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Bryan Colligan is the co-founder of AlphaVoice, the easiest way to get your podcast and audio content onto Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In an especially fun conversation, Bryan shares his vision of how the podcasting and voice technology worlds are set to collide, and how the implications will be felt by platforms, content producers and consumers alike.

He reveals the 4 main business models of content producers, explains why voice is the tech wave that will dominate, and foretells the impending convergence of media. We then explore the AlphaVoice product, and examine his plans to build the ultimate Q&A voice interface using content transcription and indexing.

We also touch on how Google entering the podcasting space has influenced his product vision, and tackle the important subject of voice search, including the new paradigms of voice to voice, and voice to video search. Whether you’re a publisher, producer or consumer of digital content, this is an unmissable episode!

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This is the future it’s really cool stuff I think people are going to get addicted to it like they get addicted to the web and addicted to mobile and it’s going to be weird and people going to walk around talking to people all day long

welcome back to the voice Tech podcast I’m your host, Carl Robinson bringing you the latest research and development in the field of voice technology to a series of entertaining inspirational and informative conversations with voice technology experts you hell about the latest products and Concepts invoice get new ideas for your invoice projects and learn about the tools and techniques that will turn those I did into reality today we have an amazing episode with a true voice technology Visionary you’re going to have from Bryan Colligan the co-founder of alphavoice just currently the easiest way to get your podcast an audio content onto Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to Brian shaves his vision of how the podcasting and voice technology world’s asset to collide and how the invitations will be felt by platform Contempo juices on consumers I like

it’s especially fun conversation I we have so much good stuff it’s hot to this to O’Hare Brian stops by explaining the full name business models of content for juices why voice is the technology that will dominate the impending convergence of media we explore the alphavoice product discussing content prescription and indexing and how he said about building the ultimate Q&A voice interface we also touched on how Google entering the parking space is influenced his product Vision this Texas on to the important subject of voice search and the new Power Denso voice to voice and voice to video search the weather for publisher producer or consumer of digital content just basically everybody this is an unmissable episode

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so now it’s my pleasure to bring you Bryan Colligan

so I’m here with Bryan Colligan from alphavoice Hello Brian how are you doing today and I’m very well thank you very much just good to see you this is the first into done face-to-face with live video so I’m actually looking into your eyes this we talk I’m super pumped about this is really cool it’s been a little while okay so voice tell me what is alphavoice on that what problems does itself awesome still Alpha voice is basically a white label platform the any podcaster or YouTuber can come in and upload their content uploads RSS feed put plug in their YouTube channel and just dynamically get created an Alexa skill and it’s really that simple and we’re doing a lot of experiments around in the space and in the problem that we’re solving is if I wanted to go get Adam

all right now and develop Alexa skill that they may charge me $1,000 they may charge me $50,000 and it kind of doesn’t make sense like to make that sort of investment into an Alexa skill right now on a custom skills because we don’t know how to monetize who sings like nobody know podcast there no YouTuber knows how to monetize on Alexa and it till like a month or two ago there was any way to monetize so what we’re doing is worth trying to take the the best practices of how to monetize on Alexa and give it to the podcasters and YouTubers right out of the box okay so the idea was to allow podcasters and YouTubers to create an Alexa and would have got to take to be like on time exactly and so when we came down this journey and we started to to do this an interview podcasters and start to build it it’s starting to become a little bit more than that if we kind of like Dive Right into like the business model of the

of the topic we figured out that podcasters and YouTubers basically have like four different types of business models they either use their content production in their podcast for lead generation so getting emails and an information capture of their particular audience sometimes they ask for donations sometimes they have premium content that sits outside of their free content so don’t have like a free show and then a premium show and sometimes they sell merch so we’ve identified those as the four different business models that podcasters and YouTubers up what end and that’s basically a road map of what we’re going to build and that’s where you going to give them what was the ultimate Vision incident that this is that that’s the MVP that’s what you doing right now the product is working it’s available it’s online so you’re not going to stop by you said you got

tell me a little bit about what you know what you have two wives weather weather part of it going it’s if it’s interesting because I can give you like the really long term Grand Vision And if everything works right turn out that way but so let’s just start there in a long-term Vision voice is going to dominate and take over right so we had back in 2008 2009 we had this huge mobile wave and I think voice is the next wave that is coming like it’s giving me all the signals all the triggers and signals in my bones are telling me like it’s going to be voiced and it has to do with like ease-of-use and has to do with like conversational communication there’s this professor that I like the to watch. For philosophy professor and he says that as soon as podcast and YouTube came out millions of people that didn’t like to read or Winery at access to information that they never had access to before and said this long form content

the podcast in the YouTube in became available now it’s going to be easy to access what the sound of your voice like any question that you want answered in the whole entire world to be asked right to a voice assistant in be answered this even less friction in the video less friction absolutely let’s go back to that video voice faze-o is is a short window in terms of voice to voice and I think there’s always going to be used cases for voice-to-voice but a lot of the stuff that we’re building a telephone voice is really about a voice to video and there’s a very particular reason why so there was a study done in on Hacker News that basically stated that English is the most information dense language in existence right so that another language do they just don’t have the web for it and I’ll find an English we got the word for it

the case and I think Chinese and then Russian and and so anyway you could only the list and an English is the most information dense so if you’re trying to get information out of asking a question audio is pretty information dense but the most in 4 mation dense medium is video and it’s because it has a full visual component and the audio component and so it’s filling two of your senses at the same exact time so you can compile in and have like a highly produced answer that’s going to answer it visually an audio because not everybody is a visual learner and not everybody is an audio learner but everybody is a video or audio learner it’s in the house somewhere on the sky oh yeah that’s really interesting okay so yeah it’s like that the visual provides the contacts for the audio and in some cases you provide the contact for the visual lately what kind of behind absolutely end in the social networks have kind of found

I already if you look at Facebook if you look at LinkedIn if you look at Twitter these things are just getting covered in video because the algorithms Lovett Instagram as well Instagram stories is coming up and they just love video because it has the most engagement okay so when I think a video I think of something that’s hot too hot to Windex how to access United States do you find out what we’re starting with the audio we haven’t even tackle the video yet so what we do is we transcribe so let’s say it like taking a user that comes in with a YouTube channel so they coming to alphavoice the plug in their YouTube channel it takes about 60 not late depending on how many videos that they have what’s say they have like a hundred or 200 videos or a hundred two hundred hours of content it’ll take anywhere from 16 to 24 hours for us to fully index all of their Khan

so what we do is we downloaded we split the audio in the video we took the audio we transcribe it would put it through a process we put it through another M machine learning process to make sure it’s cleaned in like it actually makes sense we’re always working on that to make that better and then we throw a search index on top of it so from the transcription we build a search engine from that and then we plug that back into Alexa so when your conversation we talking to Alexa or Fire TV it uses the transcription as the index on what to give me the results back for understood that you need to scan the video you’re only taking the audio Apollo of the video transcribing it with speech-to-text then you somehow indexing that the text in the video and you said you build a search engine on top of the tax

see how some wired upset you not text out of the box stuff I mean stuff that’s built into proscribe stuff that’s built into elasticsearch I mean a lot of this problem has been solved before and that it’s actually kind of easy because we’re doing it in the context of a single podcast so where we haven’t released a overarching app for all of our clients but essentially the ideas like eventually we get to know a hundred two hundred thousand different podcast on board and then we would have like an overarching app that would search everything now then we have to get like really deep into the some search technology and that becomes like a harder search problem but when you’re taking context of like single podcast or single YouTube channel it’s actually not that hard to build a vertical I search engine for that

is that because of the Domaine is restricted like the language is the same the words often found together so it’s easier to start because it’s more like the biggest example we do is like Alexa asked Radiolab about the podcast where the baboons are eating trash and it pops right that’s like one of our demos right because we we just some other kind of like interesting washing of the content so are you familiar with this thing called a llama and an LP

Alana yeah I saw that the route to the words that thing doesn’t change with all the variations of the of the word awesome awesome awesome python package called Spacey okay and space guys out of Palo Alto in Germany they have is open source Library they originally made it off the Stanford and ltk library and essentially they have like map like all language and English language and essentially what you can do is you can take the transcription you can take the index and bring it down to the limit of each word and then we have a secondary kind of search on the lemmas I’m so when when I’m talking in like I’m saying baboon and trash right so that’s pretty much the Lemma of each word so then that has like a higher hit rate when I’m searching Lemma dilemma then I am searching my query to know some random text so it kind of distills it in the fries

recall on priority we miss sentiment though right so you know like I couldn’t ask hey what about that episode where Carl got angry at the guests right we don’t have any show Associates the time that Carl was talking to Brian from alphavoice or talking about that pod card cast Alexa product that’s going to come alright okay alright so the ability to indexing and search on my index retrieve pots of podcast how does that fit into the division I’m not sure if you have an idea but there is not to just return and it’s kind of podcast episode right it’s to return portions that the most relevant portions yeah what kind of right now so we have a snippet Pacific Creator where somebody can use and tag so up to 2 minutes essentially we give the ability for podcasters that when they plug in their podcast to auto-generate

video from using an image in the sound wave on on the file and this is just a tool that they can help make a trailer to their podcast and so you make the trailer they tag it the index and now we have that stupid as a part of the show so when we try to do

programmatically without having like human interaction to get to the right part in the right episode it the rules become weird right so you don’t always want them to come to the first spot but that’s kind of like how we have it and the ux and user experience that came back in our feedback was like that’s just not good enough so we can get you to the first part where the first mention that episode but when we actually put it out into the market or had people use it they would just like nah like this it’s just not it’s just not there yet

okay so what was the next steps then

so I think it’s about distribution and I think that anytime that there’s a new medium or a new channel we’re really going to focus on on that so which is Alexa which is Google home which is this voice interaction and what what we believe is is that there’s going to be a convergence of media so just like on mobile when you had a magazine on an iPad when you had an a newspaper or magazine a Blog on an iPad or an iPhone they all started to look the same right there’s no one there was no user experience difference between a different format a different screen size perhaps but it’s intense just different and so what I see invoice occurring is another convergence where voice to video voice to podcast answer is

going to take over and you know we did a lot of experiments early on and why were doing podcast is because that the elocution in intonation of the devices just aren’t good enough for people to use regulatory you don’t want to have a conversation with Alexa you want to short stupid answer but what you really want is an expert talking on a podcast about what there an expert in that gives you the answer the question

Kodak I said yeah you want the most informed on so that you can you can get that’s been extracted from that and the nice the truvision about the voice for voice break that ideally if we end up at the corner for boys that would that would be perfect I think there’s some other interesting business models in there in terms of like there’s some problems with YouTube right now YouTube is is going through this Evolution or change in terms of at demonetization probably heard about that in the news they’re starting to basically have YouTube Red which gets rid of advertisements so you have a lot of angry customers that are supposed to YouTube be using YouTube in a single way but not everybody wants to use YouTube in a single way a lot of the people that we work with one is it from lead generation only capture so if you upload a video you can’t get a person’s email if they interact with it or even ask them for their

email doesn’t exist that’s a big gap in the market since you’re continually going back to a thought leader or an expert that you know it’s voice Tech in it maybe I want to ask Carl whole bunch of questions about voice Tech you should be able to ask you 5 questions and you answer 5 questions of there’s like you should probably get their contact information to say Hey you keep on asking me questions like you know do you want to work together and I’m sitting there yeah okay nice nice I’m just a couple questions and one of the things inside is unlimited storage so my question was a podcast host decides to activate a used alphavoice with that podcast does that mean that the the podcast audio is hosted by you guys do you make a copy of it in order to index it that’s right I think we’re not going after the space that much I think you know

like to be really straightforward hosting is like his table states you have to be able to host it I mean we’re leveraging Amazon S3 like everybody every company else in the world is either using Google or Amazon S3 at there’s like storage costs are basically next to nothing like run at the end of the day so what are we what value are we providing if you want to host with us awesome host with us if you want to use your old RSS system and just plug in your RSS feed yeah we make a copy of it we did have some interesting things around Dynamic a generation that where were looking at so there’s a couple of our clients that were like hesitant to come on board because we don’t cuz we do make a copy of the RSS feed but that’s something that we’re going to work on later on if it makes sense to for them okay

okay so I’ve had so many nice comments lately that I thought I’d share some with you and Festival a couple of tweets. So you should have asbestos from Doug Schumacher he’s actually the writer and producer of hope me and Lexie thing with some of you already know they still sell the host of The Voice marketing podcast I am talking about episode 8 that signal processing basics for audio with Dart Blaster & you guys want to say hey I found this episode fascinating @voicetechcarl my child go into the conversation through the complexities. Tweet from Suzanne Big Ten social who runs her web design social media management company from that from the UK she says I’m really enjoying your podcast I left the fact that it gets really tacky I’m so correct I have to keep listening you do a great job of explaining the concept save stuff that sounds really take you to start with all make sense by the end that’s the nicest coming up had in awhile that’s exactly who I am to do with it

I don’t have one is a review on iTunes actually buy Brookneal 28 and he says I have to say I’m very impressed by the blood count so far and I’m only on episode 4 call really does take the time to explore topics and ask questions that is really helping me to learn and understand what the focus on in this rapidly emerging Community really looking for tomorrow to thank you all for your comments and reviews I really appreciate it with all the tasks needed to keep the show going I didn’t get enough time to talk with the audience or not as much as I’d like anyway so we can just wait some reviews need a great deal to me I really gets me going on at Will’s house but there would be more people discover the Public House in building the buzz so if you have a spare couple of minutes while you’re listening to please send out to eat when they leave me a quick review when I change okay

let’s talk about my voice search then this is something that I didn’t have a huge my experience and so I’m looking to you too and to fill me in but I understand that more more people at least initiating searches through voice but I can imagine that voice is more appropriate for some kinds of such as than others so I wanted to let you know how you see voice changing such over the the medium to long time yeah I think it’s I think it’s really interesting before I worked on alphavoice I worked on this SEO product called Alpha pages that sounds familiar right and doing this thing with Google amp so ampe accelerated mobile pages in essentially what it is is it’s a new type of format of HTML that’s like highly Optimizer and I’ll get around to the voice search thing

essentially when we were doing the amp Pages it was it became apparent got this big contract and we were going to have to like dive down in in focus on this kind of like full-time to fulfill this contract and thought a really interesting question is SEO and in Google search engine optimization going to be bigger in 5 years or smaller than 5 years and as I looked at it and that’s a look at the space I’m just like it’s going to be smaller in the question comes why and you digging a little bit deeper and it’s because of voice and right now it’s over 50% of of searches on Android or voice-based okay so voice search right there doing it voice search to Google but if you have voice in what’s the most optimized answer out right it’s probably voice

right so the thought process of this is voice and gives you voice out I mean voice in or is already giving you video links to YouTube right and so if you kind of thinking this game with Google decides to make this rich media flip where there’s a new scheme optimization you know who wins

every parts are men video and they podcasts are going to win like they’re just going to take over another thing like I have a bunch of Connections in the SEO space and every year I literally get hit by a hundred to 200 people from India or Bangladesh with SEO services like content Production Services article Lincoln Services we can make Gas Pass for you excetera excetera the competition there is tremendous so if you think you’re going to produce a Blog and take over in 2018 that’s just silly man you’re you’re not going to be able to compete so there’s a couple different waves that were or thesis or whatever we’re betting on one is that it’s going to be voice to voice search right so you’re going to voice invoice out or voice and video out so we’re the second thing that were betting on is that

to compete your competition and to have its going to be rich media you’re going to have to produce higher-quality content because round and like blog article writing right now and so we’re kind of bedding on that as well and then long-term I think you know we’ll find out what our clients want but we’re building those for business models and essentially will will end up taking feedback in and see what they want and if Google puts out a schema for voice search awesome will match all the content for that voice search, we actually already did it for their podcast, so if you are an alpha voice client we will dynamically and automatically submit you your podcast using the Google podcast schema and then it just automatically pops up in Google home

actually saw something about schema recently Court of speakable is that on your radar now I haven’t heard about that when did I hear that I’m just going to

Black because I I’m pretty sure that I just literally read it the other day you saying it like ring a ring a bell OK Google Rose how can you use schema markup speakable deaths have been used its only 4 News at the moment 9th of August so it’s pretty damn reason it’s not in the bowl I’ll send it to you but yeah looks like that just that just thinking about it it’s not for everything it’s just lately that I Google news that you answering users out and you’ll what I thought I think for web pages if you want to end this speakable but that schema markup and this is the Highlight the part of the page that is particularly speakable then it will return not within a with crown

stupid smart or smarter than men like Google smart like let’s just they’re awesome they did the same thing with Google amp right and so the first thing was hey if you want to get into the top of the search bar in the new section of your page right that little and now they’re doing the same Playbook before noon and then they’re going to make a shopping and then guess what they’re going to do they going to make a speakable AdWords so if you want your things spoken and that same time frame you have to pay to play and it’s going to be audio advertisements can be video advertisement in bedded in the search results like they know what they’re doing and I feel like you might your content a speakable and then that just going to speak it for you you know it’s like them basically stating no content and just presenting as the run on the other hand I did some research some others

even though that I presenting this this information all messed up is okay it’s still increases the click through to your deal site so you can block Google you can turn your robots. Exe and you can get zero traffic from them and you can generate your email list and you can grow your email list and in do direct traffic from Twitter or Facebook but the reality is is if you’re trying to compete like you have to go through Google because those the searches and is long tail keywords like they add up over time

it’s sunny day okay so I mean what type of plug console what type of content have you found what faster than Alexa or Google assistant app or is it too early to say

yeah I I mean like we have like 40 skills launch 40 or 50 skills lunch now and you know we’re getting like 50,000 monthly active users across everything so I mean we’re really early days in this whole voice game I mean like the whole thing feels like Palm Pilot like I don’t even think the iPhone has been released if I if you if you pick me out the the metaphor of the mobile wave versus the lights wave I just don’t feel like we’re absolutely there yet there’s this thing in Psychology like with mammals and stuff like behavioral psychology that end in any type of relationship that you have with the product service or even person that you have to have five positive interactions for every six interactions so I think that if you think about every time that you go to Alexa and you interact with it like do you have five positive interactions for every 6 right now

how to say yeah exactly from this whole thing like taking off right but what I will say is there things that I use my own product for like I love this guy Professor Jordan Peterson and I use Alexa for music and I think that’s a killer app and get the little kids dancing around the apartment at home you know like the ambient sounds right aren’t these use cases where I do have five out of six positive interactions as the technology gets better I think that I think that Google is ahead of the curve there’s a study that just recently came out that they tested Google and Siri Alexa Cortana and Alexa was was

worst out of the four daughters at answering questions to Define not pay for it for an app platform and the format as well in it and it’s really awesome and we have all of our code ready for Google home but they have a media lock so you’re only allowed to play two minutes of audio there any interactions so we’ve all the code ready we’re waiting for the media restriction to be lifted and then Google home is it’s just it’s just better I mean like I love what Alexis doing their 50 million devices I think the last thing I heard is like Google home was like 7 or 8 million devices phones

the Google Assistant yeah that’s a good point if you put the Google assistant in the phones in there then they have like a way large footprint from the basic such as it I didn’t think people are enabling actions and really not getting the most out of that still pretty of pipe to a lot of people it’s if it’s still there was no car that got OK Google I know that that doing very recently been rebounds and yeah I was interested in seeing your opinion if you think about right now I’m also it scares the crap out of me to be honest I mean I pretty much have to change my business model because Google’s getting into this game but I have to play in the game where if you look at what they’ve done with you too

they’re probably going to do the same thing again right which is hey give us your content and will give you some advertising dollars if you want to turn on Advertising right when you’re not going to get emails they’re not going to be able to put their own ads in like they’re going to play the same game that they play with YouTube so it’s a little bit scary they’re going to do search right they have the podcast schema they have the best search people in the world so I need to be looking at that and saying okay that’s cool they’re going to give it to Google home they’re going to have this but there’s different places in the market where they’re not going to fill and not everybody’s going to want to push their content to Google right cuz when you get at the end of the day like you get a Google action home listener but you can’t really convert that listener to anything right now you’re going to have to convert them in this non direct way through

and I think that’s really hurt the podcast in Industry especially with the ability like having to give like a coupon code right so you know what Squarespace and in all these other affiliate programs like they’re almost yeah yeah yeah yeah right like I need to listen some podcast like somehow I seen every 10 minutes come on right like this one of the smartest people in the world putting out amazing content but he’s not charging for it like

she could do a freemium like you could do yours 10 minutes by the second half but you can’t do that within the current podcast in space in Google is it going to release that product we might Sam Harris come talk to me if you’re like okay next next 40 minutes for $0.30 I think that’s the space that where we’re going to live which is premium to 2 paid service is there a subscription service where we don’t know whether to do a subscription or a donation right because it’s very different there’s a subscription for your product here is a donate a monthly amount to give up like quantitatively they’re the same but they just like inferred a different type of and in the uses mine they’re completely different I mean if you follow somehow I think you want to donate to his car

but if you listen to Her Like I Do 30 or 40 podcasts on my Android to a few of them every so often which one am I going to tonight to you know it’s split between all of them somehow then that would make me feel good about myself and I don’t get a little piece of the voice and every time I interact actually here’s my here’s my unique inside I think the subscription model of Netflix’s eventually doomed right because and I think of YouTube Red is eventually dude like I don’t believe in Spotify as well for that matter if they’re great money makers but they’re cannibalizing their content creators because essentially the Wii U hit this aggregation. Where Spotify gets all of these people

bored and basically they don’t get paid writing all of the content creators do not get paid by being on Spotify they basically just get Discovery so that they can in the future make money from their shows the whole music industry is based on that now now now this thing around Netflix is the same thing like Netflix is great but the content quality is diminishing overtime right and you have like Disney popping in the play like they’re going to launch their own like subscription Series so I think subscription makes sense when you’re talking about access or or old access to movies that have been released and then they’re kind of like already went through their of their first monetization cycle and you’re talking about a back storage catalog but when you’re talking about a subscription service for new content for a content creator I just don’t see it as a viable right I think it’s I think it’s a secondary order of

motivation as a subscription service but the primary monetization service it doesn’t really make sense what about the blockchain as used with contact that was how about trying to use with voice I’m content to ensure that the concentrate is get paid more Fally the body was just more evenly and some of the networks available tonight what were you seen out in

tens of millions of dollars there’s also video coin in the space that just raised like 40 or 50 million dollars see token is currently raising money for their project and then a brave which is the basic attention token DeVries about 30 million dollars in the space video coin is All Around video basic attention token is a want is basically from the guy who invented JavaScript and then was the CEO of Mozilla and he has the brave browser in each one of these things is is kind of a row of seed is interesting to cuz of conversational interface so that you can build a voice app on the seat on the seed platform and then every time that that voice app is used or voice skill is used you get paid a little bit of sea token

I mean I love it but I also have some fear about it in but I think it plays in the space it’s really it’s really deep for a second like YouTube cannibalize itself I think I said before I got rid of dead incremental payment right so now you have to have 10000 hours and ten thousand subscribers to get your first dollar right and they’re killing themselves are kicking themselves in the in the shin here because like we’re putting out some YouTube content I know you’re on like episode 9 or 10 now like wouldn’t it be cool if you got paid for the views of your first hundred views like even if it’s like a $10 check or or $100 check like like $100 now

little bit better but the threshold of 10,000 subscribers and in 10000 hours of your time that’s 8 years of work before you see any monetization or any positive return for having it and it will encourage people to make a particular topic on 10 that they knows going uphill to the mass and strength as opposed to what kind of content stuff is ready by label maybe it’s been nice like it’s it’s maybe in 10 years when when there’s a million developers invoice out there then it can hit it million people but right now you’re hitting tens of thousands of people in The Voice base vertical in the way that you can best Mai Tai’s this particular podcast is by converted it into Alexa skill development services Google home development services

Sports in people that are coming to the show or individuals that are that are either developers interested in the tech or business people that are like wondering what’s on what’s on the Forefront of this voice thing I’m hearing about this voice thing I need to learn about now it’s you know so like it’s not about advertisement for you it’s about building an audience capturing the lead and then monetizing that off platform but you could monetize it on platform is the tools were there and it’s so I think that’s where these blockchain companies are playing where you’re talking about micro content and micro donation they’re not really doing like information capture in an identity capture and I think that’s where we’re going to win but I really really like the blockchain like I think that any any powerful Network we had a bunch of skills blocked

anywhere come like comedy skills on Amazon and it was a horrible experience because I got zero feedback from them think about this for a second like if the Chrome browser when it was first launched

block pornography so so like we still haven’t even seen the voice platform that has like explicit material adult material you can’t talk about alcohol you can’t talk about drugs you can’t talk about guns on these platforms that’s a fair point as well and I know they have to break if you asked him to get off the ground and then they started cracking down at once they were success but there’s nothing was a machine like do I Want to Marry Poppins like interaction every time probably not right like I want I want a real interaction I want a real conversation and if they’re blocking this freedom

speech like you’re you’re basically not letting a discourse happen that is needed right like a conversation that that is needed and so there will be a voice platform Voice Assistant that allows adult material I will never work in the the explicit material adult material space right but it will be successful escort timing is all because we just seen the Alex Jones hit podcast taking down by Apple and then Google thing and some of the other day and it really is a controversial topic is no matter how hateful that’s page to take down that Park on stand and denying audience me I know they have the right to do that I bet you have to ask yourself or what why do they draw the line I mean what what continent is appropriate and yeah it’s it’s kind of wiring for the for the long time but she wouldn’t consider the power to these platforms have everything

yeah I think that’s why I like it really kind of Josh from Mycroft have you had them on do you know I’m not yet but I would love to the talking about it has freedom of speech built-in you can launch any skill like like this is the type of thing where your voice needs to go and because you don’t want all of these like interactions blocked out of the box so there’s there’s a lot of work to be done in spice lot of discussions that’s why we’re having a discussion about it and like I don’t know the right answer do I want my kids interacting with a device that like pops up some adult material no of course not right so there’s some issues around it but it’s eventually like

you’re going to have to let the rains out a little bit right okay so I think we’ve covered pretty much everything on the on the list was there any car yeah working on my internship Norte BART train in France and Paris I could have Cam I do not gas from the number of guest appear on the show from your voice emotion conversion so I it’s about I’m going to find the intonation in a spoken place so I add different kinds of emotion message briefly mentioned that before the show but I still get chills again cuz I just think of the possibility was like annotation like Alice’s is so needed

in space if you could tell that you’re angry at Alexa and Alexa was like oh I’m sorry like I’m really sorry like I want trying to get better can you teach me it had like a learning feedback experience if you could tell that you were angry draw for then you could change the state machine then you could like change the language that narrows down there the numbered in tenths as you can possibly be expressing your relationship with this spot in a weird kind of way right but it’s Publix amount from your account and he’s adding and subtracting smiles from The Voice and when you hear a voice what does you automatically Smile Back even if you don’t think you’re smiling the the muscles in your face

debate to meet you at the beginning of a smile with hard wired to Tamara to the Pacific Ocean in the voice and you can select all shortcut into the person’s mind incredibly inspiring and also quite scary or kind of like Suicidal Tendencies like if you’re talking to somebody that’s happy like you I mean there’s a saying out there that’s like The Five People You spend the most time with you become most like you know right it is so if you’re spending most time with one of these boss you’re going to become like it and if it’s happy eventually going to like elevate your own Happy Frog soil Sacramento I mean

now you’re treating yourself right because like you can think about like the mentor-mentee like when you’re you’re in school or or you’re in college and you have that Professor that you absolutely like connect with and you love their work and you trying to have that relationship with now you can pick the top 5 mentors in their voice you want to learn to speak like them oh man this is your doing good work man that’s cool stuff like that yeah when is the right time in choosing the right place at the right time is really really difficult and so like maybe it’s about using some of your technology eventually would we be able to understand the intonation and settlement of things and then we would be able to better predict the right place to bring somebody inside a podcast please

yeah I think when they like white boys changes why don’t you know like right now we could like just modulator voice in in real time and so we wouldn’t even have to like make an effort to sound happy yeah I think I think you know people are going to start love falling in love with like robots in the volume of expression like you’re just yeah we’re going to be so hungry for attention yeah yeah I can just agree with everything that you say and you’re so right Carl Carl Carl the future it’s really cool stuff I think people are going to get addicted to it like they get addicted to the web and addicted to mobile and it’s going to be weird and people going to walk around

talking to people all day long they’re just going to like have somebody and have a conversation in their ear and we are going to like getting reaffirmed about their belief system in their belief structure because the voice in their head is going to tell him that all day long it’s kind of weird weird I’m talking to themselves all day long all day long what occurs is like you don’t know if they’re talking to you or they are talking to somebody on the phone and it’s somebody I look at you and start talking to you in your like

and I like no and then like oh you’re talking to me it’s a really weird thing because people don’t even take the airpods out anymore know that needs to be some new social knowing why you kind of indicated who you’re talking to life is the guy in your air or whatever alright so where can people find out more about alphavoice you a link as I just use the code 3 months and if you have 3 months to free up alphavoice at elf voice. IO 3 months with that number through the woods write the number 3 months all capital and need to get 3 months and then we are also looking for beta testers who want to do email and telephone capture so if you’re podcaster and you want the email and the phone number of your consumer and somebody does consuming your podcast email me Brian and Alpha voice. And we’re looking for beta testers of a new feature to be able to get the e

and the phone number of the person that’s listen to your podcast but I’m doing and I’ll keep keep popping out episodes I want to hear more about everything out of Paris man this is really cool thank you very much

you just heard from Bryan Colligan the co-founder of alphavoice which is coming to the easiest way to get your podcast and audio content onto Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

this conversation left me feeling inspired by the vision of how voice will enable us to consume Rich personalize content that directly addresses the questions that we search for answers to in the short time Brian explain that will be using voice to voice on voice to video searches to consume more more content in a long time this could have went to evolve into a circle of Dutch women toes itching formed by the world that fast enough Fields helping you to navigate the world and improve yourself at the same time as a white Roxy happens in the end we can expect some exciting changes and how will produce and consume content and this is Yolanda penned by the new developments in voice technology

it’s not over today I hope you enjoyed listening as always you can find the show notes with links and resources Mason TV episode voicetechpodcast.com falling me on Twitter @voicetechcarl son it for the monkey Muse restaurant voicetechpodcast.com newsletter

the supposed to show just how one friend or colleague about this episode and don’t forget to subscribe and your favorite podcast app is well I’ll be back soon with another episode but until then I’ll give you a heist Carl Robinson thank you for listening to The Voice Tech podcast

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