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Online communities for voice app development & conversation design

Online Communities Voice Dev
by Carl Robinson

The task of building a voice application can feel like a long and lonely road, especially for a solopreneur or lone coder.

Fortunately, there are thriving online communities of likeminded voice developers and designers on almost every social network and chat messaging platform today, cheering each other on and providing support.

Here’s our pick of the best online groups for voice developers and designers. If we’ve missed any, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them.


Slack groups

There are many active slack groups filled to the brim with voice tech developers and designers, ready to lend a hand and answer your questions. To join any of these groups, just visit the link below and enter your email address to request an invitation. You’ll soon receive an email granting you access.

  • Alexa Slack – a huge group full of Alexa developers
  • Google Slack – a group for Google Actions developers
  • Voice Tech Global – an active Slack community of voice technology enthusiasts
  • Voice First Slack – another Slack group of passionate voice entrepreneurs and industry watchers
  • Voicebot.ai Slack – a private invite-only group; contact the Voicebot team for access

WhatsApp group

  • Voice2.io – this is a friendly and active group of mostly Brits, working with Voice and Conversational AI. Moderated by James Poulter of Vixen Labs, and Will Harvey.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups for developers

If you’re still using Facebook then you’re in luck, as there are a number of large and lively groups of skill and action builders there. To gain access, simply request to join the group and answer the easy screening questions.

Facebook groups for end-users

These groups are frequented by end users of the two major smart speaker platforms. These are great for getting a feel for how people are using the tech in the real world, and soliciting feedback on live voice apps.

Reddit subreddits

Reddit communities for developers

Subreddits can be joined instantly with a click of a button. The following communities are aimed at voice techies involved in building voice enabled products. The names are self-explanatory, but we explain them anyway.

  • /r/VoiceTech/ – the official subreddit of the Voice Tech Podcast, and one of the best for all things voice tech (if we do say so ourselves).
  • /r/AmazonEchoDev/ – the subreddit for Alexa developers building skills on the Amazon platform.
  • /r/GoogleAssistantDev/ – a subreddit owned and moderated by Googlers and Google Developer Experts.
  • /r/Mycroftai/ – A subreddit for Mycroft AI users and developers.
  • /r/Bixby/ – a direct line to the Samsung Bixby developer team.
  • /r/LanguageTechnology/ – a large and well-established subreddit for Natural Language Processing (NLP) practitioners and linguists.
  • /r/speechrecognition/ – a modest community of machine learning and speech science experts, involved in training speech to text (STT) systems.
  • /r/Chatbots/ – this is the subreddit to join to discuss text-based conversational interfaces.

Reddit communities for end-users

In contrast to the above communities, the following are end-user focused and contain hoards of voice platform fanboys and fangirls. If you have a question about how to use a particular voice assistant, or are looking for a someone to test your skill/action, these subreddits might be a great place to start.

  1. /r/alexa/ – a huge community of Amazon Alexa fans, sharing tips and stories, and seeking help.
  2. /r/amazonecho/ – an even bigger community of Amazon Echo users.
  3. /r/googlehome/ – a massive user community for Google Home, Google Nest and Google Assistant, sharing information, tips, bugs, new features, requests, and more.
  4. /r/googleassistant/ – a small but very active community of Google Assistant users.
  5. /r/HomePod/ – a subreddit of dedicated Apple HomePod fans.

Twitter list

While not exactly a group, Twitter is home to almost every thought leader in the Voice Tech space.

  • Voice Tech Twitter list – This list, curated by me (@VoiceTechCarl), contains over five hundred #voicefirst experts. It’s certainly not exhaustive, but subscribing to this list (or following everyone in it) will plunge you into a 24/7 stream of content and discussion, and help you find more people and companies to follow.

Discord group

About the author

Carl Robinson
Carl Robinson

Carl is the host of the Voice Tech Podcast. Since launching in April 2018, Carl has conducted scores of in-depth interviews with voice industry experts, building one of the most well known media brands in the voice AI space.

He also publishes Voice Chops Tuesday, the number 1 voice technology newsletter, enjoyed by thousands of voice tech fans each week.

Carl is a startup founder, product manager and data scientist, and recently presented a model for voice emotion conversion at ICASSP 2019.

To contact Carl, use the links in this box to send an email, tweet or message.

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