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Interactive Voice Ads – Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic – Voice Tech Podcast ep.033

Stas Tushinskiy Instreamatic

Episode description

Stas Tushinskiy is the co-founder and CEO of Instreamatic, a San-francisco based company that enables voice interactivity and measurability in the audio ad market. In this episode we introduce you to a new concept that you’ll very likely be hearing much more about soon; interactive voice advertisements. An innovative use of STT, TTS, natural language understanding and audio content channels, interactive voice ads are an important new channel for monetising audio content such as radio shows, audiobooks and podcasts.

We discuss the problem with traditional audio ads today, then dive into the workings of interactive ads, and the huge benefits for advertisers, publishers and listeners alike. Stas shares some of the incredible engagement stats these ads are getting, 10-15% engagement levels in many cases, which are enormous compared to traditional audio adverts.

Certainly one of the most exciting concepts I’ve come across in a while, this is an episode you’ll do well not to miss.

Full summary of takeaway points

A written summary of all the points made in the episode is available for Voice Tech Pro subscribers. Unlock everything at https://voicetechpodcast.com/pro 

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