Podcast Episodes

Carl Robinson Inside Voice

Inside Voice – Carl Robinson – Voice Tech Podcast ep.066

The script is flipped! Interviewing Carl live from Project Voice is the brilliant Keri Roberts – host of the Inside Voice Podcast.

Marek Mis OnlyOne

Voice Dating – Marek Mis, OnlyOne – Voice Tech Podcast ep.065

Marek Mis is the founder of OnlyOne, the first ever voice-dating application. Only One helps users find their true love using only their voice.

Jon Stine Open Voice Network

Setting the Standard – Jon Stine, Open Voice Network – Voice Tech Podcast ep.064

The Open Voice Network seeks to create a future of AI voice that is standards-based, interoperable, accessible, and data protected.

Braden Ream Voiceflow

One Million Conversations – Braden Ream, Voiceflow – Voice Tech Podcast ep.063

Voiceflow is a collaborative voice design platform responsible for over one million conversations a month and 6% of the world’s Alexa skills.

Emerson Sklar Bespoken

Testing Voice Apps – Emerson Sklar, Bespoken – Voice Tech Podcast ep.062

Learn the fundamentals of voice app testing in order to speed up your development process and create higher quality conversational experiences.

Roger Kibbe Viv Labs

Samsung Bixby In-Depth – Roger Kibbe, Viv Labs – Voice Tech Podcast ep.061

Roger Kibbe, Lead Developer Evangelist at Viv Labs, introduces us to Samsung Bixby 2 and what it means for developers, users, and the frontier of voice.

Project Voice Brands Tech

Security, Content, Utilities, Students – IDRnD, Trinity Audio, ICF, Park – Voice Tech Podcast ep.060

Listen to four of my favourite conversations with brands and providers at the recent Project Voice conference.

Krish Velkar Ogilvy

Voice Commerce: FMCG Shopping – Krish Velkar, Ogilvy – Voice Tech Podcast ep.059

Krish Velkar reveals his latest research into the influence of voice assistants on the purchase of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Stacey Zuniga ENACOMM

Banking on Voice – ENACOMM & Bank Independent – Voice Tech Podcast ep.058

Hear the fascinating story of how voice banking was implemented on Alexa for Bank Independent, told by both technology provider and client.

Voice Tech Paris 2019

7 French Pioneers – Voice Tech Paris 2019 – Voice Tech Podcast ep.057

Hear me talk with 7 leading French voice tech companies, and get a panoramic view of the voice space in France.