Airbnb Hospitality by Voice – Petar Ojdrovic, Home Service – Voice Tech Podcast ep.041

Petar Ojdrovic Home Service

Episode description

Petar Ojdrovic is the founder of Home Service, a voice-based solution for vacation rental management that Improves the guest experience while helping hosts save time and drive 5 star reviews. I’m also joined by my co-host, the inimitable Charlie Cadbury, CEO of Say It Now, who elevates the discussion with his vast experience of building apps for the travel and hospitality industries.

In this episode we learn about the typical problems vacation rental hosts and guests face during their stays in vacation rentals like Airbnb, and how hosts can use voice to tackle these. We cover designing a human into the loop, the ways multimodal should be used, how to improve intent resolution.

Charlie introduces us to the concept of a crap wizard, and how you can avoid having your voice app users feel like one, and Petar shares advice for budding voice developers and startup founders. This in-depth conversation really showcases the potential of voice to gather data and offer value to users.

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