Podcast Episodes

Vasili Invocable

Elevated Voice Design – Vasili Shynkarenka, Invocable – Voice Tech Podcast ep.019

Invocable is an online design tool that lets you prototype voice applications without coding, test your ideas with users, and build better voice apps.

John Fitzpatrick

Voice AI for eCommerce – John Fitzpatrick, Voysis – Voice Tech Podcast ep.002

John Fitzpatrick is the VP of Product & Engineering at Voysis, a leading voice technology company that builds custom Voice AI solutions for ecommerce businesses. We cover a range of topics including the major components of the Voysis system, the technologies and tools John’s team used to build it, the challenges they faced, and GDPR.

Shilp Agarwal Blutag

Voice Retail – Shilp Agarwal, Blutag – Voice Tech Podcast ep.022

Shilp Agarwal is the CEO of Blutag, a voice retail solution that lets customers search/browse a product catalog on Alexa and Google Assistant. We get to hear some product demos showing how customers can quickly reorder products they’ve bought before, and also browse new options before making an informed choice.

Sebastian Hanfland

Audio Branding & Sound Design – Sebastian Hanfland, Hanfland & Friends – Voice Tech Podcast ep.011

Sebastian Hanfland is the CEO of the audio branding consultancy, Hanfland And Friends. His team help companies define their their brand in audio form, in order to promote brand recognition, increase the perceived quality of products, and influence customers. 

David Ciccarelli Voices

Voice Actors & Synthetics – David Ciccarelli, Voices.com – Voice Tech Podcast ep.025

David Ciccarelli is the CEO of Voices.com, the online marketplace where brand managers and marketers discover, audition and hire professional voice actors.

Dylan Zwick Pulselabs

Usability Testing for Voice – Dylan Zwick, Pulse Labs – Voice Tech Podcast ep.027

Dylan Zwick is the Chief Product Officer at Pulse Labs, a Seattle-based startup that offers a remote testing and analytics platform for voice app developers.

Adam Greenwood Greenwood Campbell

Echo Echo Chamber – Adam Greenwood, Greenwood Campbell – Voice Tech Podcast ep.036

Adam Greenwood is the founder of the Greenwood Campbell digital agency. We cover his experiences building chatbot and voicebot applications, and the echo chambers that these technologies can create.

Vivatech 2019

VivaTech 2019 – Startups, Google, Macron, Ma – Voice Tech Podcast ep.028

Vivatech 2019 is Europe’s biggest technology conference. Hear from Google France, 5 of the best voice startups, Emmanuel Macron and Alibaba’s Jack Ma.

Sean Gilligan Soundbranch

Nanocasting – Sean Gilligan, Sound Branch – Voice Tech Podcast ep.021

Sean Gilligan is the founder of Sound Branch, a team communication app and voice-based social network in which where users create smart voice notes.

Andy Mauro Automat Wide

Conversational Marketing – Andy Mauro, Automat – Voice Tech Podcast ep.015

Andy Mauro, CEO and co-founder of Automat, a company that helps brands deliver personalised one-to-one voice and messaging experiences to their customers. In this episode we discuss Conversational Marketing and why it represents a fundamental shift in digital marketing.