Digital Forensics – Tyler Hatch, DFI Forensics – Voice Tech Podcast ep.029

Tyler Hatch Dfi Forensics

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The whole world is dependent on digital technology. It has improved lives, but made us vulnerable to exploitation. Hackers and cybercriminals have no fear of getting caught. They’re organized, sophisticated, and know how to remain anonymous. Cybercrime is now the most profitable criminal enterprise in the world.

Tyler Hatch is the founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc., a digital forensics and cybersecurity provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Tyler is a certified forensics examiner for computers and mobile phones, as well as a former practicing lawyer.

In our conversation, you’ll learn how cybercrime has evolved from simply stealing and selling data and information via the “Dark Web.”

Now, it targets specific organizations by penetrating IT networks to encrypt and disable entire networks; forcing a ransom to be paid using untraceable cryptocurrency to get the network back.

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