High-tech Interpreters – Jonathan Rechtman, Cadence Translate – Voice Tech Podcast ep.039

Jonathan Rechtman Cadence Translate

Episode description

Jonathan Rechtman is the co-founder of Cadence Translate, a language services company that help corporations and financial firms conduct business and investment research across the language barrier. Jonathan is a true expert in the field, having worked for the UN, celebrities and businesspeople alike. He explains the state of translation and interpretation today, how the process works, the skills and technology interpreters use, and how the profession is being impacted by the latest developments in technology.

We discuss the do’s and don’t when hiring interpreters, how you can get the most value from your translated audio, some skills that interpreters have that you can use in your daily life, automatic interpretation devices, unified communications as a service (UCAAS), and much more.

One of the most interesting discoveries to come out of our discussion is the similarity between the mental processes of a human interpreter and the state of the art natural language processing stack that smart speakers use, a connection that can inform our approach to designing voice interfaces.

Full summary of takeaway points

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