Podcast Episodes

Stacey Zuniga ENACOMM

Banking on Voice – ENACOMM & Bank Independent – Voice Tech Podcast ep.058

Hear the fascinating story of how voice banking was implemented on Alexa for Bank Independent, told by both technology provider and client.

Voice Tech Paris 2019

7 French Pioneers – Voice Tech Paris 2019 – Voice Tech Podcast ep.057

Hear me talk with 7 leading French voice tech companies, and get a panoramic view of the voice space in France.

Tobias Dengel Willowtree

Giving Voice to Brands – Tobias Dengel, WillowTree – Voice Tech Podcast ep.056

Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree, reveals the demand, the debates, and the challenges of his Fortune 500 clients as they enter the world of voice technology, and the importance of multimodal interfaces

Jackie Andrade Plymouth Uni

Social Robot Counsellors – Jackie Andrade, Uni. Plymouth – Voice Tech Podcast ep.055

Jackie Andrade is Professor of Psychology at the University of Plymouth. We learn how designing social robots for healthcare can help us lead live healthier lives and feel better.

Project Voice Agencies

Auspices of Agencies – Skilled Creative, Vixen Labs, Seedcube – Voice Tech Podcast ep.054

Three of the world’s leading digital agencies share their experiences in the world of voice, at the Project Voice 2020 conference.

Alexey Khitrov Idrnd

Biometric Authentication – Alexey Khitrov, ID R&D – Voice Tech Podcast ep.024

Alexey Khitrov is President at ID R&D, who increase the security of conversational interfaces using voice authentication and behavioral biometrics.

Payments And Voice

Payments & Voice – Checkout.com & Adyen – Voice Tech Podcast ep.053

Learn about voice payments from two giants in the payments space, Guillaume Pousaz, founder and CEO of checkout.com, and Pieter van der Does, CEO of Adyen

Shyamala Prayaga Ford

Automotive Voice Design – Shyamala Prayaga, Ford Motor – Voice Tech Podcast ep.052

Shyamala Prayaga is the product owner for the Autonomous Digital Assistant at Ford Motor. We discuss the factors to consider when designing for car voice assistants, and much more besides.

Hans Van Dam Robocopy

Conversation Design Mastery – Hans van Dam, Robocopy – Voice Tech Podcast ep.051

Hans van Dam is the co-founder of Robocopy, a company that trains and certifies conversation designers all around the world.

Bradley Metrock Project Voice

Project Voice 2020 – Bradley Metrock, Score Publishing – Voice Tech Podcast ep.050

Bradley Metrock is the organizer of Project Voice, the host of This Week in Voice, and the author of a book about Alexa skills.