Editorial Guidelines


If you decide to become a guest author and submit an article, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Voice Technology Articles Only

Your article must be related to voice technology in some way. Anything that helps people build better voice apps is great! This can include business, research, design, development, and more.. If it’s not related to voice tech, it won’t be published.


Evergreen content is the best i.e. how-to articles, walkthroughs, definitions, listicles of resources etc. Time-sensitive content like news is not ideal, and is unlikely to be accepted.

We seek to provide actionable articles based on real-world results. Be sure to include plenty of quality advice and examples. Cut the fluff, keep the details meaty, and make sure your content has a strong headline and opener to attract readers.

Originality and Attribution

We only accept original, unpublished content. Please make sure that you check all your facts and attribute accurately.


A minimum of 500 words is required for an article. There’s a soft-maximum of around 1500 words.


Please split your text into at least two text sections with appropriate subheadings, as this makes it easier for people to read/scan. Please try to keep each section to around 200 words.


Please run your text through a spellchecker before submission. US and UK spellings are fine. Proper punctuation and grammar is (are?) important.


Add your links in form and my team will incorporate them into the article. Promotional links are allowed, but affiliate links are not.

Please also try to link to at least one other relevant article on voicetechpodcast.com if possible. The helps users find similar content, and helps us track unauthorised copies of your work.


One main image is required, other images are optional. The main image must be JPG format, exactly 1200 px wide * 630 px high, and less than 250 KB in size.

Make sure you own and have rights to all content submitted with your article or have pulled the image from royalty free sources such as Creative Commons, pixabay.com etc. Please include proof of your media usage rights with your article submission.


You own your content and retain all rights to it. However, once published on our website, we receive a non-exclusive transferable license for us to use and promote the content in perpetuity on our site and elsewhere.