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Andy Mauro, CEO and co-founder of Automat, a Conversational Marketing company that helps brands deliver personalised one-to-one voice and messaging experiences to their customers. Andy has been helping to shape the voice industry for almost two decades now, having spent 16 years at Nuance, the most successful speech recognition company in history, and then TellMe, which was acquired by Microsoft.

In this episode we discuss Conversational Marketing and why it represents a fundamental shift in digital marketing. Andy explains how voice assistants will change the landscape of consumer sales & marketing, and the implications of voice search on brands’ content marketing strategies. He founded Automat because the sales experience on web and mobile customer lack the personal touch, and he believes voice is the answer to this problem. We also discuss the role of influencers in conversational marketing, and how conversational marketing could impact brick and mortar shopping on the high street.

We also cover the history of the voice industry and how we got to where we are today, some of the lessons Andy has learned over his time in the industry, and why voice assistants might be heading for the trough of disillusionment in 2019. Thanks to Andy’s wealth of experience it’s an exceptionally interesting conversation, and highly relevant to anyone involved in the field.

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welcome to the voice Tech podcast join me Tom Robinson in conversation with the world’s leading voice technology expert discover the latest product tools and technique and learn to build the voice app to the Future 25 years of the web and e-commerce is effectively still today in 2018 like walking into a store having infinite shells and no one to help you

hello everybody Welcome Back today’s episode is cold conversational marketing and what show had my conversation with a veteran of the voice industry Andy Mauro the CEO and co-founder of ultimate ultimate is a company that helps Brands deliver personalized 121 voice messaging experiences that customers and he has been helping to shape the voice industry for almost two decades now having spent 16 years at Nuance the most successful speech recognition company in history and then tell me which was later acquired by Microsoft

the ultimate co-founders and team collectively have over 50 years experience in 17 passons in the fields of speech recognition not for language on standing virtual assistants and II ultimate is received investments from Comcast Ventures and slack amounts Brothers Advisory Board includes tech industry leaders such as TMI Riley founder and CEO of nuance Ron Krillin and the Bold member I need Ants in Your Hair about the history of the voice industry how we got to where we are today and the lessons and he’s learned over his time in the industry conversational marketing and why did white represents a fundamental shift in digital marketing Howell Voice assistance will change that the current landscape of in semen sales and marketing now and in the future and how it will affect Brands and why the web and Mobile customer service experience, he likes the personal touch and why and he believes her voice is the answer to this problem

we discuss the role of influences in conversational marketing the implications of voice search on the content strategy to Bruns how conversational marketing could impact brick-and-mortar shopping on the high-street I know so why voice assistance might be heading for the trough of disillusionment in 2019 thanks to Danny’s wife experience our conversation lasted almost 2 hours I would come as the trip down to around 19 minutes I was still makes it my longest interview today I have already loaded the car I too much I was just so much good stuff in there it’s really interesting conversation and how you rather than to anyone involved in the field

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okay so without further Ado I bring you today’s guest Andy Mauro

okay say I’m here with Andy Mauro is the CEO and co-founder of ultimate a company that helps Brands deliver personalized 121 voice and messaging experiences that customers and a guy

thanks for the nice to be here yeah it’s great to have you on all right so let’s just jump into it then the topic is conversational, conversational marketing even tell us that what what is Ultimate what would you guys do and can you give us a bit about your background is not how you ended up the founding go to my conversation on AR platform we focus almost exclusively in marketing what we call conversational marketing so we help brands have personalized one-on-one conversations with their customers consumers and we believe that overtime brands are going to be able to go back from where they are today which is disintermediated by social and video and search and not having to work relationships with their customers back to being able to

very short way sometimes what we say is we found out about to let to build the literal voices of brands of companies relational marketing and why we founded the company and no we spent I spent this year actually working in conversationally I called speech recognition but right now the term that people seem to use this conversation it’s a good speech assistance on capture smart speakers in the new emerging Voice Assistant category so I think it’s a good catch all term

and I spent 15 or 16 years of my career at a company called Nuance Nuance is

probably the most successful Enterprise speech recognition company of all time they spun out of SSRI which is also receive free spun out of a decade later more most of the people that work at Amazon and Google and other places working on these things there’s a surprising density of people that came from you on stand another company where I put down as it came out of there come pick up tell me tell me was acquired by Microsoft when was that 2006-2007 2006 Valley institute’s right so stands for Stanford Research Institute and it’s in basement of Palo Alto I believe it’s also where the mouse came out of before

actually went over to Xerox Parc Stanford Research Institute without necessarily, necessarily having commercial applications and they have a very strong program of the IRS entrepreneurism residents that come in and help figure out how to commercialize that software so very similar story with dark Pit Boss who came out and I’m not familiar with the residents still not so what do you want that’s all right conduct the research but in order to protect eyes that they bring people in

that’s right so you’ll you’ll get lots of Happiness sometimes the people to do that the foundational fundamental research are the right people to also be entrepreneurs to build businesses around it but sometimes not and so you don’t know any other places in here they come in they look at foundational research has been done figure out applications of it and where possible spin-out businesses are not SSRI another place like this by my sensing the technology that was Swiss originally built at the the research institute so I’m not I’m connected to where I was if I had found the other places of interest in the Nuance powered both tell me from a speech recognition perspective and

Siri in the early days from a speech recognition perspective so it’s a very insular you know kind of seals many of the people in that have been working in it for Amazon original meet up at every so often Resort conference that you will find yourself on a daily basis since all bunch of folks that I used to work with her on the Google assistant team there’s folks you know at Facebook we see at FH who we had acquired into Nuance we see every year you know so there’s a number of these conferences retentive to bump into people people written books is opening Cathy Pearl Road kind of the canonical book on voice user in

technology in language on group so I can let you know just to get to tell me about her and mention that should read the book on on voice I was like that the book on it already you guys meet Daniel tonight the only two decades now so she’s about history that’s going into the making this thing go reality which is now just entering the public Consciousness what was some of the things you’ve learned about time at Nuance so what what can you tell us about

Manuel I mean this is funny I like the conversations fun because it it’s making me think on it for a while the first thing that comes to mind actually is working on technology like this that he boss as slowly as it evolves gives you respect for we talk about the speed of Technology all the time but certain release fundamental things take a long time and when you spend your entire career and dedicate your entire career for you sometimes become disillusioned by the amount of time it takes to get the technology where you want to get it but it also gives you a profound respect for crafts and spending this amount of time in in a field and and seeing the people who literally dedicate their entire careers to it so I think that’s one thing is is I feel so privileged to work in this area so motivated


there’s very few things to get to work on where you just know that you’re tapping into a nudist dipping your toe in the slipstream of human progression right and we are absolutely going to build things that we can talk to your conversations are pretty low quality right we order things around we get some play songs and you know order us batteries and other things like that but is taking us 20 years to go from one and every five words was wrong and that was a pretty miserable experience talking to a computer 20 years ago over the phone pranks that was over a landline phone you talk to computer spelled IDR interactive voice responses to remember that part of it is old enough now that people don’t even remember the last generation but that was one of those probably tired

I’m right in front of us over the phone speech recognition system or other things don’t work out there without that technology just wouldn’t I was the beginning point of commercializing it and it was pretty miserable one in every five words was wrong and the state of and that was just the speech to text part and then turning the texting to meaning what we all now called natural language understanding rental you was very nice and pretty pretty bad much worse than it is today and it was a pretty pretty bad pretty miserable experience so Tim O’Reilly who’s actually an investor advisor to the company as well as he is a really interesting take on a I write which is he said the least interesting and first spot the most people think I will be applied to is automation

is the bottom East human labor away and I I think that’s absolutely true and in some respects but it’s also the least interesting and the desert of first-order bit of thinking about the space right and and I think what happens is people look at it and the first order bit is automation of the first little bit of Automation in this space where there is something to automate is customer service right hand whereas if you look at today how marketers do their job is not almost never people buying that all marketing is almost always just this webpage or there’s an ad or something is people to create that stuff for sure but there’s no actual person sitting there in most instances helping you learn about products and answering your questions and helping you sell something like that the web I like 25 years of the web and be Commerce is effectively still today in 2018 like walking into a store having infinite shells and no one to help you

just look at that make that is definitely not the end state of e-commerce do you know what I mean and like there is areas where you would love to have an expert and really help you in certain categories to get. If you buy batteries but you probably noticed of our website you work a lot in cosmetics and Beauty skincare excetera that’s an area where where buyers of those products mostly but not exclusively women almost always feel like I need help right and that they want to talk to someone via advice and guidance and recommendations and tips and tricks and how do I use this and how do I cheat that and to say that you can buy those contacts online without that is crazy and so that’s part of the reason they said hey this really resonates week we know that we need to provide customer support is not my chronic doesn’t work what I got a problem it’s I’m not sure if this product right for me so it’s a marketing and sales opportunities so just seems totally out of the obvious to us

the areas of life space Rica play this technology that are not just customer support just to go back to the point about support and support was that what was the first time the first thing that people try to go tonight because to me it sounds like what you were saying is a lot of the Monsanto Duties are done with math degree already there on their own web sites and Things Roseville the support is a very human have a great break him in the process that seems to me like the more difficult challenge but anyway customers are often upset you know they’re not going to come so I understand that it’s just costing then it’s just that because you got humans doing it and is costing the most of that for that supposed to make that way I seen us you know that

by the way I like your bank or Telco when the 5,000 person call center is not on, and so an end of the pain of running that those are incredibly complex operations to run super high turnover all kinds of special usually pretty annoyed they want to be waited on the phone all day song now maybe more so chat or email social social and so the pain is so high that people look for any type of solution unfortunately in this is like very painful for me to say this is one of those like

do it like a Top Line message here is

the world of customer service automation using conversational technology is effectively the solution is not the you actually had a great conversation with someone and you went away happy and they didn’t even think that they had to talk to a person like 100% of people who dial 1 800 number for click on a chat or social link expect to get a person they want to talk to a person is where we put the voice assistant in the middle of that experience before it’s time to go through it as a gatekeeper to 810 15% maybe maximum of the time it’s actually one of those questions that gets asked a ton of times and you actually can talk me into the classic canonical example of banking would be somebody wanting to know their balance or wanting to see if it

call me one now is did my check cleared which is a specific version of account balance right now the thing is I want to do that anymore and now people will say hey like reason of calling or texting is because they need the money right and so they’re doing this thing where they do an update and chat every second of they don’t trust the app they only trust a person in this instance because they expected in language you can say your check hasn’t cleared yet no check back you know in the few minutes sir you know I can text you when your balance changes or something is ways to automate that and not have to have it here

invaluable just on that one use case in banking for example so I can use cases most companies will say is we can get you a tea to 90% and what they really mean and this is really important for anyone out there is considering using voice automation technology for customer service is 85 to 90% containment or deflection and that’s a very different thing what that means is I don’t want to talk it’s like you don’t lie call up or you get a chat and you got something you know this is going to be really dumb and you just go somewhere else that’s considered a container deflected conversation and the cotton Bay so you can save me save the call center five minutes of chat timer top time and not stereo and so for me to get out of respect and it looks great but most customers are going away on Happy

we’re done whatever because we just want to get to a person and so I know if you for the ones that recognize your voice if you just swipe as much as possible that it puts you through and puts you through fast to speak to a human say 20 years ago I think you can do that and I think today though customers realize I cannot get my customer a terrible terrible experience like that I have to care about them more and so you have to be more subtle you can do things like

examples using shop on using Voice Assistant to collect information in triaging safe and don’t worry I’m going to get this to a person but I’m I’m I’m just here to help collect the information before I get there that can have some reduction on easy average you don’t handle time when it’s against the contents of the word is it doesn’t work that great you can you can automate some high runner stuff and you can save some cost but for the most part you’re subjecting your users to a horrible experience and so when we found it on and that we said I don’t want to do that anymore you know what is a good run we really try to do it as well as we could and and I went through a few Generations I didn’t just do Phone Base assistance we also when I was out he wants to go to the first mobile voices

Siri for companies we thought that would be way better for customers and it just turned out to your point customer support is at the end of The Experience you’ve got a problem it is usually pretty extreme and that’s a good point to bring in people and what we looked at from a marketing perspective in a sales perspective is he said hey there is no people here there is no one helping you online by for example skincare products and so you’re alone today using the web which is effectively a glorified brochure right it’s it’s a store with no one to help you and now they’re good time then to explain briefly light with what is Ultimate what would you like to do what you provide to the customers and what problem you eat you actually solve sure we have two things we have a platform so I’m at is a conversational AI platform focus on marketing

it’s specifically focused on marketing for products and services right which makes it was not everything but one of the areas you are talking before we started this somewhere between 2 to probably 400 conversational AI platforms out there across your voice or whatever type of group is why are there any Facebook bots in the rest of that it’s crazy to three person teams whatever right out there until I have the card for Enterprise virus actually separate the wheat from the chaff as it were and so one of the things that I often say to people in this will be there in your question is you should look for a couple of things when you are assessing a vendor supplier or some type of conversationally eye solution and

the first is how many cc’s do they have on staff at what percentage is that represent of their overall are in East Bend and if it’s not significant than they’re not running any I shop they might be building some kind of slow Builder chatbot Solution that’s fine but you’re certainly not getting any kind of real AI capability make sense of that solution in our case it’s almost worth spending is based on phd-level Talent specifically in the areas of natural language understanding the second thing is are you vertical this gets to your question likes or vertical what is the vertical do you focus your your conversational AI on and and I was saying as is part of what we do is we sell to cpg companies in Screw Products based companies who do a lot of working Beauty right now right so companies like L’Oreal biggest beauty company in the world Cody you know but these are large holding companies with a lot of Brands specie Knicks

Sally Hansen Covergirl and part of the reasons we focus there is we have I used this acronym I called Grace may be too cutesy but it’s still a sort of what we’re trying to do which is we believe the following things are not available to Consumers online today they don’t have a way to get guidance recommendation advice consultation or access to expertise and so and we have very specific definitions of what all of us thinks me and I think maybe the only thing you can a little bit of recommendation so there’s definitely kind of recommendation typed engines out there and you could argue that you maybe get a little bit of advice from online reviews

90% of what is out there from UConn perspective we want to provide a folder range of services that is more akin to I walked into a store I started talking to somebody and I can go in a lot of different directions right and so and it turns out the beauty happens to be a really good area for that so because that tends to be naturally occurring phenomenon beauty isn’t going to store is a lot a lot of people feel like they are not on YouTube videos and stuff that you’re looking for you know not kind of thing is this a definite problem and so Beauty found us. And Sarah said hey what you guys are talking about what you’re trying to do makes a lot of sense to us but I think it may

a lot of sense in a lot of categories of the platform we build happens to in one of the ways that makes a difference I think is tied to these statements around having PhD little town between actually in a daze in unique ways to do things to Google on Facebook in Microsoft don’t give you cuz everyone’s got it a basic dialogue framework or basic natural language understanding why not use those Frameworks right run so what we’ve done is Locust on providing you know guidance and recommendations other things that’s one in the area out of that manifested product though is what we’re really good at this week and bass and then actually automatically label or annotator tag depending old term used those large product catalogs most of which some of which structure but a lot of witches unstructured a lot of information about a product is actually in the free-form text description of that product and so were you able to actually use they are behind the scenes to understand what products are about

and that’s a song that we can actually automatically generates dialogues which can answer questions about the product switch in guide people through a sort of set of questions to guide them to the product that they care about and make a recommendation and part of the reason we have to do that is

most brands are not in a position they don’t have them in the house talents and frankly they don’t have the desire to spend months or years building out the ultimate assistant for themselves and so will we realize this we had to bring more of us a quick turn key solution to them and so that led to so when we talked to anybody who’s got a large product catalog of complex products the second they see what we do they go oh I understand how you guys are different from a dialogue slow or you know an Amazon laxer Microsoft products rely on a database of Capri tagged a product today and where is Euros extracting information automatically from the catalog of the trick is that they know I mean huge company

actually I Solutions in which there’s not that many they don’t have any of that stuff they’re basically starting from okay so what’s the first question we ask Ryan for would send what what’s the dialogue what are we going to do you know what we can do is walk in and say you’re a company that sells products probably probably what you want to do is help answer questions about and two products and we have a framework on products that focuses on Building conversationally Solutions that are about marketing and sell those products right at the ability to build every company does go hate and we do this and then you end up building kind of up to spoke custom part of it for them and I should mention that’s the other part of what we do so we have this platform differentiated and focused broadly in marketing and sales and more specifically in cpg and product companies in even

Beauty area people help these companies build and that’s not sexy from a venture capital backed you know software-as-a-service company perspective you sort of want everything to be turn key but the reality is if you go to the biggest companies in the world in the world Bank could their brand is Alright by they do have branding and it’s you know funny face in a bronczek Septra

this just gets really defensive tactics but thanks, it Department Spanx house chief technical officer Banks 10 to build a lot of tech in house but certainly by an unlicensed lot of texts as well so I have to for this to the security of Spencer usually exactly Brands as I just buy them tend not to have is deep a technology backgrounds they have Chief digital officer is less than they have Chief technical officer as individual officers are more focused on becoming at being experts in digital marketing more than being expert in product and I see some of this changing by the way I think I think all companies are becoming tech companies overtime right one of the Domino’s Pizza their first mobile Voice Assistant thing called still out there still in the mobile app

the work that he wants to know on that one might even others and ends that was you know their CEO would get on get on me the news and talk about Domino’s is attack me back this is like five six years ago but he’s now start seeing companies like L’Oreal another brand that I to find them have gotten most of their technology work done three agencies right so run agency can build a one-off experience for them and agencies agencies are great but they’re not tech companies are focused on building experiences moving on to the next one experience which historical how you build Technology Innovation and a boat between you and your customers agencies in Cordova

invested in Niantic Pokemon go and pick up a bunch of really interesting companies that we were lucky to have them as as an investor as well and they focus on an area they call it where it sits somewhere between the traditional agencies and consultancies that you want off bespoke work and are typically not the weather best technical talent-wise is on the other end of the spectrum to stay tech companies Google Facebook Amazon accept it right in the middle is this whole area which is where we tend to focus which how do we build technology Brands almost always need some custom and unfortunately custom doesn’t scale but I think there’s a great business to be built on saying we have a core technology platform it is Eminem a scalable but we are yet willing to to customize it to the needs of the world’s largest rats right

so very much and Enterprise company so you know in one sentence we have a differentiated conversational AI platform that focuses on marketing for products and for companies and we have a but I called customer delivery and success team that focuses on working with clients to deliver that technology to market for them and do any of the customization if there are we done for sure I see what tonight. So I’m feel like I’m over my house I’m about solution for the for diabetics eat coating all the all the roots and all the content and my goodness it at such a time-consuming job it’s just I’m not even if you have someone full-time working on it

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thanks again for listening now let’s get back to that amazing episode

okay so before you move on just to give us an idea of like that what it looks like to the use it on so you can see this works on on Webb on mobile I guess I’m all through Facebook coming up all the channels and the devices that uses use this thing through

yes we support mostly messaging and voice chance so we support the two big boys channels Google home and Alexa and we support we mostly things you done now on Kik in the early days as a teen Focus messaging platform we have works really well if you’re targeting teenagers and most of the stuff we’ve done has been on Facebook Messenger has the most density of users in and the most evolved experience and where we seen the most successful man has a couple of big advantages Facebook and identity number one so you know when we leave Facebook knows who you are and they know what your email is so as an example we’ve been able to collect 60% email opt-in right right so we know we don’t ask for it because you want to email them necessarily right we ask for

CRM record for that customer so we collect all this really rich valuable information in a chat with them and we want to be able to attach that back to the CRM records we ask for emails all the identity stop by to Facebook it is it’s a small feature but it’s pretty important than the second thing is in addition to Identity rights you have the ability to personally it’s really two things you have on me channel web and mobile so you a lot of times we will put the Facebook Messenger widgets on someone’s website and then and I will be where the majority the traffic comes from so people will see it on the website they logged into it a good example would be that we do things and skincare diagnostic so it sounds like a pink hair product often times there’s a set of questions you could ask them they will help guide them to the right products for them it’s pretty commonly done thing but it just turns out doing this and conversation away as opposed to a web

this one’s better you know they go through these conversations I’ll give you some hard stats on things the average conversation links for us is between 5 and 8 minutes and we danced and 87% completion rate so what that means is 87% of people spend between five and eight minutes before you want to 92% customer satisfaction rating in this one it’s 87% across the most every category right now one of the most effective marketing channels is social so people on Instagram and then they will click it and go to the page and start to see look for the product they want there’s a lot of times for the influencer you know who they see on Instagram or on YouTube is recommending the product that’s right for that influence her but it doesn’t necessarily translate to what college is right for me unless it’s a single skew and sending it to the website you go well okay great

I’m interested now what what’s the one that I want her which one’s right for me I don’t know what an invoice or is it is it’s just sad and so we are doing but The Cover Girls was based on the same concert called Kalani Hilliker she does Instagram influencer was actually kind of a celebrity she dances on this reality TV show called Dance Moms and she’s got like Raven Teen following this loves her and she posted on Instagram and said hey I also built this chat bot go go check it out and like her fans understood it wasn’t her it was an entertainment experience but they loved like 92% positive

hi Ryan it’s the next best thing so like everyone got that it wasn’t real and that was the very first thing we did that goes back quite a while quite a ways it wasn’t that smart we’re just getting our platform under arrest and put it put it it’s happened to a desire which was going to wish to build a chat experiencing you say to people when you’re designing a conversation once. So you need to answer the question who am I chatting with and Y and end and then it should be a chat experience you can answer those questions compellingly if you can’t it’s like not obvious that it should just be a website or mobile app for something else right so it in the case of an influencer chat you know precisely who you’re chatting with rum and then the Y becomes the the secondary question like I said Hawaii for us is very frequently I’m at your site I don’t I want to buy something but I’m not sure what the right product is for me and I don’t necessarily want to

look through everything

we all know this weird visual Imaging visual beings we can scan things very quickly fashion is a visual medium I don’t necessarily I see people doing fashion chatbots I’m a little mystified because you know for sure cuz there is no questions but certain things but it’s inherently visual when you look at something like skin care or consumer electronics or Sporting Goods necessarily necessarily what’s in a bottle of skin care is what’s important. Bottle looks like rain and talk to someone because reading the back of the bottle or the little plastic no paper tag that’s on the side of her doesn’t help you that much right and sure you can get on your phone

Google and then what you got his reviews and reviews are fine and they’re useful but there there’s an there’s room for unbiased conversational assistance which is what we’re talking into it and seeing yeah it’s an interesting one ski boots and the whole clothes and makeup thing is kind of separate cuz I’m an avid scary it really is a very handsome to me on this for me it’s one of the most person lies shopping friends I’ve ever done that you absolutely couldn’t do it online there’s just no way I like it everybody is different for the Sheffield foot and then you really appreciate that the activities of an Xbox so I can see that you’re not sense it’s it’s really about that potatoes but that the stuff you were saying about the election the clothes and and then thinking of the shopping habits of people talking to the influenza that reminds me more of people just browsing on the High Street. Just popping in to the shop that does help me look around trying on some stop chatting with a friend whatever then don’t buy any one thing to just having a look

and then when they do decide they might want something or you know they’re in the mood for the buying that there’s an agent that to guide them gently to do something that would see them so I can see it’s kind of different scenarios analogies good and I want to I want to hold her in her one thing you said cuz I think it’s really important right which is

when you talk into the shop and you start talking to someone there’s two things that happened that don’t happen today in digital marketing is that it’s completely transparent you know what’s happening and if I decide to share my waist size right you know which unfortunately as years go on becomes more and more personal for me anyway she might become a decide to share that you’re sharing it in exchange for some kind of value which is this person is going to bring a pair of pants right whatever and so but you’re not under any illusions that you’re sharing that information You’ve Done Right the second thing is is that it’s all into it and I think if you look at the current state of the digital marketing which is primarily about I search for something or I like something or do something on Facebook I saw something on Facebook and then later on your on some unaffiliated website and you see an ad for something and you go why am I seeing this at right now

because you search for something because you might need something and so one of the reasons I feel really passionately my team feels really passionately but conversationally I applied to marketing is that it’s transparent and it stopped in and the best part about it is Google knows something about you right if you search for the zoo the singer example something where it could mean a lot to me that you know me you know how many reasons why I’m maybe not particular scenario 80% of the time you’re right in the person looking for some kind of acne treatment

on Facebook like button for acting right now I might watch a video or something in that might indicate to me that I like acne but I think for a minute that I’m interested in that topic because I have problems related to acne but I think we all see ads enough where we go Dave guess wrong I think they thought a thing and now they think that I care about this topic and you can go look up your Facebook ads to go find what Facebook knows about you and it’s not nearly as good as a positive because I was very little about you and that is reflected in the caliber of the ass right I think you can figure out if someone is Broad

you don’t know if they have dry skin on their forehead but an oily nose right that’s the thing that happens is super specific and it requires Now voice assistant and in terms of service serving a customer well I can Sumer well much better than Google or Facebook can and yet it’s transparent in Ogden so it’s better for consumers it’s an end the date of that the brand cats about you as more valuable as relates to helping you like that to me feels like for sure in the future right I mean this idea that we’re going to monitor your behavior on one channel and then send you ads I do believe it since the current state of the art spend a ton of money but the reason I’m

veteran restaurants in oxygen for consumers like that is going to happen

it doesn’t say we talked about voice there’s about what what it what are your plans or what what are you currently working on that that involves voice right okay there’s a few patterns related to voice that I find interesting is very different than shot by the way even though it’s conversational

commonality in the sense that you’re going to learn about people in their own words right I’ve been bleeding voices interesting across two Dimensions one is there’s an Aries Aries related to search voice voice SEO and and search that I didn’t see coming right at the brands the opportunity there is a podcast is your now no longer it’s not now no longer in paired up here on the first page of the results now you got there is only one that’s all right to answer if I ask a question or I make some kind of declarative and a voice assistant is going to come back to me I have to be the first response and so you’ve gone from first page to First Response in

. suppose an opportunity and the challenge for Brands right and so

DD opportunity is it Amazon and Google are the two primary players in the space enough content to service all of the queries and then declared as they will come in to their voice assistance and the quality of their product Amazon Alexa or Google home will be judged based on the answers to come back and see who has the power are the brands and and I I say Brands because my belief is the Brand’s know more about this than Google or Amazon do right there’s too many product categories take all the ones we just mentioned Beauty skincare fashion which is many many category subcategories you know Sporting Goods which is more of those product categories than Google or Amazon and sew in

what are blackheads and which actually turned out to be a lot

there is an errand to not a very to do was be honest only weird I would ask that question just for that problem but not the answer but opens the door way which is the second category of things to do so I’ve done a voice search and I need a very concise answer back to the question Letter Black Ops II category was just voice assistance which is okay now help me with lifestyle things that I can do to mitigate her or reduce blackheads and possibly also help me with products an invitation to open the door for Brad conversation so my boobs and the contents of service opening the door brands are going to be the people that know how to answer those questions and how to help people far better than Google and then it was on it will they will bet that thing thing that

I know I’ve given you the email account and there is online at the moment that’s going to be you know hunting your every single company that has something to do with pink eye is going to have an answer for that and then it’ll be up to Google or Amazon talk to choose which of those ounces that represent the show me that means that they the platform that has has more of the power because I just another one to choose a single response that goes out to the user as opposed to the top 10 or whatever so we go back to the last last day for something like this happened right 20 issues ago around search right what happened is every single content provider and Media company was falling all over themselves to allow their content to be indexed by Google right so I think of like New York Times or something like that right

in retrospect I think everyone agrees that was a terrible mistake than me right that all the media companies gave up all their content for free in the kind of Ultra Balls up now and recliner their business is Scott Galloway you know very smart guy talks about this a lot and you know I think and so he has a similar time similar opportunity I’m not sure what the passes with the interesting opportunity that was for sure right at this moment I’m what is true what is true is the Google and Amazon need people to provide content desperately and their bed they are the ones were bending over backwards right now begging for content right to to fill the Gap in the areas where they know people asking questions and

trying to make up some of the stuff on the on the website for voice responses most of the questions you ask both of those smart speakers the answers are middlings quality right through pretty bad because they’re actually pulled from existing web content was not instructed to the compound is called as the same thing and pans play music and asking questions right and if it’s only an asking question medium meaning the conversation doesn’t go deeper than I think this is really in truly going to be a smart speaker category getting the number one thing you do is play music and that occasionally ask a question it’s kind of silly and it ends up not being a very big deal which was my initial take on this category and the reason we didn’t

start out doing voice initially and is because I’m still somewhat skeptical that it’s nowhere near like 2 years ago 3 years ago but nobody thinks the next big thing like they’ve gone to the hype cycle and what’s happening now as most people are looking at them so they can drive a ton of value and I think you’re going to see you don’t want me to chat experiences on virtually every time but they’re no longer considered sexy but is becoming kind of part of landscape going away but it just said the particular Pappas and I’m not saying you know the stuff we’re doing like really really works it drives a ton of value and we’re driving sales regarding dating Regina engagement but but I think it works in people to see that under the covers and you’re seeing most the really large companies so you know, I’m still very high tea

music we will all look back on and go it’s a smart speaker category nothing more important date Google by index in content may be able to figure out a way to call and response question answer to the opportunity to have every one of those questions because it’s not a lot of idle questions like there is he win an argument Googling cranks but a lot of things we do goalie Google with a deeper intense than just a single paragraph answer to a question right and so the opportunity here to turn these into truly utilitarian

devices the smartest thing in the room that helps us do all kinds of things including Commerce which is just one side of it means that the content needs to be conversational and deep and as we’ve already talked about that’s incredibly hard to do the SMART speaker is just a conduit it’s just the pipe and I think they need to be thinking about this 20 years ago in your time scenario and thinking through the strategy thinking through the strategy I just don’t have anyone has the easy answer and part of the reason our conversation in space actually look like a document online it’s just running a document basically never there but it strikes me that

attention, as a result of the appliances in in a speech-to-text specifically on text-to-speech putting those two together by the NL you and them in the middle I know you before you were saying that that’s that you know that’s that’s come on Leaps and Bounds but to me it still seems like the last time that you know that why the biggest advances needs it needs to happen because it can only understand very shallow queries Akon have an in-depth conversation you just don’t understand the contacts and I didn’t you want me to the integration says why, do much even if it does understand the contacts so I got the integration thing is important because then you know the more Integrations you have with that the more contact they can then have and then the bedroom houses in a can give you some of this thing stops to talk to expanded that I think it’s yeah it’s kind of a hundred percent

but there’s a new emerging

landscape where

you know company can build every bit of Google already right the portals conduits to contact another people create is the same exact Behavior going to play out on the smart speakers and I think it’s the current trajectory keeps going it will be exactly that right but I think what brands have an opportunity to realize is that at this moment in time

Google and Amazon need the Brand’s worse than the brand need them because it’s a small category there’s any of these things most people that are investing in Boise lasso on chat today realize that it’s a test to learn its that’s let’s get out there and see what’s out there but they’re not expecting you to return my speakers I need to use cases are still being figured out the Google and Amazon need the Browns way worse than the Browns meet them that’s not true today on the web and on social right the brands cannot walk away from search for social and expect to soar sniping how the Dynamics play out will be very very interesting and being on the side of Brands helping them navigate how to build the litter my belief is that 20 years from now we will conversationally I will be pervasive in our lives both chat on her mobile phones or whatever

example if I love you and I send her a kiss Emoji I’m never going to go I love you Mom mobile. That’s not like hell. It’s not going to happen I think people just ignore the human factor Elemento attacks as a viable long-term Medium you’re not going from text to voice both are going to exist but both are going to be conversational in the tools we have now I think you can say that given and given the context we have now looking at my boyfriend maybe not but you know for all plugged into some some kind of event you know if the hour and I’ll booths or whatever I know that might make it to contacts contacts changes to the point where you will be you will be like never testicular is good reason to believe that there will be private forms of communication public forms of communication in the auditory and there will be taxed I think humans have figured those two modalities

three different things and also you know one of the reasons we started the company we said listen to type of content conversational content is not the same as the type of longform written content that produce and nobody is really thinking about how do you index that content and make it available in that was really good at the overarching mass and philosophical idea behind automat which is you know we said let’s make conversational Portuguese available and my belief is going to be that there’s going to be a multitude of companies that create conversational content in their specific domain areas and that’s not all brands is going to be people up there and what company is the great content has nothing to do with selling anything but what we’re trying to do in the big impediment right now is that there’s this huge gap between the people who have the expertise but same Beauty Sporting Goods or whatever it is there’s people politics right hennything those people who have expertise what they do but right now the gas bill

relational experience or content is so Broad and basically hot know how to program a machine right next to none of that contact so I think the very very Noble mission where conversational expertise and content can be generated an author that such that we can create this kind of Cambrian explosion a conversational content such that the the different entry points be content smart speakers amalgam of the amount of content constructed by by experts and you start putting it together so I don’t think that’s maybe the long-term. By the way I think you know but nice are getting into

right now the only way to get to something that seems to know everything or buses things at the companies of the people who know about those specific vertical areas have an efficient way of authoring and updating content in a conversational and so that’s sort of the state of where we’re at right now and Stephanie want one big pot of it yeah yeah knowing everything that the the person that’s over to needs to know but that’s also the element. How how it’s presented that the loss of so I did was come and go to a daring he do that the voice emotional a text and I’m looking forward to the day where those ring for integrated into these conversations faces because I feel like without knowing you know how the how the users on Kiest and I’m making the request having a lot of the contacts around around that that I know it. That truly useful on so I will truly engaging on so could come be can be provided so yeah definitely can see what you’re saying

a lot of that comes from the from the content as well but that’s just a it’s a big positive the puzzle at least

okay listen listen up if you’re enjoying the show and then I got somebody from it then please consider supporting the show and becoming a patron you can join the other patrons keeping the show out free at the New York donate you can donate $1 a month remember that time and I’m not pushing any products as if you’d like to buy me a coffee keep me going and I’ll give you some moral support at the same time as any can do so at night thanks again for listening now let’s get back to the amazing episode

joking about that the process that companies need to follow then for designing a conversational marketing campaign in Ultimate in the end of the tour at 8 already had an idea about you know you said that you have to go past much experience do you need to to train on the customer States how I didn’t you turn up with him all this already or do I came by but what what what what are the real keys to to actually talking to your customers in in in the language that they use when was the at what’s the overall process that you would recommend that these companies do the first thing to know is that people are not going to find these experiences without some type of marketing buying them so I have to do what I normally have to do right and people don’t come to your website for free for the most part right now right there doing some type of marketing some type of his also true in this

one that’s going to get into this needs to realize that first and foremost is that there’s no free lunch right you’re getting people to to engage with your brand in any way is is going to cost you some money and that’s also true conversation very positive aspects of conversation recognizes if it’s not any different for into your processing your pricing and costing on this how you going to get the experience and strip your voice and messaging shop on the second part of it is very

clear call to action benefits seems to work better than rotter let me do everything you know about the kitchen sink and I think you can still build a kind of kitchen sink bought does many many things but how you get people to it should be very very focused right so there’s a big difference between help me find the right product for me versus I have a problem versus help use the product versus give me a shipping updates you know versus I had like a promotion please write so there’s lots of different ways you can pull people into these experiences but what kind of like hey I’m here how can I help you isn’t super compelling for people and it also leads to them coming in in time kicking the tires as opposed to coming in with a Divine Purpose

it’s really important that is specially in a world where your natural language understanding is is a special day one when you want you don’t know what people are asking yet so it’s not it’s going to be at its lowest possible point so you really want to explain why Seas interface design for 20 years which is on a track you don’t want them to know they’re on a track but you wouldn’t give them thinking that a certain path so that they’re playing your game as opposed to just coming in and doing help me help you been really analogy I think the other part of it is the sales is not about selling something to somebody that they don’t want it’s about making it easy for them to buy the things that they already want so it’s important that in that scenario you’re not so much creaming them. Putting them on your track what you’re doing is you’re anticipating a track that they’re already on and then you were here making it easy for them so there are people for example who come to your site and aren’t

how to browse aren’t there how did the High Street I’m going to shop experience they’re actually on a mission and they want to buy something but they not sure what they want to buy know exactly what they want to buy think about it every single website out there is pretty much tuned to the broadest possible audience that doesn’t change the person who’s popping in knows exactly the product exactly the size exactly to see they want to buy versus the person who wants to just browse versus the person who would really appreciate some help right now and so is defining defining the Persona of the problem is as important as Define say sounds it sounds like you’ll still saying that in the near future of these people are going to be using on the website as a first point of contact with the brand but depending on the page that they’re wrong too many more the type to the search engine ever have to ask. You know she likes the content of that the conversational interaction that they have when they get to that page what we will depend on on that will be customized

websites just aren’t they may not still working are going to shop I think we are going to see more and more opportunity to move things over to messaging it’s been happening slower than I thought it would happen given the Facebook Messenger is 3 years old but keep in mind we now have Facebook Messenger I message you have WhatsApp we have a Google Rich business messaging or RCS which is actually very powerful so I think we’re going to see a move to messaging more and more and more but it’s happening little more slowly than I would have otherwise expected mainly related to platform companies do you know I think it’s low on Discovery experiences map today which is not great today is a Beer website or via social media at which is okay but not great nothing is kind of search yet so I think you know you

which is a part of it so you know once you figure out what and in what way right so it’s a circle super Needham Service as product recommendation am I doing it for or finding a product am I doing it for the person who’s new to my grandpa and I’m bored am I just trying to build awareness and I know they’re not going to buy it again that day so I think that’s that’s important then you know you’re supposed to better selection all that stuff you got to take the vendor in the technology anything for anyone that’s doing that you just want to find someone that tells a story that is specific to you there is hundreds of of of conversational AI companies out there they’re all going to tell you the same thing so I think the best thing to do is look for vertical focused

do they have just conversation. Just those two things plus I would hope it’s not a start from scratch scenario right we we have a lot of three belts specific scenarios four verticals that we can deploy in a very short amount of time for you so I think that’s another thing you’re looking for is in your language and it sounds to me like a lot of is already backed into the product if you choose the right Venda he’s already got products already got clients and not that’s cool if they were to go part of the base creepy sign language

and then the end result

that’s really cute because some and this is important a lot of Brands so you think of things like prebuilt or or templates or something like that in the Glide along with everyone else has but but the flip side to this is if you’re building it from scratch

given the amount of money that most brands have put into these types of a builds you’re going to end up with a really limited experience so your trade-off is if you do custom from scratch which is a lot of agencies would give you were built by agencies in and they were on a short time-frame short fuse and and you know maybe not enough money just to be clear some of the experiences that they’ve been built a house cost millions of dollars and you know maybe up to a year to build a really fantastic experience out-of-the-box most rare and you’re not willing to spend that amount of money right now this stuff and so so your your your option is you could you pick up a Spoke custom experience

you’re probably going to end up with something really limited is going to have a very few decision tree base pass has a lot more capability it’s like they’re going to have natural language understanding is going to have a more machine learning driven dialogues in a dialogue since going to do more and he’s smarter and where we really focus is a customer that picks up a prebuilt we actually supposed to Virtual assistants ride assistance for more like customer support customer service and advisor is more about that serves Grace acronym of guns recommendation advice no consultation expertise I talked about

B2 sticker Asian or customisation as of this where you at your words and your images in your products and you make it your own at the end of the day experiences going to look fairly similar to everyone in the same experience still looks like a web page but there’s a lot you can do in there to make it your own and customize can figure out what you end up with your trade-off is really three things you either take something off the shelf and you customize it make your own you do something bespoke without a large budget and you end up with something very rudimentary which is mostly what we seem boring spend a lot of money and you don’t something custom in which most Brad I think rightly so are not quite ready to go to that phase yeah I think the right thing to do is get some success under your belt with this by finding someone who is product quickly and partner with you make it work and it’s already

work to build the conversation Olay eyes for their specific product lines they see where this is going and they understand that if they don’t do that and I know serious we’re building a website in 1993 you didn’t get killed if you end up a year behind on building a conversationally I experience it’s a different game cuz it’s not just catching up and getting the internal expects forties and processes to do digital you know how to date a deficit their customers talk about their category their products that ran. Gets really tricky to catch up from right hand and so I think that’s that’s why you’re starting to see people understand that this has strategic implications it’s not just we went from web to ask to to conversational conversation with a different thing because it also comes on with it they Iowa

we could jump is not have you seen any of the missing the High Street in the human contact element of that but I mean I was in that seat not the other day and every time I stand up and run around like my papa run seem like it’s like a baby and I’ll go from one end to the other like 5 times looking for stuff I’m not sure but grocery good we’ll see I think it’ll be interesting because we did a study directly into into what you’re saying and he totally surprised us we weren’t thinking at all about brick-and-mortar offline we thought this is a digital technology right

virtual people to hell in in online stores which are you know what infinite shells with no people that was really heavy thought it was business and then to get this study we actually lose the best kinds of things were you hoping to get a good we ended up getting something much deeper which is the commission from Wakefield research respected third-party research firm we commissioned to study the talk to 1500 women between the ages of 18 and 65 is very specific but I suspect that it applies outside Beauty and we asked them you know how they felt about the shopping experience in two thirds of them said that they were overwhelmed by the number products and they were confused by the manufacturer claims Frank Slade big they can see the product on the shelf and look at the things on the shelf for the product packaging itself and didn’t help them at all

this phone thing was two thirds of them 65% actually said I don’t want to talk to a person though right now so you’re confused and overwhelmed but you don’t want to talk to someone it was true expert advice I can actually help then there’s a multitude of reasons and then back to not surprising yes women where they were and what they were doing and it’s at 71% of them are on their phones right so where were they Google Amazon specific doing weather mostly looking at reviews for fantastic

I wonder if we decide you know how to buy things it’s useful for sure but is it like the Pinnacle I didn’t I find that pretty difficult and so so then we ask women that question when she said if your virtual beauty advisor and I think you could change that to 49% of women said I would definitely like to try it and I think it was interesting but that especially for someone like me he’s been around forever like there was a time before Siri like you honestly had to describe two people with speech recognition was you basically don’t need to do that anymore everyone used to his like Siri to go out so Siri did the worlds Syfy popularizing the Main Street

I think mainstream Americans in America that the usage maybe it’s just the Americans but that the usage of Google assistant is predominantly on on my ballot in now but maybe it said I different kind of conversation perhaps he’s just like yeah I think we need to dig into the stats on that I’m the one thing that I think is always a bit dicey like 25% or something like that and there’s always an after it’s at the bottom of the slider there should have been which was saying you know inside the Google app right and it was like a microphone on it at 5% of searches are done

you’re not what it’s kind of parent about usage of ain’t even Siri you know nobody talks about it but the last I always keep an eye on his numbers at the last WWE the last two events that they did they said that they have 200 billion iOS enabled devices and that the event for that I said they do 10 billion Siri transactions a month so you do the math right it’s like it’s not very high usage on that one and since you know it’s basically the time you accidentally get Siri on the keyboard might account for that thank you so much so most of these categories and successful as a person who dedicated to it I think we should be skeptical of where the stuff is going in. Just take it as axiomatic because it’s natural and because we talked at least these categories Siri and every other voice assistant on mobile has effectively failed my hypothesis on that is because these devices are personalities test

Voice to Text BAE Systems it would have been much more popular I think so I can do something to that I’ve explored too much too soon that was that the conversation and the voice ice packs and then read it because it they could have done without the voice this thing just say it’s voice it’s natural like thinking about it if you think that’s not the same conversation that most people have most of the time we can talk we can see each other like right now we can’t but we’re having a good conversation and kind of inflection in the way that I talk right now that helps you and I communicate and and most of that is missing right and that’s what people got so excited about duplex cuz they might really a conversation

most of these things for an hour or frankly just you you spit out a command to it use pause in endpoints it you know as streamed it would have been an improvement used to be at stream to recognize it so the response time is faster but it’s still almost like a walkie-talkie conversation with most poisonous sentences not natural but I want to know if you ask me meaning meaning in and I mean that in a good way which is I think that they use cases real I think it is not totally bologna but I think they understood to take a very very narrow you stay so just scheduling an appointment for Universal on Normandy restaurant and I think you could almost have code that decision tree with you know if you if you call two hundred different places in the best the best one that came back to record the Audio I don’t know what that was text-to-speech or not it may have been but you know

do a few things that are frankly just icing like putting guns in Ogden everyone freaked out of my arms and awesome and so and I did and I think it was actually to get into service to the spacing in the sense that what they did is they knew everyone would extrapolate from that use case voice of that caliber was going to be up when the reality is is that one use case might work but extrapolating it is not fair and reasonable option is an analogies everyone extrapolated Watson answering questions on Jeopardy to his yeah I know they have they have a similar problem robotics in that if they make a robot that looks human noise then you treated like a man when you have like Sky High

I’m going to solve all my problems it’s your appointment I thought that was positive for sure for folks that are not technical extrapolated the wrong the wrong end point from that it’s great that we’re not going to ever have to call salons in Hook points anymore that’s the right decision I have my phone in my business to know if you wanted it for a trough you know I would want

is going to be maybe the absolute nater of chop box and and like I said. Comes with exactly what the Gartner hype cycle would predict on shopbot switch is there’s a bunch of people figuring it out like nothing makes me happier to hear you know competitors abandoned chat and go to Voice or people say it’s not working like I know when our numbers are like this this technology really really works if you applied correctly like we’re getting 200 super generating consumers are 250% higher average revenue per user than someone that doesn’t engage in the chat again 8 minutes of Engagement with no mid-80s Seaside squares and a collecting this incredibly cyber specific value so but I buy interview questions

but I think on voice right now you’re at the kind of tea for everyone is freaking out everyone is talking about how its natural they they don’t talk to Alexa and then and then go well that experiences there’s a lot of irrationality in the space right now but I do want to work at work and I think it’s it’s a good it’s a good urge to to do that I think we’re in a year or more away from the neighbor of the truck for boys but I like I said I still believe there’s a couple things I think voice search is Meaningful I think that question is asking questions is a legitimate entry point to contents that is material for brands that are trying to engage consumers I think that every question is a potential jumping off point for additional assistance they can be provided and like I said I believe the right now the ground or in the driver’s seat and over the next year too

they really need to be strategizing hard about how they they handle this moment so I think I do think by the way we are probably still going to call this a smart speaker Category 2 years but I but I think was it important that companies invested in voice on the phone speech recognition 20 years ago for those that had a lot of customer support questions it was was it important that certain companies put content on Siri and played with mobile Voice assistance I think that for those that did like a Domino’s in position them really well now Domino conversational experiences across every surface that exist so I think you should buy the Halliwell the closest never got to being famous which is Jimmy Fallon said I know after we launched

pizza with my voice on my phone right oh yeah it’s been a phone landline phone a mobile phone like Siri and then it’s got a chat you know screen and it’s got smart speakers in a goat what’s really fascinating for me being a space for 20 years is 20 years ago the only places to play speech technology was on the landline phone 10 years ago the most interesting place to the voice speech technology was through a voice assistant like a Siri and now since 2016 is it that when the starting gun for two brand-new conversational AI surface areas which was Modern

James smart speakers so we’re really really early days it’s less than three years into the idea of being able to build on these platforms which I think is it is really if you think that we’re going to talk to computers and if you think that talking computers means that that’s going to be a digital company you got to be doing something in the space right now you know what I think that’s really the key takeaway whether it’s going to be exactly voices smart Speaker Company say to talk to the customer and it’s starting to get into the space cuz any eyes the other overall enabling Factor here that’s happening and you know if you do have issues and housing like I tell people sometimes automatic not exist today in the form that it is but still relatively small

startup you used to need a hundred phds to build anything and the stuff around deep learning and reinforcement learning the primary layperson impact of the top is not the computer does a bunch of the work that you used to have to do right used to have to extract features tell a computer what was important now that one single innovation has made it possible for companies like ours to now focus on building net new technology for example the ability to learn about in Taco products as a specific Niche area as opposed to just making the core Basics I thought you were going to do with accelerate new and meaningful use cases so I do think there is a part of it medical Diagnostics drug Creations computers and talk to is in the top 10 of all

that’s the primary thing that that means is I need to my company needs to have a voice but there is literally an auditory Voice or a chat place there has to be a communicative element that is this is not the kind of thing like websites just pick up and buy our agency and go get it done you have to be building up data sets and you have to be getting some you know still at work with Charlie house for teaching it is right there not jumping from the roof they do the RTR thing to come out by the level of investment that starting to happen under the cover is is is is not being talked about people see how strategic advantages and so they’re looking to get ahead of it

do you want it the director of the audience’s attention to tell people they can go to automat. We have a bunch of case studies and white papers and various things that are all available there yeah we’re pretty liberal with the date of that we share our customers are are pretty open with the case that he dated they share and so you know there’s some good information about various spend on the report that I mentioned about the study on buying behavior from Wakefield research is all there so reports information download

okay so you just had from Andy Mauro CEO and co-founder of ultimate company that helps Bryan Silva personalized 121 voice messaging experiences to that customers so my big takeaway from choking me one day is that building will changing Technologies takes time and we should treat the current height around voice interface with some caution and he was very realistic right down to ask about what it took to get to this point where we are now and what it will take to get to the next major Milestone and I appreciated his condo and his professionalism and perhaps counterintuitively I found it more encouraging and motivating than the iPad Lee they often surrounds the new technology to basically

wind estate from from Andy was saying if teams with sufficient knowledge and creativity take a steady consistent approach to building Innovative Technologies that focused on solving well-defined real-world problems then they set themselves on the path to success nothing I said I said we can go take away that’s open today I hope you enjoyed listening as always you can find the website you can just tell one friend or colleague about this episode and if you’d like to join the other patrons and helping keep the show Todd free then just go to / donate

I’ll be back soon with another episode but until then I’ve been your host, Robinson thank you for listening to the

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