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Voice Tech Paris 2019

Episode description

Today on the show we talk with seven leading French companies in the burgeoning European voice space. The Voice Tech Paris 2019 Conference took place just last November and was the first B2B event dedicated to voice technology in France. But with over 50 speakers and 700 participants who attended, it’s safe to say that it’s certainly not going to be the last!

In this episode, we hear from seven pioneering startups, ranging in specializations from speech analytics, to real-time voice transformation, to developing custom digital spokespeople, to a number of agencies as well. These companies give us a great cross-section of the types of attendees at the Voice Tech Paris 2019 Conference, as well as a panoramic view of what’s happening on the ground in the voice space in France, right now.

The companies we speak with today are Allo-Media, Airudit, Candy Voice, Acapela Group, Insign, Speak UX!, and Loui Tech. Interest around voice interface is steadily growing in France, and if you’re wondering what the European market looks like today, and what it might look like in the near future, this is a great episode for keeping your finger on the pulse!

By the end of this episode, you’ll be floored by the innovative solutions these seven diverse startups are providing for a kaleidoscope of users, from pilots to submarine workers, students, top brands, video gamers, telecommunicators, national train lines, to the medical world, and many more!


  • Acapela Group on creating the custom voice for Deutsche Bahn train transport, Germany.
  • Discover why more and more companies are requesting customized voices for their brands.
  • Learn more about the benefits of creating a synthetic voice from a human voice.
  • Key differences between the European and the USA’s demand for customized voice tech.
  • Find out about the My Own Voice Project and how it is serving the Arabic market in Dubai.
  • The top do’s and don’ts when considering the design aesthetics of a customized voice.
  • The work Airudit is doing to enable seamless conversation through man-machine teaming.
  • Learn more about what it means to be GDPR compliant with cross-continental data.
  • How VR and voice technology are working together to train submarine workers today.
  • Building the plane of the future: voice-driven activities for offloading mental overhead.
  • Candy Voice’s real-time voice imitation solutions (with a demo from the French President!)
  • How Candy Voice is offering solutions for networking video game users and their avatars.
  • Allo-Media’s solutions for voice calling and the specific demand for phone call use in France.
  • The value of high-quality transcription and the live application of it for companies today.
  • The difference between a high-value call and a low-value call based on AI technology.
  • Discover the ethnographic method Insign is using to uncover the irritants of end-users.
  • Advice for international companies wanting to enter the voice tech market in Europe.
  • How Speak UX! is training new voice and conversational designers in Europe today.
  • The popular myths around chat-bots and voice-bots and why they need to be broken!
  • Discover how Loui Tech assists students who are analyzing one-on-one interviews.

Quotes from the show

[10:00] We have not received any requests for genderless voices

[14:13] People are frustrated with chatbots. They realize they do not understand them!

[25:13] In France, it is just the beginning with our technology

[27:23] Here in France, it is a privileged channel to use the phone

[35:03] Today, a lot of companies fear sexism issues

[37:06] I think the French market is actually at an advantage

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