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What it’s about

This is a voice technology podcast that’s focused on the technology itself. The series will include interviews with people who’ve actually implemented voice technologies in a project, such as academic researchers, CTOs, engineers and software developers, voice interface designers, product managers, human computer interaction experts and more.

We will delve into all aspects of voice interfaces and their enabling technologies, such as natural language processing, natural language understanding, voice synthesis and conversion, machine learning and AI, and audio engineering and signal processing. We will explore many applications of these techniques, such as chatbots and conversational interfaces, human computer interaction (HCI), social robotics and more. We may even have time to cover some related fields such as emotion, and the psychology of conversation and language.

Who it’s for

The voice tech podcast is for anyone interested in the coming voice revolution, whether you are currently working with voice technology or not. Of course, it’ll be of particular interest to software developers, coders and makers, startup founders, technology enthusiasts, students and lifelong learners.

What’s in it for you

My aim is to provide you with: a good overview of the voice tech ecosystem, and how existing techniques are being used to build voice technology right now, as well as introduce you to new techniques that are currently being researched. My hope is that these conversations will inspire you and give you ideas for new voice applications that you can build, and introduce you to some of the tools and techniques you’ll need to actually build them.

Who I am

My name’s Carl Robinson and I’m a machine learning engineer in training, specialising in voice technology. I’m currently working on voice emotion conversion at a research laboratory in Paris. I’m just as excited as you are about the voice-first movement that building up around us.

I think voice is an extremely important technology that will have far reaching implications for not only how we access services and live our lives, but how we communicate with each other, and behave towards each other, and ultimately, for what it means to be human.

How you can help

This is a brand new podcast that needs your support. If you like the show and want to hear more episodes like this, please could you head over to iTunes or Stitcher and leave us a quick 5 star review?

Another way to support the show is to spread the word! Just tell one friend or colleague about us, or mention us on social media. I really appreciate anything you can do to get the word out

Also if you’d like to help me with the cost of producing the episodes, please consider becoming a patron. Visit patreon.com/voicetechpodcast, where you can support the show for as little as $1/mth.

How to reach me

You can find all the show notes with links to the resources mentioned in the episodes right here at voicetechpodcast.com. You can also reach me on Twitter @VoiceTechCarl, or email carl@voicetechpodcast.com.

And with that, it’s on with the show!


About the author

Carl Robinson
Carl Robinson

Carl is the host of the Voice Tech Podcast. Since launching in April 2018, Carl has conducted over scores of in-depth interviews with voice industry experts, building one of the most well known media brands in the voice AI space.

He also publishes Voice Chops Tuesday, the number 1 voice technology newsletter, enjoyed by thousands of voice tech fans each week.

Carl is a startup founder, product manager and data scientist, and recently presented a model for voice emotion conversion at ICASSP 2019.

To contact Carl, use the links in this box to send an email, tweet or message.

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