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“Alexa, when is the next bus?”

Amazon was invited to support the 3rd annual Makeathon, a 36-hour prototyping and design competition.

Polar Express Creepy

Voice Assistants and the Uncanny Valley

The more lifelike, the better, right? Not always. As voice assistants attempt to simulate humanity by cracking jokes and teasing users, problems arise.


Constructing Multi-Turn Conversational Voice Experiences with a Knowledge Graph

How we might leverage graph technologies and knowledge graphs to power more complex, multi-turn user interactions.

Predictions Summary

Summary of the 2019 predictions survey

My summary of the responses to the reader survey, 2019 Predictions From 35 Voice Industry Leaders. A list of bullet points as a handy reference.

Improve Your Machine Learning Models With Compressed Audio

Improve your machine learning with compressed audio

In machine learning, you need to know what’s in your audio data. Discover how data augmentation with codec compressed audio can help your models generalize.

Why Voice Assistants Are Beneficial To Children

Why Voice Assistants are Beneficial to Children

The impact of voice assistants on today’s youth is actually more helpful than you may think. Luckily, there are a plethora of fun, sound-based games.

Best Voice App Cui Courses

The best courses for voice app and chatbot development

The best courses for voice app and chatbot development. Learn to build Amazon Alexa skills, Google Assistant Actions, Apple Siri Apps, chatbots and more.

Alexa Skills Courses Wide

The best Alexa courses for developing Amazon Alexa skills

The best courses for developing Alexa Skills. Learn to use Node.js and Alexa Skills Kit to publish voice apps on Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa.

Google Actions Courses Wide

The best Google Actions courses for developers

The best online courses for developing Google Actions. Learn to use Node.js, DialogFlow & Firebase, to publish voice apps on Google Home and Android.

Chatbots Courses

The best chatbot development courses

The best courses for developing chatbots. Learn to use Node.js, DialogFlow, Chatfuel and AI to build chatbots for websites and Facebook Messenger.