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Audio Branding & Sound Design – Sebastian Hanfland, Hanfland & Friends – Voice Tech Podcast ep.011

Sebastian Hanfland and Friends

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Sebastian Hanfland is the CEO of the audio branding consultancy, Hanfland and Friends. His team help companies define their their brand in audio form, in order to promote brand recognition, increase the perceived quality of products, and influence customers.

Sebastian explains what audio branding is, and how he selects the right voices and sounds for a brand. We explore many interesting examples of audio branding for products, customer service, workplaces and more, and hear a demo of their latest audio branding project for Humanzing Technologies. We also cover the typical challenges faced on audio branding projects, and what brands can do to prepare for the voice technology revolution.

This fantastic episode tells you all you need to know about sound design and audio branding. It is essential listening, not only for people working with voice technologies, but also for designers, marketers and content producers from every industry.

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this is a fast sounds and this is a sloth sound where’s your brands welcome back to the voice tech podcast I’m your host car Robinson bringing you the latest research and developments in the field of voice technology for a series of entertaining inspirational and informative conversations with voice technology experts your hair about the latest products and Concepts invoice get new ideas for your own voice projects and learn about the tools and techniques that will turn those ideas into reality we might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on Twitter the last couple of weeks as because I’ve just come back from a great camping holiday in beautiful Cornwall in the UK are yes it did rain quite heavily in fact and but we just about managed to keep our 10 from flying away during the storm and we were treated to Sunny Skies for the rest of the trip and that included plenty of

using clotted cream and some really stunning coastal scenery where we even saw her a pair of seals in the water which I was just blown away by but I’m back now feeling rested and ready to go for today your hair from a master of Sound design Sebastian unplanned who is the CEO of the audio branding consultancy unplanned and friends Sebastian in his team help companies define their unique sound their branding audio form in order to influence their target customers are in a number of ways this can be brand recognition by increasing the perceived quality of the products or by adjusting the mood of their customers by perhaps engaging and exciting them or by coming and down depending on the circumstances so audio branding includes all aspects of a brand sound from The Voice used in marketing materials to the sound effects used in software products do the actual sound of physical objects as Sebastian takes us through some of the factors to consider when

selecting a sound of a voice for a brand and then walk her through many interesting examples of audio branding that him and his team of the produced and also takes us through the process that he follows I with his clients so we cover audio branding for products for customer service but workplaces multi-sensory experiences and many more many shows has a demo of his latest audio branding project for humanising Inc which is a company that we talked about on the previous Podcast episode and Sebastian also tells us what the most frequently asked questions by clients are some of the typical challenges the faces on audio branding projects and what brands can do today to prepare for the voice technology Revolution that’s happening right now so I thought this was a fantastic episode that’s super relevant to anyone who’s adding voice or sound to their products on my TV serials right now Sebastian is not only

highly experienced it was really nice person to talk to you as well and I’ll get a quick plug before you get started if you’re listening on the web browser then I highly encourage you to subscribe to This podcast in iTunes Google podcast or your favourite podcast app and also don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter at voicetechpodcast.com / newsletter so without further ado I bring you Sebastian handful and I’m here with Sebastian the CEO of audio branding consultancy hanfland and friends are based in Cologne Germany and plan and Friends app companies define their unique sound and then integrate this into products and their marketing efforts in order to increase the perceived quality by the customers and meet their business goals Sebastian at vivatech here and Paris and he was helping the humanizing company with their demo for the pepper robot which will talk

I am more about later and you may have heard me briefly coming out in there in episode 3 as well when I get a bit of her have you detect summary ODEON brandy already running and sound design at its neriah that I’ve not really come across that match a minibus I’m sure you’re in the same boat but with the explosion in voice interfaces it’s a service that’s increasingly in demand and one that I’m sure we’ll be hearing more and more about over the coming months the great having on the show to tell us more about it as Sebastian hello welcome to the show he car hi glad to be here very very on this ok so yeah so I can see that you didn’t even have a look at your website is it all sorts of services that give me a really interesting to get into you know all the things that you can now you can help a company with in terms of that that that that unique sounding at the audio branding side of things and before we get into that and you just tell us a bit about your background then and how you ended up finding your own audio branding consultancy a long story I think

Little Italy starts let me start with where I’m born on the smallest city about 70 km from Cologne and believe me 70 km from Cologne there’s nothing around there it’s just started as a sales trainee investment stream and parallel to that’s alright my first company it wasn’t event company so in an area where was only nights are you are you are not able to do that much party no one can of existing electronic electronic music bands I did there in this area was really outstanding that time so it is in the countryside

Renee young entrepreneur doing what he loves alright so you’re in sounds from right from the get go and then what happened on this paradise by the way on this part is a mezzo the CEO of a business Consulting company and later on he gave me the chance to build an active sales and marketing division for his company ok what what was it was his companies that it was a marketing company what we what we might any events marketing again business Consulting on focusing on brands and styles you could say ok see you two ready made the switch to Brands at that point and then how did you develop the skill that your name for an hour by the time I learnt a lot about branding mechanisms from practice in this company and there was a guy in my team who dropped one sentence one time that make you concentrate on audio later it was

Morecambe pain power means seeing always comes with with hearing so he tried to connect the sense of seeing with a sense of hearing and yeah that was something I thought about a long time after that because he already as you already mentioned it connected my on my event history to the current sales and marketing thing yeah sure you already had an interesting in sound in now you realise you can help you in your in your marketing efforts directly connected together and the rest is history ok that’s great thanks for that the summary so tell us a bit about hanfland and friends are your Consulting company reward is it you guys doing when what problems you self you up for your clients now ok I’m there are many things we do it just what’s the time

so I’m a quick summary it’s all about sounds we are a company of branding specialists audio scientists and of course audio designers and we are all focused on developing functional brand sounds and voices for your outstanding and fantastic companies everything ok but what kind of clients do you have on our clients are basically brands so for example consumer brands in food and beverage industry of course technology companies and some are coming more and more are B2B hidden champions so all the manufacturers we have in Germany one of them are b2c brands are you a market leader in their own way could you give us an example of what does that what is a B2B champion work out what do they

my turn to other businesses an example I don’t want to name no money but for example of a manufacturing OEM company for cars or vehicles you know some companies manufacturing a steering wheel or something for the for the car if I don’t know it was so easy to pass that illuminate the words ok to Amazon deliver have straight to listen to that how does a sound designer work with a steering wheel but this is exactly the point of this episode is it so it’s hard to say services in demand and very important in the design of a product is our products sounds and that the example that I came across just on my travels is the sound of the car door closing

I just left the only one that I could really you know someone to mind but there are many many others as I can see her as I can see on your site so the first the first service you do the main service I guess is the audio branding which is that about what that is and what is it that the customers need and the process that you go through said to provide that so audio branding itself on defines a unique sounds for a company and this unique sounds or even voice as well can be used in the products and all marketing touch points to increase the perceived value on to simplify the communication Processes to even get recognised audibly yeah

I think that’s it in general. That’s the that’s the main thing in a nutshell yeah I can see that you do music tunes like jingles catchy sounds and animation this kind of thing yeah and then also voices you say you have them use the voice actors like you you burn cycling agent for to find the right voice for the company yep that’s right how does that work exactly and when what and what’s the what is the right voice for a company for the process in this process we determine audio specifications for companies so how brand values are translated into sound for example into specific criteria for boys it’s the first thing so our process basically it is a method you could take some effort shown and

I get a cell starts with the the business goals you determine like what is what is it the business needs to achieve and then you can you put in the house that it’s about the brand message yet the marketing aims of the target group as well and although acoustic touch points or company has right I say so I see you’ve got a database of speakers you to find their the components of the at the attributes that you want that voice to have for that company then you go and find the find the right speaker from a from a database of speakers is that right that’s right that’s totally right here and our database it’s about 1000 speakers and mainly English speakers and German speakers and we build it I think you are the last 10 years so it became more and more bigger and bigger is a very valuable resource ok and I get spotted the services it’s funny the right combination

no voice and tingling and feeling at all in together until some kind of coherent package that because he was recognised yeah you’re totally right that’s not easy because I’m an hour in all world’s or when we all let me say it in other words when we started when we start with the company this process it’s becoming it’s becoming very quick they are they are very quick at a certain certain Style or a certain genre of music for waking me the quickest route to decide upon it like to choose one because it’s all about Phil Collins and your colleague doesn’t like Phil Collins nobody doesn’t like Phil Collins

Facebook or one of the things that you told me you did was also I like this girl is on The Voice tech podcast I was talking about Alexa skills I like what kind of what kind of work if you done that I mean that’s all about voice honestly we don’t we don’t program Alexa skills and we are just a consulting with we will do the Consulting part for Alexa skills it’s all about the experience of Alexa skills voice based we all know that enzyme you can but you can play with voices with more voices even on Alexa so Alexa got it got its own voice for sure and you can play with or let me say audio files from other voices and these files interact with Alexa is one famous

famous example it’s the stop barbecue sauce I don’t know if you know that do you know what I’m not familiar with my god what happened there is the main diet so it’s a barbecue sauce yes they even have an Alexa or Alexa sign of the times are the founder of this barbecue company it’s a very it’s an old man and he has a certain rough rough boy you know I don’t know how to explain this to me I can put it in the links overview and on the show basically Alexa interact with this recorded voice files from him and that makes them unique experience in the end

so it’s reached referring to the brands it’s referring to the origin of the brand because the the founder speaking itself there and some of the voice of the man is actually the founder of the company so you’ve actually taken his voice and put it straight into an Alexa app that I don’t know it’s it’s historical prices he dropped somewhere when it was recorded and they used it in this in this case rather interesting to visit from the archives and then use it for the marketing material is it in the founder himself he speaks with you or even gives a certain brand experience you know it’s historic the historical thing it’s coming out by a voice

absolutely are you having it from there from the source ok. That’s a great time for me and you use that that all you help them use that voice in her in an Alexa app basically I just quickly I know I need to describe that when you’re tagging these voices for so you can later retrieve them what are the times that you use what are the attributes that are most pertinent to do then selecting the right voice later the things that we should consider when classifying voices it’s about Ben with the speaker can I can drop or bringing into this project so if he is able to speak a younger voice for example up to all devices are the best you can say it’s the age of the mood he is able to draw a r represents there are there so many things are so many things in there I can

basin was like being professional or funny the XX the Moody he’s able to represent or so the mood carrier you know if he is discrete moderates prominence if he’s able to reproduce ages like she’s able to speak like a kids or a younger on a teenager or an older person for the man with one of those happy happy to let the right one I guess it is there is only a human a human part of the process where you have to actually hear it to select I mean there’s only so much you can you can capture in a few tags supply and see you always have to hear it’s a sum of elements of the sun sun part of our methods are categorises speakers or connect speakers to brand values song you are on

pirate ships you have for the brand value functional for example there are speakers referring to it you are able to bring in exactly the smooth and that’s how we do it we we we check the brand values and if a speaker is able to represent these values that’s kind of our process we mention it’s ok it’s helped by the status of the tag Database The Ultimate vs Humans are so let’s move on then we wanted to talk about the ignore case study to give people an idea of like the entire project that you’ve done and I’ve just been working with their humanizing the company that develops software for pepper the robot which I imagine most people have seen those or female

humanoid robot that said that’s weird but has articulated arms and face as cameras microphones of things is often used as like a point-of-sale kind of fur what would ever use it for the user to recommend products to approach people to welcome people in hotels are you can talk with her I can take pictures are you can even like VR into its into its own eyes and a night we’ll it round yourself you can be Papa I know they they make all sorts of there was lots of features for it through her eyes about I was like interacting with it as while some other you know other guest was was controlling her and it was great I was a real let you know first Contact moment so anyway so could you just want me to say that the project you do with them then and I will what is it that has it that you help them and what were the results ok for a humanizing

one of the biggest projects to do at the moment we checked on levertech or that’s that when we met we met on beaver tech and only on vevo take I checked the competitors for them just from an acoustic point of view so are there are there any strategic things that competitors are doing with sound Advice and I hope I didn’t notice anybody who’s doing strategically anything with sound or voice on in the communication so I should say in the in the communication and communication from the competitors robots competitors the competitive see exactly the cladding not the robots are about the competitors brands as I could explain that a bit more than so it’s a what what kind of things were you perhaps expecting to find them during

sound logo for identification purposes if they use a soundscape to keep their customers longer focus on their trade fair areas if they are even have a certain or a unique voice built-in Pepper if they are but that’s touching things of sounds on but nobody’s using it as old are there are there are huge huge benefits coming from that and that’s why I went humanising on decided to do a sound branding you should say sound branding we are doing it it’s a certain toolkit which enables humanising to do sound branding that’s what we did we created a tool kits that’s very functional on certain

rustic touch points ok so what does that to rise in the toolkit. I think I will go to you a little bit through the process took itself contains of I think 66 basic parts there’s a branch sound or a brand song jingle let’s do it so it’s a song it’s like a composition like two and a half minutes it’s really a song by we say ok that’s what we eat that’s what we develop our first of all so first of all we develop a brand song from the song that’s kind of an original soundtrack for the brands men from this from the soundtrack we develop all other part of other tools for example a soundscape we could say it’s remix from the original from the original brand song

in a certain Direction it’s my atmospheric more coming down more reduced for other purposes for other touch points and then there is some sound logo for example we are expecting from this original thing I sound like Amazon typical jingle night at a few seconds identify the brand logo song mostly hour instrumental and a jingle is this instrumental so the sound logo in addition to our to the spoken brand or claim so free sounds and then a voice is whispering screaming the name of the company I say ok yeah you mention voice analysing know they do robot software so did you also have to work on their the voice of the robot or incorporate that in there

what about the robot the voice of the robot is it’s not possible to do it like to change the voice of the robot manufacturer got to go to specific sentence in the NBA on so you’re not allowed to do it at the moment I don’t know if they’re open it in the future but some apps like specs for their brand recognition but did you know did you use that fixed voice in the in the sound branding or was it just was it instrumental and things that sound robotic but not on the robot on the robot itself it’s more about the user interface sound so about the software humanising on office and interaction you have to be there are certain point when you have to work to do a certain inputs for example they are offering a customer relationship management system for Peppa and us type in your

brand name you have to have to fill the system with your information and if you upload it and if you upload it its correctly there’s a certain towns appearing that song yeah gives you the security that it’s it’s in it’s just in the system now yeah the confirmation from WhatsApp or Facebook messenger or only Stones or even Apple or Windows everybody got its own sound every company every brand got its own sound architecture and exactly this with it for humanising and that’s why I said it’s the biggest project for us so I think it will take a few more months to do it appropriately to do it again then full range

YouTube giving up a bit of a taste so we can hear it now we can we can play a sample of it so the listeners can hear the work that you produce so far the latest it still it’s still a work-in-progress and be very lucky to have a early to taste them ok to let her out now see my new website comes up powerful sounding this is a brief overview of it architecture basically be translated some of our core brand values into sound there is a quality related sound like this piano we made it more popular and remarkable through a melody brought in some rock songs from Peppa Pig. We had Aiden anyway to since then we need it

more arts and humanity and last not least we made it solid and solution driven

to fit the Morecambe touchpoints we did a soundscape

is a remarkable sound logo of course humanizing technologies by the way I’m Simon the voice of humanizing technologies my voice will make you communication easier I just need you text after that the voice files are ready in between 3 to 5 days see you soon fantastic that’s excellent work and really gives us a feel for all the components that you delivered as part of the toolkit the bit at the end I assume is just the the instructions to the humanizing staff so that they can send you any tax that they like that they need to integrate for their marketing activities and and then you’re sending back an audio recording in in in 3 to 5 days exactly message as so what are the next steps in the project you said that there’s more to do or what some of the things that you’d like to do that you

I’m not doing it as part of this phase dehumanizing project you mean how could it be extended or not at the moment we’re working on this on the integration of Sounds in the in the software applications yet in the future maybe there will be there will be a case when Peppa interacts with a certain brand voice so does the voice of Peppa Stace and Papas gonna interact with a branch voice and data use case are we are thinking about at the moment and we are out there where we are trying to find a customer on a sleep with some yeah I interact with Peppa yeah I think that’s a big chance to interact

would their own voice on another system it’s like the Alexa skill we mentioned before does stop a barbecue sauce like it’s an interaction interaction always means experience absolutely excited to see more and more examples of of human voices interacting with robotic voices is Grace is spreading through the mass market says consumers becoming more aware of this set this new type of interaction are coming more mainstream and see if you got big recognisable brands they were doing it it’s it’s going to really help grow the whole thing alright so I want to ask you whether any things that you wanted to do and for humanising that you couldn’t do because the technology just wasn’t available yet and I’m sure you’ve got so many ideas to do with specific thing out of it

what restrictions in there I think all of us all of a company’s the platforms I’ve got that at the Beginning at least you know you look at likes it’s only got one voice the moment and I’ve been the case for a long time but it’s going to change I hear that a lot more voices in the pipelines that sooner or later you’ll get to realise you’re at your vision

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got its own sounds even even a potato chip you know when you when you buy it on a on a potato chip the crunchy salad is one of the most that I think the most quality criteria are you can get you know it’s just crispy but it’s even more crispy then another one so I think if you can distinguish between different different brands of raw potato chips when even even buy buy the correct you you produced when you are when you are riding in it yeah I know from experience it’s true it’s different from the very first bite you know the quality of the product that you’re right you can see me know about

selecting the right kind of at how do you even to find the right kind of crunch for a potato chip then to select and then to add that to the product mean I’ve got no idea where to begin on that so first of all I think you have to you have to find out what’s the optimum sound for a potato chip so this this thing is always done with market research on so there are market researchers who do focus groups sample and are they Gonna they going to find out the criteria or which potato sounds is best or three gather a group of people in a room and give them a range of potato chips that already exist and then go for a Kenyan on which one they think counts the best basically when they when they created something that

target market enjoy the most appreciate the most and then they start to try and put that sound into their own product exactly the point ok I suppose it’s so this is going to be honest Catholic you you got this focus group from the market researchers and they going to check which one sounds the best in a big focus group they compare different different potato chips to each other and the focus group are cheques which one is the best for them then you to find you you try to find out cinema let in the sound clip on what makes this crunch so you do Mike you do Mike researchers and you can you try to come as close to

sound later on the focus group are determined as the best and you do this while or through the production process for example song is so plays a big role in its the potato chip production process so so it is actually having food scientist technicians create different versions of potato chips Croydon them in front of mic and then somehow evaluated how close that crunchies to the one that the target group light different ingredients is in which oil you fry them what are the temperatures what is the potato and the other very if you bake them so maybe you don’t have to fry them maybe when you bake them the song that’s even better than when I when you can’t engineering

I think of someone in a studio with all the lights in a like or someone or a scientist in a lab working on signal processing techniques and I didn’t think of someone smashed potato chips in front of the microphone and then press up a different faction are in an oven beer can sometimes be raining quite an analogue and will process as well this sound design products ok that’s really interesting and I don’t know there’s maybe this is an impossible question be like what are there are some general characteristics even notice in your work that off sounds that that high quality feel I want what in general is a high quality sound or is it just completely product specific it’s lifeless product specific so if you want to reproduce the Crunch of potato soup in there in a kind of car contacts when you smash the door for example it’s the quality sound of a potato chip is a different one than a door in

car totally product specific on it relates always to other two are the categories are two other specific things ok then it’s a very specific thing that you can’t slow sounds for instance some more episode 1 high quality or anything like that I can text you know if you have an expensive car for example of when you smash the door close on the secure sounds will come up or out the low sound let’s come up a secure feeling in your head later tomorrow to 22 higher quality than if it’s a higher sounds on when you smash the door for example

so what one of the other services do you offer is that helping brands improve their customer service through as specifically through their telephone contact channel could you explain a little bit about how that works and yeah it’s all about it’s all about the experience or interaction with sound and voice over in indie Cindy sa specific touchpoints what we do is we just determined in the audio branding process which sounds are functional for this specific touch point if you do a service I’ve er for example there are people calling that are oh yeah you can let me say it in in Smooth lyrics to I know where you’re going with this. Ready to kill her Furious I don’t know

ok you have to reduce them in there in motion that’s what I what I should say so I should be here acoustic task is a little bit different from situations where you have to activate them for example so maybe smooth sounds will reduce them in their emotion better than the new David Guetta it’s so it’s all about thanks the function of thing so where are you are you in a service in a service application are you in a child’s application there right side with the kinds I’m in the Mood of the time of the cast of The Likely to call in and then you can sort out tonight and then obviously help them improve some of their I don’t know KPI’s or than the benchmark for most of the Times the company

call us when they have a specific problem there are when they want to prove a specific KPI for example to reduce abandon rate that are quite a good example I think about the news when they just that the person hangs up before they speak to an agent exactly sure you’re ok so you need a good insight into the mind of the customer each stage of our journey as a whole lot of other stuff that I know you do I tweet we have got time to cover it or I’ll briefly mentioned it just to give people are now a more rounded picture of everything and the services that you offer I need Radeon podcast atheros the relevant to me without the branding and the strategy side of things and you can also find stars celebrities to do the audio testimonies or testimonials any comments because you buy it when you do it like this you always buy an image

you know if you if you if you got the voice of George Clooney like me for example with it if it’s like this is George Clooney tomorrow get some you get an affair or something like this I don’t you directly linked it to the branch and it’s located at your phone about these brands dropping a celebrity you know like drop Tiger Woods or something about the Risky Business ok I put it in the front so I’ll be there are so many voices out there were great sounding fresh and so new so ok and it’s not just the voice when I see you

I like multi sense branding so combining visual visual artefacts sore and there are a few partners are focused on circumstances for example the sense of cents yelling and we always sorry we combine the census because there’s there’s a kind of multi sensual multiplication so if you hear something and you smell something it’s not one sense of 1 1 st class another means to see in 1 + 1 = 3 if you combine 1 cents with another not affect it’s 12 p.m. in 12

12 times of that wealth times more effective visual things which are mostly strategic for companies visual the defence of of of being as always strategic for companies shown in the end of a high quality or high-quality output in the end for seeing and then the ends when it comes to sound for example ok let’s download something from the internet in some way and some point because you lose effects on it when you do it like this acoustic part also strategically you get when you do it right 12 times to benefit from it much more bang for your buck and envy and if you combined smell as well then why I just go through the roof you can if you somehow get all three of those in one like I guess that applies

play turn off safe for example ok yeah backgrounds sound background soundscape which is also functional because it Focuses all the all the people on this on this specific area to raise it raises the interest there are no let me say in other words the atmosphere changes and if you are in a good atmosphere you keep in the EU you keep yourself in this atmosphere you know you can I use tile adhesive your competitor next to us there’s nothing that clears Iran vs another smart investor Screwfix that must be even better

more more better you stay there you stay in this atmosphere may be longer and you can measure it you can’t measure it you measure the time that they stay depending on the smells appliance you did market research last year on the street fair and I think that’s an average and average time all the all the customers stayed at there at the presentation area increased this time I think it was 28% they measure that song Just For leverage leverage same time they’re increase to 28% with using sounds and smell wow that’s huge yes a really good now that’s that’s what it means if you connect with a brand

longer time maybe when it comes to sales in real life you were you would choose this specific brands are directly or more directly absolutely how to make so much more recognisable because there’s something about sound and smell that affect our brains in a way that the visuals don’t at this more connected connected to memory as you can hear a tune that you had 20 years ago in your childhood and then instantly you could start humming that tune again and I think it’s the same with the logo sometimes it’s not mention her brands like yesterday someone show me some edam cheese and I thought I’d the Babybel Brand and then I was like ba ba ba ba Babybel connected with it yet stays with me forever saying ok as the last thing I wanted to just quickly bring up because it’s not something I’ve never ever heard of 4 is this thing called sound spot which allows you to pinpoint audio and just a specific

location and move a few inches left or to the left or to the right they can’t hear it so I mean how you accomplish that and and and in what cases don’t want specific context and cannot be used. That’s really interesting how we use it and retail for example when you are maybe in front in front of the other presenter for conflicts or something like this you just you just try to choose your your specific Brand and you are on a certain spots and in this moment so it’s most decimal portion sensor connected with it this speaker gives you a certain message for example you’re looking for corn flakes try try try try try to choose this one not there

any experience you do there are more than a campaign it’s more it’s more like a campaign then or than that then the brand experience I don’t know if one element of the greatest thing that where is important to do it like this so you need a motion sensor for sore and the specifics and the speaker is a directional speaker it’s based on ultrasonic technology directional audio speaker you can say it like this week and now we can hear it and you can just hear it on the spot you’re standing there so if you if you go outside so far for me to the left or to the right you don’t hear anything and how and how much range does it have it’s a few minutes if you still like an animated then you don’t hear anymore it’s it’s really

if it’s ending on the ceiling on you can you can use it if the ceiling is not too high so about 4 m I think it’s so that’s the usual range ok alright ok I see you I’m so really is it so maybe like a small group of people could hear it simultaneously I was standing right next to each other would you say time the technology are you can you can choose a little bit different technologies for you have the range of about 2 or 3 person standing in a certain area that’s working but song we didn’t do it with three or four person’s and we just do it spot on the 7th or just one person the time that since I haven’t heard about this before because I imagine that now we’ve got in a very good facial tracking p people tracking you could move the sound speaker to track an individual and so you can have your own personal hands-free inoue

equipment free audio channel walking around the room without in a day without any equipment in any headset or anything you know you could just register based on your face I mean there’s a huge amount of the Frequency bandwidth is not that’s optimised optimised for for speech if you want to listen to music on memory not music but I think the most important frequency range ok so it’s not good nothing music by speech have to look into that as good sound spot good stuff just in terms of the standard that the average project then over the experience you’ve gained over the many years and I want some of the main questions asked by the clients what are the things that you here again and again and that you have to get a brief for new clients on

one of the most asked questions is so why should we Focus On Sound of voice. Everything is fine with a brand everything’s cool on the thing is yeah you can focus on the visual stuff for sure you can you can you can drop your whole budget on the visual things but in the end the benefits you gain from it will be a little bit less I think the minute of every time you say that 12 fold increase in effectiveness if you can buy the other other senses so I sound it’s often an afterthought for the Polish visual do you know if you do a little bit more strategic then you will you will gain benefits from it that raise your brand in recognition in the in the function of ways so you can you can

activate customers you can produce more details from you can even reduce them in their in their emotional we had this before it’s it’s all depending on the touchpoint and so dysfunctional thing is generated from the from the core from the audio branding so that the brand sound itself is important to define the brand first of all and then everything everything stands from that yeah ok on the project are there any particular challenges like what you actually working with voice choosing the right voice that defining the Brand what are the challenges learnt and how do you ever come then there any particular particular problems that take us and see the most pleasant thing in every project is to to talk about sound

it’s song because we are we are used to express a visual expectation but we are not used to express a sound expectation k what it means if I if I asked you how does Phil Collins sound how can I describe different to an to anybody else so it’s very very very personal I’m very individual and we try to level it because I say to you talk about to find a common language for the client and your designers so that they’re able to communicate their the requirements more effectively I see what how do you define that is it is there a standard way to talk about sound or is that something specific to your company what how do we arrive at a common language to go to discuss sounds and that’s something that’s definitely interested while if we do

we do it with our with the polarity profile where where certain sound stands against another sound for example on this is a fast sounds and this is a slow song where’s your brands in between and we do this with many many polarity things so loud and quiet something like this year so it’s about playing to sounds basically to define that scale and then I’ll need to give me to experience you need to experience at some because otherwise you’re not able to to grab it and are in the process very interesting ok so then when I say when they want to adjust the sound or provide feedback to what you guys are produced I can say I only want it a bit faster we want to learn more traditional cause are you ready to find those those scales those letters

points are the strangest important to talk about or to hear sound order celebrities in in advance before you start this before you start a branding project interesting alright wonderful if they decide that they need a faster voice for instance or more traditional voice like where can and people Brandon also voice to a Jew developers get human voices for their own their own purposes in total for their stuff for applications if there if they’re the developers I will be heard hanfland and friends is a good address that happen and what were the main can of avenues and where would you get them from that do you mean the synthetic voices or what do you mean that’s a good question show

to be gotten up to sleep on a choice between a human voice or a synthetic Voice where do you get a synthetic voice from these days so I may even even if you if you were even Amazon cats get specific voices for all of our languages are the Amazon Polly service ok so that you can access and kind of API and and get a fixed synthetic voice but what if I must be quite limited right then if you wanted a more traditional voice for your advertising campaign anyone have just sent a size that how do you make can you make those voices more traditional or can you modify the know the believers to tweet them in any way

how to fit your campaign or are there other ways that you can get synthetic voices something voices there are there any companies where you can synthetic boys that your own synthetic boys like apple did it was Siri for example of the process is the process is a little bit more complicated because you need to find a human the human voice you like or which fits to the branch you are on your putting on the market and after all you you have to do Shia recordings with this voice and it’s about I think I hurts and it’s about 30000 different expressions you you need to record if you want to know if you want to build a working synthetic boys are natural sounding synthetic biology YouTube

swimming training at as a text to speech voice synthesizer using the more modern machine learning techniques by hiring an actor whose voice is it really fits your Brand and then just literally getting them to lay down or lie audio so that you can train trend machines reviews that that is that is the state of the art process at the moment is that ok I’m thinking of that that that barbecue sauce to getting them in there at the moment you are you using the historical recordings exactly but you know if you’ve got enough of those recordings you can try and text speech engine to say anything you would like in the future in La Cala scary can I have some questions as well but it’s also very powerful brands these days what can I do to prepare for the the coming Voice technology Revolution what would be your advice and fingers cos he was going to be talking more and more with his voice assistance going to be talking

the brand voice assistance or directly to them more and more communication with brands from consumers this is going to happen via voice so I guess it’s becoming more and more important for brands to a define there the audio identity there audio branding and but what what are the steps that they can take right now to to start doing that I think they have to Deep dive into it so they are they have to maybe they have to buy on farting on the specific topic because there are stars always there are always people like us for example while doing nothing else like this you know we are we are focused on this topic and you can even the knowledge you can even your knowledge is so high in this in this topic so my recommendation is

oh yeah by consultancy or or or or write your own your own competition centre on and try to work with it how to do projects try to put in a little bit more a little bit more budget into this and that work with it right now can imagine there’s not as many are there in the in the employment market there’s not how many people doing this work yet I imagine it’s it’s it’s going to be a job by job title that we’re going to see more and more and on that on a recruitment site as people start to specialise in this field more what what would be your advice to people who are thinking about getting into this and I am doing doing the kind of thing that you’re doing you in your team I like how would people helping people break into that into that industry yes to be addicted to sounds

think and the other thing is it’s just there so many companies out there are we working with one company in England that comes into my mind now at the moment and the head doing they’re doing totally crazy stuff every day they got a new idea so it’s not always about about Alex see what this market can bring just do it just do it I mean you try to you decided to do a podcast on voice technology that’s quite good and quite cool thing I do know that the trend for the future and it’s 10 it is true that really the difference between having a podcast not having one is just one that you decide to the record your first episodes

white or try to check what’s what’s better way you can get information from a little so fast or something’s idea to take the first step Indonesia when to take your first step before you start hiring people in Reno selling the department to do this stuff thanks very College staff alright I’m what’s on the horizon 4 hanfland and friends I was coming up over the next 6 to 12 months do you like to talk about an hour or an ounce price of I think we are we are going to do to international Projects and that’s the focus on just in the in the in the face of offer so it’s not it’s not it’s not in already we’re just here just in a pitch situation there that’s one thing

ends are the other thing is we try to we try to focus on the existing companies are working for because sound is all is not as not aesthetic thing you know there are trends coming up for example at the moment I can say or I should say in the electronics seen for example this is certain settings Ora coming up it’s on it’s afro kind of afro influence techno and are protected quotes on this trend you have to focus on this transfer brands as well so it’s a dynamic thing as a friend coming up this is certain instruments in the advertising at the moment a marimba for example everybody is playing with this marimba thing but marimba is over in a month I think everybody Hurts enough from it though they tell me that’s the the

currently play on all the gin the Startup intro videos for exciting didn’t didn’t like childish music that their comments are the shops where you can buy it royalty free music they think they recognise the trend and they try to produce everything with marimba a little bit more straightforward and that’s why you should get why you should interact with with with brand or sound branding agencies or sound branding consultant because you’re always a little bit more front than friends when you do with it when you do it like this and when you got a good agency another good reason ok wonderful and a few people find more about your online I know we had the \u20ac1 before that this can give it to a cell one more time and then and any other social networks and stuff that people find out more about you yeah it’s hanfland

hanfland – and – friends.com Fernando de ok yeah I think we’re putting all the links in the initial what do you think we will do absolutely alright so thank you very much Sebastian that’s been a real life opening and running experience thank you call it was a pleasure hearing and speaking to you

you just heard from Sebastian handful and the CEO of the audio branding consultancy hanfland and friends I think it’s very true what Sebastian says the most designers for our eyes and that we tend to neglect are other senses just buy them having just as much impact on our perception the visual elements of a product of those that we’re most consciously aware of where is the other senses seem to complement this experience such as like when we watch a video but with voice interfaces were using her as first and her eyes II which is a big change from what we used to with desktop and mobile and this requires to prioritise sound design in a way that is not have to before some excited to see how this field develops and for the new ways in which sounds invoice will be used at Salford today I hope you enjoy listening otherwise you can find all the show notes with links to resources mentioned in this episode voicetechpodcast.com no forget to subscribe in your favourite podcast app is the best way to ensure that you are all the episodes

and that date and if you like to support the show and just tell one friend or colleague about this episode I’ll be back soon with another episode and until then I’ve been your house, Robinson thank you for listening to the voice tech podcast

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