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Payments And Voice

Episode description

Today we bring you two in-depth conversations from the Slush Mega Conference in Helsinki, Finland. In this episode, we’ll be talking with two giants in the payments space, Guillaume Pousaz the founder and CEO of and Pieter van der Does, the CEO of Adyen.

During our conversation, we discussed their opinions on voice payments — whether they were excited about it, whether they see it playing a role in the payment system in the near future, what challenges they foresee, and whether their customers are even asking about voice payments yet.

We also discussed whether they plan to integrate their systems with the voice platforms for the foreseeable future, diving into biometrics, two-factor authentication, and much much more! A huge number of insights were shared in our conversations and we are really excited to bring it to you today.


  • More about What the company does and what kind of clients they serve.
  • We discuss some of the major trends in payments with Guillaume: Alipay, WeChatPay, etc.
  • PSD2 – Guillaume defines what it is and the impact it has on vendors and payment providers.
  • Guillaume shares his thoughts on the voice payments interfaces and how it’ll work in practice.
  • Discover whether web and mobile payment numbers are indicative of voice payment growth
  • Adyen — What clients they serve and the problems that they solve.
  • What kinds of channels Adyen serves: Point of sale, mobile, and online browsers.
  • Pieter breaks down the different levels of the payment space.
  • A new announcement from Pieter and the Adyen company: Card issuing; virtual and physical.
  • Pieter explains what a mobile wallet is and who uses them.
  • Whether cryptocurrency plays a role in payment spaces.
  • Pieter shares his thoughts around voice payments.
  • The different possibilities with two-factor authentication in voice tech.

Quotes from the show

[0:15:50] Millennials are much more likely to trust voice payments

[0:35:12] We have to embrace that we are in an intermediate phase

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