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Rob Lubow Botcopy

Episode description

Rob Lubow is the co-founder of Botcopy, a tool that lets you build custom chatbots for your website, powered by Dialogflow. Rob explains the benefits of text-based chatbots, shares some chatbot design tips, and explains how to quickly build your own using Dialogflow and Botcopy. We discover the major uses for website chatbots, and a new trend for full screen bot landing pages.

Rob explains some of the limitations of voice bots, such as high cognitive load, and the many advantages multimodal chatbots have over voice bots. An experienced startup founder and bot developer, Rob shares his advice for people building a conversational UI products and startups, such as not trying to emulate a human with a voice-only interface. Finally we learn why Rob considers himself a transhumanist, more interested in putting the best of humanity into a bot than creating a new sentient species.

Full summary of takeaway points

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Quotes from the show

[41:41] spend more time mastering something that’s here now

[52:40] they’re not really talking to a bot at all, they’re talking to a person

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