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Constructing Multi-Turn Conversational Voice Experiences with a Knowledge Graph

How we might leverage graph technologies and knowledge graphs to power more complex, multi-turn user interactions.

Apple Siri Courses Wide

The best Siri courses for learning SiriKit on iOS 12

The best courses for developing Siri apps on iOS 12. Learn to use Swift, iOS Framework, SiriKit and Siri Shortcuts to build voice apps for Apple devices.

Chatbots Courses

The best chatbot development courses

The best courses for developing chatbots. Learn to use Node.js, DialogFlow, Chatfuel and AI to build chatbots for websites and Facebook Messenger.

Google Actions Courses Wide

The best Google Actions courses for developers

The best online courses for developing Google Actions. Learn to use Node.js, DialogFlow & Firebase, to publish voice apps on Google Home and Android.

Alexa Skills Courses Wide

The best Alexa courses for developing Amazon Alexa skills

The best courses for developing Alexa Skills. Learn to use Node.js and Alexa Skills Kit to publish voice apps on Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa.

Best Voice App Cui Courses

The best courses for voice app and chatbot development

The best courses for voice app and chatbot development. Learn to build Amazon Alexa skills, Google Assistant Actions, Apple Siri Apps, chatbots and more.


Welcome to the Voice Tech Podcast!

This is a voice technology podcast that’s focused on the technology itself. The series will include interviews with people who’ve actually implemented voice technologies in a project. We will delve into all aspects of voice interfaces and their enabling technologies.

Emotion Analytics

Voice emotion analytics companies

This blog post is a roundup of voice emotion analytics companies. These are companies that can process an audio file containing human speech, extract the paralinguistic features and interpret these as human emotions, then provide an analysis report or other service based on this information.

Best Podcasts Voice Filter Wide

The best podcasts for voice technology and conversational user interfaces

Podcasts are the obvious choice for those in the voice industry to both share their ideas, and to keep up with everything that’s going on. Here I present my pick of the 8 best podcasts that cover voice technology and conversational user interfaces.

Predictions Summary

Summary of the 2019 predictions survey

My summary of the responses to the reader survey, 2019 Predictions From 35 Voice Industry Leaders. A list of bullet points as a handy reference.