Podcast Episodes

Voice Connected Home 2019

Voice Trends & Design Tips – BBC, BMW – Voice Tech Podcast ep.030

Listen to three of the best presentations from Voice Connected Home 2019, covering trends in the voice space, practical design advice, and more.

Andrey Esaulov BotTalk

The Bot Builder – Dr. Andrey Esaulov, BotTalk – Voice Tech Podcast ep.031

Dr. Andrey Esaúlov is the CEO of SmartHouse Technologies and co-founder of BotTalk, a simple and powerful tool to create voice applications.

Adrien Schmidt Aristotle

Talk with your Data – Adrien Schmidt, Aristotle – Voice Tech Podcast ep.032

Adrien Schmidt is the CEO and co-founder of Aristotle by Bouquet.ai, a conversational analytics platform that lets you chat with your data through voice and text.

Stas Tushinskiy Instreamatic

Interactive Voice Ads – Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic – Voice Tech Podcast ep.033

Stas Tushinskiy is the co-founder and CEO of Instreamatic.ai, a San-francisco based company that enables voice interactivity and measurability in the audio ad market.

Pranas Kiziela Eddy Travels

Chatbot Vacations – Pranas Kiziela, Eddy Travels – Voice Tech Podcast ep.034

Pranas Kiziela is the CTO of Eddy Travels, a personal travel advisor that connects travellers with travel products and services.

Rana Gujral Behavioural Signals

The Emotion Machine – Rana Gujral, Behavioral Signals – Voice Tech Podcast ep.035

Rana Gujral is the CEO of Behavioral Signals, a company that allows developers to add speech emotion and behavioral recognition AI to their products.

Don White Satisfi Labs

Questions & Answers – Don White, Satisfi Labs – Voice Tech Podcast ep.037

Don White is CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform that offers conversational search and commerce solutions for fan, guest, and customer engagement.

David Borish Primo Ai

Speech-to-Text Selection – David Borish, PRIMO AI – Voice Tech Podcast ep.038

PRIMO AI recommends the highest performing Speech-to-text (STT) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services for a particular dataset and geographical region.

Jonathan Rechtman Cadence Translate

High-tech Interpreters – Jonathan Rechtman, Cadence Translate – Voice Tech Podcast ep.039

Jonathan Rechtman is the co-founder of Cadence Translate, a language services company that help corporations and financial firms conduct business and investment research across the language barrier.

Stuart Crane Surveyline

Surveys by Voice – Stuart Crane, SurveyLine – Voice Tech Podcast ep.040

Stuart Crane is the founder and CEO of SurveyLine, a new product that lets you create voice based surveys. To try it now, simply say “Alexa/Google, launch voice tech survey”