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Three of the world’s leading digital agencies share their experiences in the world of voice, at the Project Voice 2020 conference.

Brandon Kaplan of Skilled Creative in New York tells us how Fortune 500s are using voice right now, and how voice is quickly becoming an essential component of larger marketing campaigns. We discuss data capture, marketing responsibility, voice SEO and much more.

James Poulter of Vixen Labs gives us an update on the state of play in the UK, and reveals some of the metrics that brands use to track the ROI of voice projects. He also launches Voice Masters, a new interactive training course.

Gaurav Kishore of Florida-based Seedcube shares his do’s and don’ts for voice design, explains why he built his latest product to convert newsletters into audio, and reveals how fish tank management is being disrupted with voice!


  • Fortune 500s are now tapping their marketing budgets for voice projects. The test phase is over.
  • Voice must always be part of an omni channel campaign, never an island.
  • Voice lends itself to open data capture, and the insights gleaned inform the overall marketing campaign.
  • The industry is split over whether the platforms or the developers are ultimately responsible for the marketing of a voice app.
  • Voice SEO will play an increasingly important role in a company’s marketing strategy.
  • The UK only lags the US by 6 months now, down from 18 months a year ago.
  • The other English speaking regions of India, Australia and New Zealand are closing in fast as well.
  • Podcasting, in-skill purchasing and new uses cases are all accelerating interest in voice overall.
  • Brands often track ROI using engagement metrics on their existing content, helped by access via voice.
  • Voice apps can be location aware, which opens up opportunities such as attribution for billboards.
  • The Voice masters course is a new and immersive, interactive training in voice for marketers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, covering platforms, strategy, branding, analytics, design principles.
  • The Voice2 whatsapp group is a great resource for links and asking questions.
  • The fish tank management industry in Florida is being disrupted by voice !
  • com is a new product that converts email newsletters into audio form
  • When designing for voice don’t approach things from a programmatic point of view, and don’t just guess at the mock flow and start coding the backend. Instead, focus on the human, and discover what a realistic conversation sounds like first.

Quotes from the show

00:13] Is voice a place I can generate conversions?

[13:48] Voice is not on an island. Think omni channel marketing.

[35:39] What matters are not voice metrics but just straight content consumption metrics

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