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Building Knight Rider’s KITT – Charles Cadbury, Champers Advisory – Voice Tech Podcast ep.004

Charles Cadbury Champers Advisory

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In this episode I talk with Charles Cadbury, owner of the London-based technology consultancy, Champers Advisory, about his experience building voice applications, and the fascinating future of voice technology. He was great fun to talk to, and had plenty of surprising facts and interesting stories to share. You’re going to really enjoy listening to this episode!

Charles has built or consulted on over 350 digital products for his clients over the years, covering web, social, mobile, and now Voice. He has most recently worked with Lola.tech, helping them to create Dazzle.ai, a product that enables personalised digital conversations between travel customers and travel providers across voice and text channels.

Charles shares his extensive knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics related to voice. We cover the challenges when working with client data, how payment transactions can and will be handled over voice, how voice assistants will change the landscape of consumer sales and marketing, and much more.

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welcome to the voice tech Podcast episode 4 we’re back with another interview bringing you the latest ideas and development from the world of technology thank you to everyone who continue to support the show to those who sent me feedback on Twitter and email and especially to those who left me five star reviews on iTunes I’d like to give a special shout out to heavy sleeper who left on my first 5 star review thank you so much so I kind of you and also di Ferro the creator of say stream a social network for voice so please keep the reviews coming in at especially on iTunes in the UK Canada and Australia the first review on each page I will get a shout out on the show my guests today is Charles Cadbury who runs the technology consultancy champers advisory

in London England Charles or Charlie as he’s known as friends is a hugely experienced technologist having gained first-hand experience in the trenches building his own products and then consulted on more than 350 digital products for his clients over the years that we tap into Charlie’s knowledge on a range of issues related to voice including the challenges faced when working with client data how payment transactions can and will be handled over voice and how voice assistants will change the landscape of consumer sales and marketing so with that I bring you Charles Cadbury ok so I’m here with Charles Cadbury owner of London based technology consultancy firm champers advisory Charles is a business and technology consultant who specialises in advising high-growth companies and he’s most recently worked with Lola

tax helping them to create the dazzle.ai product does always a product that enables personalized digital conversations between travel customers and travel providers across voice and tech channels I’m very glad to have Charles on the podcast today that I first saw a child’s talking on a panel at the smart voice summit hair in Paris back in February and then I heard a more recently appeared as a guest on the bookcase wire pandit Show podcast the Red House Charles on the podcast thank you very much for taking the time to come and talk to us today president ok Sue Charles I wanted to cover a couple of couple of main topics in this setting This podcast first of all I wanted to talk about your experiences working on implementing Voice first technology and I know what channel number different Projects so be great to hear some of the highs and lows you faced and some of the lessons learnt and maybe you can hear them some advice for people engaged in similar projects

and then I got on on on the second half of the show and I’d like to ask you about what you see as the future of voice interface technology and how a voice assistance will change the landscape of consumer sales and marketing at how it’s gonna affect brands and and what the AI platforms have to get right if this so future is did become a reality right ok before yes darling I just wanted to issue a warning to all our listeners at this show features 100% British accents so if you haven’t already put the kettle on please pause the show and do so now ok Charles and let’s Get Started can you start by telling the limit about your background away from and some of the some of the jobs under project you worked on before starting your technology consultancy firm so I think so I started life in London and it all got too much for me at the age of two years old so I

left and went West to add to Cheltenham I was born raised and then what professional career started in technology or someone says website in 1999 and then in the early noughties a lot of money to be made in hardware sales of astora long and thanks a lot of on Cisco networking equipments then went on stage and Morgan entrepreneurial route sales and marketing 2400 Grover and are there markings and offering and then off the back of the sandwiches are made of that I am Sasha Fierce opposition 2006-2007 and the next 7 years starting with p

that’s why I got a lot of my digital product experience came from so we were about four different businesses and over the course of time is a web business websites through a Channel 4 HD digital media agencies, then with the advent of social when Facebook basic applications and I’ll be classes as Samsung so we can build a whole lot of their sales and marketing and Facebook applications in a very short time frame as our special day and then after the launch of the iPhone in Bangor Abbey out still came along skilled Apple ID on IOS and Android Developers and bean and that is something

lots of lots of lots of apps and also went specialised in an area we we like to call an emerging, so you looking specifically about apps and how you might be able to use them to transact know the cause of this this offer business page we started off from a very waterfall delivery method which pains back in business Awards are there across the top services and Eileen Eileen consultancy so make sure that anyone who came to us with out-of-the-box idea and would run and that Angelina validation we ended up building products and that make sure that the price be rebuilding and fit for purpose in in the world and I went disadvantage

protecting people’s 9 ok and so we can build the mobile payment applications are you doing tonight banky am rapidly through emerging technologies a leading see the most recent sound travel lola.tech I will dig alittle change repositioning of that business and within their last software and we deliver the first products with them Boyz excellent and it was at lola.tech that you help them develop the dazzle.ai product exactly us and so we were looking for a new positioning for the business

so it is a bit of a scanning who listens to see you in a business expertise is building an e-commerce systems for Airlines in specifically low-cost Airlines weather and the new ones is selling a ticket to been selling a whole load of ancillary services on top of that and I knew that you continually refine the user experience of my back so that people are happy to put these an adult services so you by your airline ticket for that you buy your car rental or your hotel or your theatre tickets so just to clarify then so dazzle.ai there is a system that allows you to buy an airline ticket and the additional and additional features what addons no no no so so so so so that just that that’s that was the experiences of lola.tech that’s what they call competency where was is a business ok with looking at looking to see what and what products they should build a working

change results from HP Play services business into a product lead business and so we have a look in and see how people were going to be buying and an inspired travel purchases within a 5 to 10 years and we looked at the rights of the rise of chatbots and at the time of the Valley 2016 launch in the series The the lone attack planned in July 2016 with Bill a proof of Concepts and just to show some the airline clients how you could book an airline ticket using voice and it was then very soon after that we can see if the original idea that all and the original idea for Dad’s alarm which was conceived in a brainstorming session in a pub in East London at the end of September 2016 and that original concept was born out of the idea that

speeches were very very good if there is a speaker and a human in a room for anything the background noise for a doesn’t work so we were the original concept was just can you an use the smart speaker to replace the telephone and the guest directory in a hotel room and I was the first iteration of dazzle natsu to the market for Christmas 2016 Iceland so dazzle.ai the way to purchase what exactly is a what was the value proposition and what’s a hit the target customer so that was just work with hotels in a competition break with with Marriott Marriott Hotel chain exactly as that was a very good and first confirm that a brand ambassador to have a long and that data we got back and insight as to how people actually wanting

use the smart speakers in a real-world environment is usually invaluable there’s a few things that the wee man immediately one invocation this girl was a huge problem that I’m not many people that use the smart speaker and the whole idea of people having to say Alexa open dazzle.ai and get into two are school and proved problematic it was actually interesting have changed over Christmas Tomorrow People speakers at home and that and that that change electric slightly an education problem exactly but then it also highlighted the multi-channel issue as well in that people have never used a system like before to order something to room were once or at the request of gone through every time they say Alexa and dazzle do you send me a new Bath Road my room and they wouldn’t know whether they haven’t gone through

scream at reception or at your service for the request by Marriott and Aunt and the extra can I stream the user as well that would be help me and started to build our platform surrounding outside the hotel groups and we got approached by London Midland rail company in the UK they were looking to take proven technologies from other Industries and pair of the minister UK rail in order to solve the customer experience issues in UK rail would you very happy that’s not about the changes they are welcome please face in the UK tour the size of the opportunity than there a contract values that we were able to take advantage of the system or service travel operators and toes the lines around companies

action at the Devil’s open on today so the offering very much for a travel operator and is that they need to develop an assistance track she’s so over time more and more users are going to expect to be able to engage with big brands using assistance banana B through voice or other compensation channels like Whatsapp messenger and you can either go and build in final HD can I build a voice girl and then and several different tablets for each platform with Angie proposition for dazzle what is the build that and course content that assistance wants and then that’s then distributed into all different channel as loud as a persistent conversation across channels and I was very much to mimic the way the human engagement work the right now you and I are talking back an hour later on we might be SMS

don’t remember to previous conversation is now really important that the way that as architect ok I understand so the project is aimed squarely at the the travel and hospitality market and it enables these travel providers to so this week their content through a variety of channels voice and text basically exactly and I’m quite a big Believer that you know you need to look at all and conversation channels do enabled late isn’t necessarily boys being a lazy and voices just another way to access system and that’s good architect the people should be looking at this is how do you build this into a seamless flow all the user rather than buy loads of different combinations and what’s the what’s the role of the the human agent in all of this is is the the name of the the troubled riders turn event

eliminate the human from the equation all together all these technologies designed to complement the the agents they already have in place the robots will replace in the medium term you know the week we are very very very keen to look at a world where we stop humans being robots so we humans have a huge cognitive ability and reflex arc rate of muscle to solve any challenge and when will place in a box where we’ve got to ask answer the same questions they and turn it down a human mind being underutilized and so what we’re looking to do with these can resistance is to give the consumers a lot faster access to the information they’re trying to get these big companies Boston university or your dad or will you any other large business you find it difficult to navigate into that service provision right so they’ve got

Mr highways e02 big companies at the moment you can look at their website you can have their mobile app you can find out the customer service you can certainly now we can write and send them a letter and every one of those as there’s a little bit of a barrier to entry but with this rise of assistance and this world of Shameless conversational interface you be able to ask a question and get back the answer without having to have learnt how each one of those and engagement camels works and it’s lowering the barrier and make it that much quicker and more seamless to get to that services know the exact piece of information that you want that’s all I see is there are the drivers that taking this kind of technology but we’re standing the fact that their big school on master be pushy am I find it interesting that we still haven’t answered the question whether it’s better for a customer to talk directly to a voice interface or whether it’s better for them to talk to a human who is then talking to a voice into

information to relay or present in the appropriate form and I suppose it depends on the use case as quickly as they possibly can and exerted delightful experience then it really doesn’t matter how much that engagement has been either human or automated Anne Boleyn the median time do you know the human evolve is critical to be able to come off too so that everyone gets a delightful experience and they’re not frustrated when they’re speaking to a robot with the answers and babies assistance going to be getting better and better and better over time as we saw with any other emergent technologies as a first-time digital camera that wasn’t very good but the one you got today is amazing and all all all of the all of these issues will be ironed out in the form as time keeps be there any futurologist you have a look at the possibility of technology we got into lessons

how you use it if it was perfect and that must be the direction of travel because there’s those there is the imperative to get there ok we can talk about what they are the perfect future looks like her in a little while and but we’re on the subject of the challenges that you face to you said oh no no no project is perfect and you learnt a lot from the Marriott project which you then apply to that the travel project could you just explain that some of the major challenges that you face when building the dazzle project that what worked what didn’t what you learn and what you would do differently next time yeah so we could be brought in some when starting working with railway boy and send real experts to help us get up to speed on this particular sector and even with that and other stuff and challenges that we couldn’t have anticipated this is the Old adage that no plan survives First contact with the enemy and know the system the week is it

we could go crazy could answer with the date of the weekend so you’re part of the first integration with any of these large whale providers is looking at the data that the database they’ve got to answer questions and we soon learnt that even if they were providing that first Party data data example of disruption data wouldn’t necessarily be passing and Sophie were asking for it users say what you were my train is delayed when will the next train be all we had to look at with the internal and data providers and that dated who was incorrect and so even though they be able to create a platform that was then able to solve the issues of the question we were still bound by a quality of the data issue which was beyond our control I said third party characters and undiscovered on loans

that sounds like quite an awkward problem to solve because you can’t just go in and change it yourself as out of your control and weather was the customer responsive to your knees as that would did they do anything to help improve the situation will give you a better access and how did you how do you solve that Yearwood in those issues and it comes up as they know this is another problem which salvation is trying to fix and then you go to the first thing you do when you want to be added as you go any find out if you think you found them to get down by Schubert what I think you might be definitely is it still a lot more am I due diligence or what’s coping which do not often often a real challenge with her first engagement or renovation project where you are very comfortable you can solve a particular issue and you might sometimes after spending

get the right proof of concept but with all this comes out if you being the right kind of like lean and agile thinking this is all about getting the clients 1814 on fact that this will be a journey are you doing something when is the new Han Solo do that then mate and leading position in the market right right now comes down the relationship you have with the client and how the mindset that there are no experimental that they’re willing to be and how much they went into work with you as opposed to just expecting a product that works so won’t I’d like to ask you a bit about you know how technology consultancies work in general using the lola.tech business as an example and when I think of technology consultancy the first thing I

think of the there’s a huge businesses like IBM and accenture it going and perform these huge you know change management you know can’t I T transformation project clearly that’s that’s not what you’re doing so could you like describe some of the some of the ways in which you you helps Lola tech and other businesses and the main areas that you can you can focus on and really make an impact yes or no answer part of the background that we’ve got his don’t build a high performance culture so going in and understanding where the team is directed that makes other they all understand the four pillars of business over the work out what is the purpose of the business why is everyone doing what they’re doing you know and is the marketing proposition clear and compelling and then around the individual side of things you’ve ever enjoying what they doing there any off the library business you’ve got people

do I need to change and the business continues changing but make sure that there why people are in the right place to make sure that everyone is working at peak Performance then you’ve got to understand what success looks like they’re saying right this is what happened last quarter do with him that’s good or bad is looking forward to the ankles the next 5 months and putting the pillars of and what you’re trying to do down and make them visible to all the business so there if you do choose those that’s great and you can see and celebrate that success and if you didn’t achieve what you can ask yourself why and then make the necessary changes to make sure that when you’re planning for the future you’ve got a crystal Clear idea of how you do that plus everyone believe in in what’s what’s going to happen now you can credibility your building within the business and so does that that hold cultural peace and unity as if it will detect a work

a man that he was your we have been at last 8 years and cause trouble software business going to team with people this is great we’ve got our making good money and we are the Billy Wright I would a good rate but I aspiration I really want to do is tell ourselves until put up with it and you know gender my last business but it out and I’ll be done in about 350 digital time I ever saw most of those from and contracting pterodactyl to do with the code in order to win that amount of work will be sore about 1000 + 1000 sound different digital products giving you know quite a unique insight as to what might work or may not work there are ways you might have to engage a website different teams all the way you want a question of the business model is no surprise there they’re not just a vanity project project for

I am a software engineer those that should be a practicing at what is what is going to be the effect of this product has on the world of this and is it big enough to make it worth our while spending our precious time school starts with no trying to get to know whatever business in what what what their challenges what they’re trying to do with the world making sure they’re their interpersonal listen to making sure the team leading the credibility of that relationship didn’t work out exactly how did engagements going to work and what what what what changes they want to make a business what they want I want to look like the next 35 years and then we got a programme of work into to make that change from the projects that you’ve worked on and specifically around voice and what advice would you give to someone is thinking of starting a company

around voice old are launching a new voice first to a project within an established company is there any other any lessons learned specifically around voice texting and is there anything specific or unique about creating voice interfaces of voice technology that you found to be different to all the other products and projects that you’ve worked on in Worthing mobile or do really all the same rules apply it’s just about and validating your idea and it’s writing on it as soon as possible so that those of the same it’s a different skill set so it’s not your classic team so we found that are hiring a screen writers and poets a really important to deliver a bouncy and engaging conversation and then leave the new one piece of building it’s all about that is all I copy and getting kidding coz he’s got a lot of copy of your Building and against the company than trying to get

right tone of voice is very important because you want to start to go back in that’s going to stick ok sweetheart we have one hotel we are working with the day I said no she’s got this and this woman has been used as a cleaner and we want the concierge to be held by said why you said you know the cheese is 75 and she’s been here since she was 18 I want to record her voice telling stories about all of their secrets of what’s been going on at this hotel for that and that’s that’s that’s really nice if you can create a personality around the assistant at the end of the day this is going to be a brand Ambassador in as we talk about the future that Sam is going to be increasingly important that stands for the values of your grand that’s great the Isle of that then using someone from the company as though you’ve been there for so many years you don’t get more authentic than that exactly that you said you

touring screen writers and poets and screenwriters right right things for TV shows right I guess radio shows as well because the process of actually working with a screenwriter what what what do they produce at the end of the day is that a document is it a storyboard on a wall I mean how does that work and back and forwards I could have any responses you’re trying to work through you as he in classical web or mobile design turns you describe saunas and then you create user journeys and those words start to shape how you build a and engagement with graphic and spices go with the voice of a conversation you want to do the same kind of paint you still want to come over time wants to make sure that the centre stand up as a persona of one of you building build small personalised engagement survey responses you want that kind of repartee

add to be that of your Brand and you only get that if you have people do experience in really developing a character or not a proper bad brand ambassador ok so the screenwriters going to help you actually use a form the Brand from the personality of the voice is going to be coming out of the voice interface it’s a kind of copies latest is almost the Derby style guide to the other kind of incidental and equips all different ways that they might answers ok when will there be present in all the time the copies present Book created or they like you say they Crest are going and they leave that with their the company to then go on and cry cover themselves

to do it really depends on the engagement know how much someone has to invest in an ideal world as the corpus as corpus persistent increases your ones to have someone over looking at making sure they staying true to the Sauna that’s been generated that’s alright so the final thing I wanted to ask you on the light the implementation front voice discuss you know that the future of these interfaces is transactions I actually selling things aren’t you know any money through voice interfaces I don’t know too much about and what the state of the technology is today weather is easy for businesses to implement transactions or so could you just give us an idea of like what currently in existence what what can you do today and what’s coming down the pipeline and share your thoughts on that this is still very much is it

we have we had in dazzle.ai United it’s going to happen and the integration of smart ticketing within the platform without that hasn’t happened yet but it will happen and challenges are you the cell cycle in these businesses is very long so you can then you get bees live in the market and then you can start to really jump out against the road map and the Wailers will be implemented as in the first instance there anyone who has an existing account cos that’s an easy way in x axis Dancing tickets the challenges really nice especially invoices new accounts all new customers who want to engage in but it’s quite clunky see through

a a voice channel you really want to pass them through another channel I’ll get them to the a conversation or all sites to login as a user anaesthesia I can imagine you reading out of the 16 digit credit card number and then you can’t see what you what you just said maybe you’ve got a did it wrong and plus you’re worried about other people are going to hear you anyway the whole security aspects as well so exactly if I did want to pay for something over a voice interface what what are the options are available at the moment because my experiences with apps on say the Google Play Store where they mandate that all transactions go through Google payments do you have to register a card with Google and then I can buy any app or any service with an app that still have to go through the Google payment service but you know now that there’s all these voice interface systems coming out not just Alexa and Google assistant

you know I might cause I say the word in my body and I think as I’ve got to say yes in my question is what are the options available if I want to charge people money for my services through a voice interface today so did their it is to go through eBay platform that’s what they are and that’s how they do the piss and it’s also they make it bad to be the default that can be the easiest way the people will get used to to buying a pro services through through and Google Amazon and they will be bespoke workarounds but they’re far more involved and you know the way that you would advise people to do that is to kick them out in this store them into an interface to find a way to get the win today

what style messenger style interface and then layering and mobile web cards know you’ve got a lot of interesting ok so you the voice is the initial interface it’s literally invoice first and then you move on to a secondary interface to handle the payment wants that said up then I suppose future payment can be handled through voice automatically with that’ll but it’s another way too and to get people conversing in on to the assistance a casino then the value being NLP and the Brain and the assistance and the way that you get into that and should should be through any channel to the methodology there’s fish where the fish are so don’t tell people where to go to talk to your brand but understand where are you

Jesus our and make sure that you are able to be spoken to in that environment so if all of your older customers are using are using voice of messages in Microsoft you gotta catch ’em all your customers using WeChat the make sure you got a week and so on and so forth and so and making sure you really understand who your customers are aware they’re going to Converse and then being present there is there is the way to do things interesting are you you do things on their times you don’t try and crowbar them into your own process that really bothers does a wonderful company called and travel pirate travel Pirates and they have been taking the travel World by Storm not buying a load of impressions through through through Google and ideals through social media marketing that’s working with in the world

alright so let’s move on to the Future of voice interface technology now we can you forget what actually possible and just go blue sky the whole thing I just want to get your thoughts on festival and the cells of marketing so the things that’s what you’ve got a lot of experience then understand that we can see it already voice assistance so I changed the Landscape can you give us an idea of light in what ways we’re going to see that that change happen and I’m what’s happening already and this is why I start to get very excited so this is all about your system as I grew up with people like Michael Knight it was David Hasselhoff in and Knight Rider only had a a talking car that would help them through the world and you got an iron man who has George best’s around his house in his visit to helping do absolutely everything Society science fiction shown us that one day we’ll have an ethereal assistant that will help us do Epsom

me everything you need to do in the world and we will trust it and to make those make those calls fresh and so we’re at the beginning of the growth of assistance and we can learn a lot about and the way that systems are gonna be adopted by the growth of mobile phones usage in man’s Asbury mobile phone applications for 10 years ago when the iPhone launched and we Gotta start to get off first wave apps and they were little bit quirky and Anne’s. Should be used for a very basic utility people didn’t we trust them so many years ago was very unlikely bought her fingers through your app or certainly don’t do your banking but the day would be very much more happy to buy things through mobile apps use homebrew must refer to do about you and that’s due to the growth of trust over time over the last decade and what we believe that over the next decades going to happen as we age

he’s assistance more and more and more and make life choices for us now it’s really important for the bronze to start to create their own assistance now and then as personal assistant that allowing all that you started use that language processing as a way for people to get deep into their product and service offering over and see you’ve got that done lowering of the lowering of that entry point to start to get engage with the Browns in a 5 to 10 year time frame will not going to want to use 20 of 30 different assistance to speak to the 20th of different brands be engaged with them I give you weak or probably going to start to trust war and War One of one of the big four so you know how you may just have an Alexa assistant that you really trying to tell you may have a serious issue trust we may have Facebooks assistance which you really trust all your

should be ok this isn’t that you really trust and you’ll start to trust and more and more and more and the way the we believe they will rank other products or services is the way the other search engines are running today and that’s all around relevant and irrelevant the particular user so if a brand in five years time doesn’t have a maturing assistant offering is less likely that one of the top level assistant will recommend that to to you so does that you were going to book a flight to go and see me in London you would ask you give us a snake new book a flight to go and see charle next Friday in London and if BA they didn’t have a mature assistant by Franz can I did have a mature assistant then there’s a chance that the Google assistant Cat Empire and be more likely to present to present that assistant to you

beauty and complete that booking so we’re going to see I’d like to see you a world where systems are we can hand off to other assistance to complete that engagement so it’s important to start developing a system now in order to not lose market share moving forward on that point because that’s interesting to me I’ve not really thought about that comes out when you know you have your main assistant in your homemade maybe things converge the new people only use the Amazon assistant of the only use Google assistant but then when you’re dealing with each of these brands they have their own assistance because of course the brands want to present their products in there in the way that they’re happy with and then you can have this season your sister’s talking to each other or a complete handoff am I feeling and I don’t know how this is going to transpire how’s going to pan out that is if I add a user at home I don’t want to have to talk to all these different assistance with different rules and different you know that this site is using a different user interface you’re not really sure

we can do you prefer to just have that chance and trusted you know Jarvis or whoever that you know you’ve got that 11 assistant at home and he will she handles everything for you so yeah I’m interested to see how that how that works weather brands of be willing to hand it all off to the Google or Amazon where they’re going to insist on taking control of some of the conversational interaction themselves I think the point being is that you need to start to play the game right now and starts to produce your assistance in all and end within doing that you keep an eye on how this whole world with a little time out new starter make sure that you up to speed on changes which are going to take place for a wrap near the next 10 years so that you’re not completely cut out the loop as Wendy James I can because they happen very quickly. On mobile

the reason why 20 timetable faster and with a narcissist nobody wants to be left behind the whole load of Our Lives through the decade of robots going 2000 2000 to 2012 where was 5 years where is just going to come with him didn’t really start to masterbate a coffin to die from launch well I did it took off very quickly losing huge and changing behaviour over the last 10 years as as and when this happens and it’s going to happen even faster this time because all the people who like me who saw this happened I still in the game we’re still are we still young with all about learning and able to jump on this massive opportunity very quickly so ok it’s interesting to think about know how this is going to affect the brands as well and looking at the the current state of things with apps

I’m on the Google Play Store for instance Google has all the power they’ve got their the main you know marketing channel to all the user’s they only uses the data there all the interactions so it feels like this is this the same thing is going to happen with their that the voice assistance and that how do you say that playing out in the how do you say this is this affecting brands and and the way they interact with their customers so they have to pick a be more than one novel in their approaching it’s all about the different different to the service provision and aspirants as what other brands have is that last mile Google will never be able while it is a long way of thinking that they will and the plane and the standard Rod Stewart on the plane to deliver that part of the experience so it is a back end of things wear brands will have to make one more of difference and and it’s that that that last mile of service delivery or products

ill have to continue to evolve ok I platform will have all the data on the customers and their behaviour and have most of the the contact with the customer as well it sounds like brands going to have less and less Direct contact with their with their customers if all of the contact all the purchasing all the information retrieval all the behaviour tracking everything is happening through a voice interface combined with the other devices are using a mobile just not going to go away completely it’s going to complement compliment each other so in a how are brands and going to be able to react to the changes in customer behaviour if these are platforms are controlling everything I mean that that sounds like bad news for brands going to make life more difficult for them at least there’s a bit more of a deal

are you cannot you can’t book all of your travel through and through Google isn’t there’s a whole load of products and services last mile that can’t be through Google today and tonight are the internet as much as I think they still hold load of and power that these CDs large brands world over and over the system and so there’s going to be continued battle about this this last mile so does and I don’t I don’t think it’s going to be a it’s not that everything will happen to the existing I do I do see a lot of merit in fact that an assistant will have to pop off to another assistant which lies within a within Brandon celso ok yeah I’m an avid avid just the other day that you know at the moment that 85% of all retail sales are still bill

and still I still made through you know shops aren’t you know in person and online purchasing as only only Council light 15% of purchases something like that as you go back 20 years and think about the internet ever on was talking about it just completely consuming or retail and at the end of the end of the High Street etc there’s probably something something similar as well that’s not going to sort everything it is going to complement the other channels get the big unknown is exactly where we are in the hype cycle know so that you know those people that you meet again very excited on my street. they don’t have a clue what we’re talking about and I will not believe in this without them in their lifetime and positively and possibly would positively repel are many people within my family Hughes still showing a smart phone and no you like this the future features not not in any way at all wrong conclusion

dentists in a benefits may be there but trying to trying to get all consumers moving in the same direction so why is and an ongoing challenge to a 2010 model absolutely what do you think the AI platforms have to get right if this future is to become a reality it’s just so you know they did the driving forces is trust and then it’ll end and interesting showing as a good-looking future there’s a whole load of chatter the moment around the eyes destroying the world and thus does not enough and false positive positive visions of and why this is going to be with the kids over under glasses question we talk about my 70th birthday which is a few decades away and there’s a world where I could choose not to not to trust this growth assistance and never lie

where I am and I live at the moment which is good and I enjoyed many come upstairs now and then I have a relatively good time but there’s a world where I have a sister by just war and warm water in spas me more whatever time the things that I hadn’t even thought of myself but it knows best me what I might say and in that world on my 70th birthday I’ll be selling far richer stories about a lifetime light and then list of the status Quo and I’m quite excited about a world where we can build technologies the week trust and that will give us a and richer time on this planet exciting stuff I can’t wait see what happens invite to my 70th I’ll be there if I make it that ok so tell us what what’s on

74 Charles Cadbury and shampoos advisory and what will you be focusing your energies on over there to come and 6 to 12 months so we are ramping up or engaging with interesting and very much focused in delivering combinations that leads to a transaction there is a a product that were building our cells it’s CO2 to prove copy and generating and transactions by being very good at having engaging conversations that I’ll keep you up to date on this little bit under the radar at the moment and finally am I on the other side of world I am a mindfulness product which is a a pet project of mine and there is a physical product that you’ll be able to buy at moment purple.com within the next 4 weeks moment pebble.com ok and just now to get out there’s nothing better today

let alone exactly where can people find more about you and your project and well where can I find you online at Charles Cadbury on Twitter champers advisory. Comm or charles.com it’s my personal world ok yeah I’ve been I’ve been to Charles Cadbury., as a couple of the issue podcast on there as well so yeah if you want even more Charles Cadbury content that’s what I go again that’s great thank you very much once again for Sheringham on the podcast. Wish you all the best and thanks a lot to thank you very much having fun you just heard from Charles Cadbury a business and technology consultant who advises high-growth companies from his London based technology consultancy firm

using a mobile phone to provide the notifications for a confirmation of a request it was first made through voice interface that these secondary devices are also useful when setting up payments so entering a long credit card number and through a voice interface is currently quite clumsy quite difficult for the user and possibly a security risk as well and so using a mobile phone or a web browser to display setup that payment system and then which then allows subsequent transactions to take place take place directly over the the voice interface that was interesting idea if there’s also plenty to say on the future of voice interface technology and in particular about how voice assistants will change the landscape of consumer sales and marketing so you told us that the smart assistants will act as a single Channel 4 marketing sales and customer service

overtime this will condense down to her just a few big players with most consumers only using one smart device in their home from from one provider and this device will will comprise both smart Home functionality to go to turn off the lights and talk to your fridge and also you know an infinite shopping mall we can buy everything that you can imagine but it’s more than that as the smart system really is smart in that it will conduct protest for you difference in price comparison you can actually in the future ask these devices to go out and find you the best price for an item and any doing so it can also help you with brand switching to perhaps you or your company paying too much for electricity and you can just ask your sister to go out and find you a better deal and it all comes down to personal recommendations your assistant learning what you like over time and giving you the right product at the right time in the right format

Charles also explain how this is going to affect the brands of course and stressed that brands today have to get on board in order to avoid missing the boat and be prepared to change their approach along the way as things are currently very early and he’s a first generation devices to one example is that they have to develop their own conversational AI agent right now to be able to interface with their own product offering and there’s a good chance that Google and Amazon or one of the other big 4 of hand off to this this brand agent complete the last mile of the transaction this is where the brand expertise really comes into play and where they can offer the best service that they can but later on when the big for improved I have a voice assist in capabilities proper more and more of this last mile will be handled by the big four agent themselves and I think of search results where you Google originate was just providing you

other people’s websites but more and more now Google provides you the information itself extracted from those websites going as overall will see a further shift in power from Brands to AI platforms and this is caused by people having more and more trust in the AI platforms then they will do in the brands and this is as a result of the high platforms having basically all the data on the customer knowing everything about their behaviour because they’re in their homes and bit monitoring them everyday and also only most of the contact with the customer so you know they and the marketing side they under sales and then the customer service size of the interaction with the customer so this is going to mean that brands are going to have to spend more on positioning themselves within these are our platforms and offering promotions to become the the the selected the selected brand by the the virtual assistant and then they do on traditional marketing Chou

currently but also means that any off platform contact the brand can have with the user becomes even more precious even more valuable because it provides an that rare opportunity to collect data directly and communicate directly with that with a customer so we’ll see more and more innovation from Brands about providing opportunities or attracting customers to come and talk to them directly and interact face-to-face or through the rain our proprietary did channels and then tells of telling us about the the things that the HR platforms need to do and to get right if this so if you just become a reality and it basically all hinges on trust and that trust is built by festival I was providing the best recommendations for products and deals so that the custom Lancer in are the best place to get anything it’s true though voice assistant but then that the AI platforms also have to strike a balance between acting in the best interests of the consumer recommending the best deal and the brand

promoting the products that often the brands will be paying the virtual assistant AI platforms to promote it’s a delicate balancing act at university of the best interest of both of those are those parties and it finally of course this privacy and brands can have to be very very careful about a data collection at the virtual assistants providing unprecedented of data on all aspects of a consumers life then I going to follow us everywhere and we’re going to provide even more information about our lives to them in in in areas that we don’t currently and so brands again have to be very careful about how the use that data and how they protect it to stop it from falling into the wrong hands that’s all for today as always you can find the show notes with links to resources mentioned in the episode at voice tech podcast. Comm and you can also follow me on Twitter at voicetechpodcast.com product or recommendation that related device

I do send it to me by Twitter or you can email carl@voicetechpodcast.com and if it fits the bill then I’ll share it to the 5000 people who graciously chosen to follow me how to spot the show all you have to do is tell one friend or colleague about the episode and also if you haven’t done so already please head over to iTunes or stitcher and leave us a quick 5 star of you remember the first one to get a review in the UK Canada Australia stores will get a shoutout on the podcast for me if you’d like to become a patron you can support the show for as little as $2 a month at patreon.com voicetechpodcast.com elak soon with another episode but until then I’ve been your house to cover Robinson thank you for listening to the voice tech podcast

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