, and simply get an answer.

Fixing A Few Common Errors When Publishing Your Google Assistant App

Fixing a few common errors when publishing your Google Assistant App

A look at some common DialogFlow and Google Actions errors, and their solutions: Invalid Privacy Policy, Invalid Invocation Name, and App…

Dispelling 5 Myths About The Impact Of Ai On Healthcare

Dispelling 5 Myths about the Impact of AI on Healthcare

How Voice Technology Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry