Eric Bolo

Speech to Text – Eric Bolo, Batvoice – Voice Tech Podcast ep.001

Eric Bolo is the CTO of Batvoice Technologies, a speech analytics startup based in Paris, France. Eric talks about building a custom speech-to-text system for their flagship product, Call Watch.

He introduces us to speech analytics and audio-mining, and describes some typical applications. We go into detail about speech-to-text (STT) technologies, and discuss the pros and cons of using cloud STT services such as Google speech versus building a custom STT system yourself.


Welcome to the Voice Tech Podcast!

This is a voice technology podcast that’s focused on the technology itself. The series will include interviews with people who’ve actually implemented voice technologies in a project, such as academic researchers, CTOs, engineers and software developers, voice interface designers, product managers, human computer interaction experts and more.

We will delve into all aspects of voice interfaces and their enabling technologies, such as natural language processing, natural language understanding, voice synthesis and conversion, machine learning and AI, and audio engineering and signal processing. We will explore many applications of these techniques, such as chatbots and conversational interfaces, human computer interaction (HCI), social robotics and more. We may even have time to cover some related fields such as emotion, and the psychology of conversation and language.