Podcast Episodes

Slush 2019

Slush 2019, Helsinki, Finland – Voice Tech Podcast ep.047

In this episode, you’ll hear me talk with six of the hottest startups exhibiting at the Slush 2019 tech conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Adam Emfield Cerence

Voice UX for Self-driving Cars – Adam Emfield, Cerence – Voice Tech Podcast ep.046

Adam Emfield is the Head of User Experience at Cerence, formerly known as Nuance Automotive. Join us for a fascinating conversation about voice UX in the automobiles of the future.

Bob Stolzberg VoiceXP

The Wix of Voice – Bob Stolzberg, VoiceXP – Voice Tech Podcast ep.045

Bob Stolzberg is the founder of VoiceXP, a platform that lets you build engaging voice experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby without writing a line of code.

Rob Lubow Botcopy

Dialogflow Chatbots for Websites – Rob Lubow, Botcopy – Voice Tech Podcast ep.044

Rob Lubow is the co-founder of Botcopy, a tool that lets you build custom chatbots for your website, powered by Dialogflow.

Micah Hollingworth Broadw.ai

Voice Box Office – Micah Hollingworth, Broadw.ai – Voice Tech Podcast ep.043

Micah Hollingworth is CEO and co-founder of Broadw.ai, an AI powered ticketing agent and integrated marketing platform for live Broadway events and theater-goers.

Mike Page Phebi

Voice Search for eCommerce – Mike Page, Phebi Inc – Voice Tech Podcast ep.042

Mike Page is the co-founder and CEO of Phebi, Inc, a voice search SaaS solution that makes it easy for customers to talk to e-commerce websites.

Petar Ojdrovic Home Service

Airbnb Hospitality by Voice – Petar Ojdrovic, Home Service – Voice Tech Podcast ep.041

Petar Ojdrovic is the founder of Home Service, a voice-based solution for vacation rental management that improves the guest experience while helping hosts save time and drive 5 star reviews.

Stuart Crane Surveyline

Surveys by Voice – Stuart Crane, SurveyLine – Voice Tech Podcast ep.040

Stuart Crane is the founder and CEO of SurveyLine, a new product that lets you create voice based surveys. To try it now, simply say “Alexa/Google, launch voice tech survey”

Jonathan Rechtman Cadence Translate

High-tech Interpreters – Jonathan Rechtman, Cadence Translate – Voice Tech Podcast ep.039

Jonathan Rechtman is the co-founder of Cadence Translate, a language services company that help corporations and financial firms conduct business and investment research across the language barrier.

David Borish Primo Ai

Speech-to-Text Selection – David Borish, PRIMO AI – Voice Tech Podcast ep.038

PRIMO AI recommends the highest performing Speech-to-text (STT) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services for a particular dataset and geographical region.