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Conversation Design Mastery – Hans van Dam, Robocopy – Voice Tech Podcast ep.051

Hans Van Dam Robocopy

Episode description

On the show today we welcome Hans van Dam, the co-founder of Robocopy, a company that trains and certifies conversation designers all around the world. Hans begins by explaining to listeners what exactly conversation design entails and why it is important in the context of conversational AI technologies.

We cover the various areas that conversation designers need to understand and consider, including technology, psychology, language and empathy, and then Hans gives us a breakdown of the Robocopy process that he and his team have refined by working with brands over the years. Tuning in to this episode, listeners will also hear more about starting a career in conversation design and how we can apply this function in teams.

We talk about the online conversation design course itself – a program that teaches you to write natural language dialog for chatbots and voice assistants. If you go to voicetechpodcast.com/robocopy, you will get a whopping 50% discount on the course, or else use the code ‘voicetech50’. Be sure to join us for another insightful conversation in the world of voice tech!


  • The need for chatbots and voice assistants to be more human-centric and natural.
  • Raising the industry standards of voice and chatbot design.
  • The various institutions they collaborate with and those they help to optimize AI technology.
  • How conversation design is the intersection between technology, psychology, and language.
  • The kinds of problems that conversation designers help companies to solve.
  • How Hans acquired the skill and experience to become an authoritative voice on the subject.
  • Considering the “needs” of the bot and the rational and emotional needs of users.
  • How user questions help designers to develop proactive, intuitive dialog for bots.
  • Teaching people to deconstruct human communication and apply its principles appropriately.
  • Giving student designers a methodology that allows them to create good conversations.
  • Strategies for testing the efficiency of conversation design and the relevance of psychology.
  • Recommended resource for those wanting to know more about the topic.
  • Why they decided to issue a certificate after the completion of the course.
  • The skills and experience required to become a conversation designer.
  • The exciting things on the horizon for Robocopy and the conversation design course.

Quotes from the show

[0:19:59] We teach people to deconstruct human communication

[0:22:49] We give designers a methodology to create good conversations that can be implemented

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