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Kasia Ryniak & Rafal Cymerys are the co-founders of Upside, a voice app development agency based in Krakow, Poland, that offer voice interaction design, voice strategy and voice app development. In this episode, you will learn how experienced voice app developers create innovative prototypes, improve voice app engagement, and sell products and services via voice.

First, we explore the creation of prototype of an Alexa skill for StarCraft II, which lets players use voice commands to trigger complex actions. We cover the importance of imbuing your voice assistant with a persona, how voice and visuals fit together to create multi-modal experiences, and a quick walkthrough of building the Alexa skill using the Alexa Skills Kit.

Then Kasia and Rafal introduce us to voicecommerce.js, Upside’s new open-source voice framework for integrating an eCommerce storefront with voice-enabled assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. We cover the benefits of voice commerce to the consumers, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and a case study for the fashion industry.

It was a really fun conversation with Kasia and Rafal, and our conversation is packed full of interesting ideas and practical advice. You’ll definitely want to listen to it all the way through, and keep a notebook handy!

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welcome to the voice tech podcast Carl Robinson in conversation with the world leading Voice technology experts discover the latest products tools and techniques and learn to build the voice up to the Future how to design a personality to make the user fuels natural that is a part of the game rating commands that fit the game and sit against language hello and welcome back this is the first episode of 2019 and I have a fantastic conversation for you to kick off the new year in style today’s episode is entitled prototypes and personas and which you’ll hear my conversation with two experts invoice app development kasia ryniak and rafal cymerys the co-founders of upside upside is a voice that develop an agency based in Krakow in Poland are they offer everything from voice interaction design to voice strategy to voice app development services and your hair how

these two are experienced voice app developers create innovative prototypes improve voice app engagement and sell products or services via voice first we discuss the creation of a prototype of an Alexa skill for the video game Starcraft 2 which allows players to create a voice commands to trigger complex actions in the game we cover the importance of them viewing your voice assistant with a persona how voice and visuals fit together to create multimodal experiences and we go through a quick walkthrough of a building the Alexa skill using the Alexa skills kit then casual rafal introduces to voice, such as this is the upside new open source voice framework for integrating an e-commerce storefront with voice enabled assistance such as Alexa or Google assistant we cover the benefits of voice commerce to consumers we dive into progressive web apps or PW eyes and we cover case study for the

fashion industry as well so if you’re interested in selling products or services via voice you’re definitely want to hear about boys, stop j s and how this form of shopping is is just starting to get traction with their consumers and developers alike cousin Rafael give us their advice and recommendations for people just getting started building voice acts so if your new voice app developer is plenty of information advice here to get you on the right track if you already have a voice application this episode will give you ideas on how to improve engagement by making it more personable and more useful to your users it was a really fun conversation with cash on referral enjoy talking to them both and conversations packed full of interesting ideas and practical advice as you just had and so you’re definitely not listen all the way through and maybe even keep her a notebook handy so little that date for the new year then I’ve got a job as a data scientist / machine learning engineer it’s in an R&D team in Paris and looks like I’ll be working on a range of projects involving NLP and I

you are embeddings and such as a very machine learning oriented and I’m excited to get a chance to hone my skills in her in a professional environment and and maybe even though I contribute to the advancement of the building somewhere on the podcast died out of resolve to focus even more on the Tech in 2019 and to support the Brave and Hardy people who were building the Next Generation in their voice enabled products one of the initiatives that I’m going to be pushing in 2019 is that I’ll be inviting more and more guest authors to publish content on The Voice tech blog so that’s going to be anything that will help people in the trenches with their daily work developers designers on at managers and consultants and startup founders and anything that can help these people do their work and I feel better voice acts so we’ve already posted a number of popular articles from Hillary long at 6 digital Charles Cadbury say it now and Crusoe

from ordering so if you would like to join these thought leaders and write an original piece for the voice tech blog or indeed repost some existing are tools that you’re ready have that you feel would you suit the audience I just drop me an email any articles related to voicetech over 500 words will be considered and they can include pictures audio external links etc as to if you wanna have a look at the existing contents in the articles are already written about the authors I’ve just mentioned just go to / articles and once again to submit your own content I just get in touch to support the the blog and the guest author posts and I’m going to switch the newsletter from monthly to weekly and I’ll release some more details on the newsletter soon but needless to say if you write for the blog then your articles will be automatically featured and sent out to the thousands of people search

newsletter sign up to the newsletter just go to / newsletter I’m also looking for some help to run the show the blog and the newsletter is quite a lot to take on top of the new job and the podcast itself and so I think I’m going to need some help if I’m going to maintain the quality I’m thinking either an intern or a volunteer or I might hire a virtual assistant for some of the tasks so I’m just added a thinking about this now but I’m putting the call out if you be interested in getting involved in some capacity please do get in touch on Twitter at voicetech car or by email ok so without further ado it’s now my pleasure to bring you today’s guests casual ryniak and Rafael samara’s I’m here with casual ryniak and Rafael de matos and Co founders of upside

general fell back into the show great to have you on the show at calling from Poland Windows how cold does it get over there in winter so it said upside can you just give us a brief intro into a festival your backgrounds and where you come from and how you got into voicetech and then a bit about upside and and I’m what you guys are up to over there so I will start from the company itself the upside is a software development agency we are based on but we work with international clients and we are specialising in the Voice application

don’t my background in psychology although I work for many years and I must be in management and project management as well and so is bedroom computer science then I ran over a year ago wonderful ok so you got the perfect mix of co-founders you got product and you’ve got tax would I do you need excellent how long has the company been founded when when did you guys started at congratulations then yeah you did last year and things are going really well and had a look you’ve got a great blog so I’ve had a look through and you got some really interesting projects and stuff which we’re going to get into

but can you can you tell us first of all I why you decided to get into voice in particular any news occur when we were looking at the market we are looking at different things what is going on and we found out about boys and the world and technology has been no other voices a completely new interface and insert a YouTube choirs different skills to work with voice design is a whole new subject and boys is Daniel has got so much potential when it comes to our and then think of them and this is also a technology that we like to work with so it started from from the interest if you’ve got the power in the end

and everything stands from that I completely agree something new You Like Me Now interested to buy the newer stuff that’s coming out because of all the possibilities that that it holds and he has so I completely understand and I think now is the perfect time as well to get into voice with the the traction is having so yeah so it’s a great place to Be Forever Young start-up what’s what some of the things that you do then to Euro how would you describe yourself out of voice voicetech agency and what kind of services do you offer companies that already have a product or a service and they are looking at boys as a new part from that they can and those that the companies are already our president in online word in web and mobile and voices for them thank you so much

I mean right now and then we are ok that makes sense so it’s really that the full journey for a customer from there are the requirements gathering and the product design the wireframing in there that use case definition through to actually prototyping buildings are the products and and and happening through the how to build and release is the first time they actually have anything to do with diced beef AZ have to go through to her to bring clients up to speed on on everything in the Lingo and under technologies that are available at how do you handle and what are the typical questions that

I can ask you guys something that is Santa right now and it’s exam a y l and it’s research on our education you mention to make them aware that it’s not just an actor but it’s a real thing growing market also emerging market there are so many things that are also seem very often is some people and they are more than willing to come and ask rate is there any way by building houses in

call centre services Brinsbury uses what are the potential. I say so that the clients that came to just get Building and just to release some kind of voice actor as soon as possible but you actually have to tell them to slow down and actually pay attention to the real value that the boys could bring their that particular organisation are there any particular examples of lights to teacher recommendations that you’ve made to clients you can give us now you are supplemental agreement in Trading

answer customers with the application was the most common use case for using voice is retrieving information so people like asking Alexa about things so information about flight price of those currencies are friends that are ok to send information or services, but at a Q&A about your manager portfolio comfortable right now we haven’t been paid a long-term strategy

because I could be cold or already and then mate like the words are you ok in your opinion then why should businesses pay attention to voice assistance now do you believe 8LG is it is genuinely mature enough to actually provide a benefit to many businesses and then and what evidence have you seen that the business is are paying attention and and taking boy seriously right now because I needed and I’ll be there Google assistant in your phone or Amazon been for housing us right now

as productive as water or seem right now a lot of marketers are just reaching their customers is interesting because of people are other consumers but does not absorbing carbon atom there is any of community nurses are either in your house but you don’t have to answer exam pieces for your hands are busy and dance music

etc without looking at your phone absolutely comes down to the hands-free experience and because your hands are free you’re able to complete her another task at the same time as you’re able to multitask while their access information or services are updating as well as they are becoming more common to use the licence on your phone to reach a certain action electric guitar unlock your phone I mean alright app that you want to go and then they’ll keep him from school I’ve been alright once enter your phone that’s a shooting for them were seeing another people are starting to play right now

master starting to expand into other areas are writing a long time ago saying I like a voice recording engineer phone numbers for a moment with me times for people using voice does Mrs Birling Gap absolutely ever search is really disturb really just in its infancy I wonder what comes after voice search and after you’ve made that initial search and you’ve got your top result a lot of people talking about position 0 and how it you know the voice assistance expected just to give you the answer that you want but there’s that whole other side of things whether you know currently you make a search in it and you

driver and web page which then gives you but the full information and it only wonder how voice is going to play into that second stage of navigating and you know digging digging down into getting the actual out in the deeper information you want because there’s only so much are Ant you know a single a single response could possibly give you that these simple questions like that you know that you mentioned that ok so talking about using voice commands and shortcuts to do actions that leads us nicely to the 1st of two case studies at want to talk about today and which is the prototype Alexa skill for Starcraft 2 the video game and to get casual maybe that’s a project manager maybe you could you can tell us like I’m a functional perspective why why you decided to build a scale and what it does and what am I StarCraft in particular

what are the use cases to implement of boys and gaming and we could see a lot of games being developed on both devices but I don’t get games where is bacon and Phoebe ask business the wing by big Alexa something that we are ready now and I’m graphical see you guys again as already you play Starcraft here again for me it was really important to take a look at that im a prospective boys again please answer me the Casual gamer and Stampy someone who is very new to the whole concept gaming I’m really into boys and integrating voice without experience

cider to implement Alexa starter but we didn’t want to implement a pain device that we have some connotations of an excited personal assistant job again so we decided to wrap Alexa in the personality and put it in the game that We Created an additional person that is there in the game and she has our companion hours a bird in it and help us to perform with very simple actions in the game a new persona and gave the Persona a different voice and you didn’t use the the standard or Alexa voice balloon and bird is she going boys designers

Adderbury and carriage as to create a whole personality and Britain the game though we are not using custom Alexa voice we are using a voice that it’s the person and our personal mother is ok to Blackwater is a personality that we are putting into the game she is a very tough leader is very strict machine matches the environment that we have in a game and she’s performing action for us so we’re delegating tasks prepare and we’re also not using Alexa as week or two. Computer so we have feeling of not having a device Alexa someone there in the game yo mama so yeah I guess it ideally you would use the word Kate or commander black water or something but their computer is as a compromise

and what were the yard the voice commands that you implemented what what are the kinds of things that we can we can ask or older Kate to do in the game designers and experience are so we played around with Ollie the concert of being a commander this commander tell his subordinates gallery trips in Laganas RBS is usually of the general you were just issue a command and then just let the outlet you’re a subordinate handle other all the details and actually holding the troops are on the map but fine in an RTS real time strategy game you have to do all that micro managing that that ordering around and becomes I get tiresome becomes a lot of effort

not bad management of your shoulder bag is there anyway for those other players who have a bit more fun and that’s how Katy Sue Designs etc etc can you use delegation are and also to pay my husband at the same time you’re managing your brother for example but on the other hand you have to take care of your people are collecting minerals that there

building a building control for example the base and you can just call Kate when I need something from her so you can you can leave a back at base and she’s handling about you you can be sure that you’re a gathering after sources and building enough troops to supply the front lines without having to switch between imagine you are there any volume setting are soldiers so it was the first month of the play soldiers ok that’s a how do you say that then was it you literally say ok can you give me the voice command you would use to build more soldiers let in the game while you’re kicking around

ak20 battery ok so there been built the basin and upsets me know much forward to the rally point and you’ll have a group of ten soldiers are ok and what else what are the commands can she execute ask about if there are any I know if you got to work as you can make use of yeah and then the roads like that was a right so we are evacuating on ballerina Rose, and then I like my new breeding them

have you seen my son says a lot of a clicking around searching in a last minute panic what you’re being invaded for your precious resource Gathering ok that sounds like a big time Saver and it would I would like to focus on the more the more enjoyable parts of the game rather that constant micro management I’m really whereabouts do I still love play 90s when I was there and I was younger read Command and Conquer Red Alert and her and then after that died generals and my friends are always play come on and Conquer generals in an if you’re aware that one but it’s quite stressful experience you can any player for so long because of the Furious clicking and dragging in the UK so many things to think about as he has I completely understand the utility of this this command can you tell us light what lessons you learnt in in in the development of this sir of the scale and like what what was some of the things that you develop this not as as a real product turn to launch on the market right it was more of a proof of Concepts do you guys to get more experience building skills around

standard at all what what was it the main lessons you learnt master contact the environment and lots of fuel to make the user fuels it natural that is a part of the game not an artificial things to put in there is a matching the boys creating a man that played the game and she begins language that was a huge and also that was a huge lesson. We are finished up with her showing the various bring a what is so ensure that other people they were like ok that’s cool that’s nice but must be inside branding

because they are very consistent amounts the thing came from designing and which model x. We will not playing just with boys but we are integrating always with an experience that we know from the screen though we had a computer we had a Ouija board as an interface we also had a voice and how to make out of those experiences feels really smooth do they use there that was a challenge yeah I think I said that’s a really important point is people always quoting the Voice first you know hashtag but it doesn’t have to be Boys first or only voice yes

what time is it in a the video game is primarily a visual experience saying Scott sound effects of Music and everything else I know I can I know a lot of companies are trying to build voice only games that I recently played the voice only version of Skyrim I don’t know if you guys had I had a go at that did you have a go what did you think tell me what you thought there was something missing I will talk about it on Twitter and and someone’s exactly that she there was saying my wife based adventure games so much fun and in person by Buckcherry roleplay game so much fun you know like dungeons dragons but something you know transplanting that just into a voice only in space or something about the didn’t quite work for me and and for some people I spoke to it wasn’t there was an amazing effort no

you know I’m such a bad thing to the team about it but it was a great it was a great experiment but I think one of the results that rhyme was it doesn’t it doesn’t work powerfully if you try and build a voice only experienced so yeah I can completely see what you mean by you know only something this complementary to the other types of interaction in this kind of multimodal environment then they just trying to do it all in the invoice and and the branding is so crucial to that by allowing the two and two modalities take to merge alright then just can you just give those of us who haven’t yet built our own Alexa skill saw on any other platform for that matter and just a high level overview of the main steps that it takes two to the building work that it took to build a school like more technical are you always for tea bags that gives you a nice and very friendly

pictures of trendy how user-friendly is it cos I’ve not actually needs to get a life you storyline when it was storyline and before they’ve edited but that was very drag and drop by a SIM Alexa skills kit isn’t quite as user-friendly as that are but I think I need to know how to spot is there is no because they look so operates on the same concept as you can also extend bag responses that are like battlefield

when can I see you don’t have to build a test web service a rest API to return results you can just do all about within dialogue play but what it lacks goes get you can’t you can’t do that call Amazon web services brings out of template start with minimal ok but what what kind of coding skills would you need to build a basic back-end for a for Alexa answers probably wouldn’t be able to retain retain information

request sent by Amazon Alexa sounds doable for anyone to read me technical

ok listening listen up if you’re thinking about building your first Voice application then now the time to put your plans into action I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to and research my selection of the best online courses to learn to build voice applications over to / courses where you find the best Alexa courses the best Google actions courses the best Siri courses even the best chatbot development courses each cos takes between 3 and 10 hours to complete the course as I selected also very fresh so you know you’re getting the latest techniques to go check out / courses and start building your first voice actor day now let’s get back to this amazing episode alright so on the subject of Mythology let’s move on to the second case study then and which also sounds amazingly interesting and has got nothing to a video games and it’s dead it’s all about voice commerce

and I understand you guys have recently released and open source voice framework for e-commerce how can you tell us about that time you’re experimenting Queer as in like the Amish community there is not that you can do something with voice or Star I say you know when it’s ok I don’t know why are just eat them like this and Joe Browns Boys and she will decrease because there any offers on Amazon is doing kids are smarter than definitely

bases are there for a bit of purchases dog food maybe office supplies sometimes there are certain Industries police Bazar record our household staff banking customers is rice do you know it’s very convenient for people to just asking when the going to come to my house so things like that can also be easily brought into Piper Chapman ever

I’d like a wonderful ok so yeah it’s all about bringing voice functionality to to all commerce operations not just within the whole Amazon ecosystem it’s not an open source voice framework for his comments that works with these open source e-commerce systems that we can use like Magento and so if I’m if I’m building an online shop with Magento or shopify or one of the others then I can I can use your episodes boys framework which is called a voice, such as I’m not mistaken and to do what what what has additional functionality does that give me set voice enables my shot but in what ways are things are taking preorders do you know what are doing the same thing is ok

alright to use case that we provides out of the box integrated gas oven installation and then built up my contacts on an industry are they like different things so sounds like the stuff that comes out the box is more related to the order history and studying the metadata around orders as opposed to the actual information about the products themselves being offered through the vehicle must perform a benefit that you know that depends very highly on but alas herself because for example with clothes you probably want to send it

how to spell experiment with inside but I search for something that will also show you around 4 also offers a way to perform the Voice Search on product is it better to Alex high-end glasses that she takes like 2 minutes for them to get started with that thank you Google

install Argos direction of Arrow are denied at integrated does Magento API what features do I think I understand it’s use Java framework which means we can issue commands to the vet the e-commerce store through Alexa or through Google assistant but it’s there is quite a flexible framework so once assuming that the voice assistance understood the intent you’re lying between the the assistant and the shop allows you to translate those those intense into custom actions so it could be returning a selection of products or it could be making a reorder or whatever but you is quite customisable so it’s really at the discretion of the developer what what we can do with it interesting very nice works in particularly well with the Vue storefront which is something that was new to me there is a red from website is a free and open source framework to make e-commerce store so not only me

Owen and shop Bible is also this so view the UAE which has a lot of e-commerce features that come out the box, and aystar what is a storefront for Chelsea, so when you think about dental when you think about a really really complex logic around you know administration any product of Rising Damp Ronaldo’s birthday present is very difficult to type in my browser

benefit from other offer customers a nice you I let you know as our that looks nice but was also a PWA and can you tell us about that was a new term for me progressive web app what is that what is a PWA now is people don’t talk to install apps because there’s obviously by one person that’s a problem that we had like those responsible

Robinson Robinson litres are there in person on mobile data problems but there are other major beach tyres yes or mo salah was so heavily involved and I said stage beyond the responsive web pages in that it so it offers more functionality so it’s is something in between a responsive web page and Anna mobile and native mobile app which exposes more of the services of other mobile device to get home screen the taskbar desktop shortcut the app loads quickly you get offline support push notifications all of these things that you’d expect on a mobile home what is a website Brighton so it doesn’t there’s nothing that installed on your on your phone it is that is there something in store that I wasn’t quite sure

call you have a website that has one of those advanced and then when you enter your home screen is also ok yeah sounds like a super website that can you can have the offline stuff if you choose to install a lot or not but yeah I think it’s a general trend right that when moving away from this instantly stand-alone apps to to accessing things are dynamically I understand that I heard from us Amazon as well also although everything’s you know skills at the moment while this 50000 skills on the air on the LG Amazon store that division for the products is so not really have any skills all the skills are kind of invisible to that the end user with this so I can’t I don’t want to score is it the implicit intent it it’s the way you just ask her something and then just the best app is selected for you and the service is delivered and bun you done so yes it seems to be having on Bose on The Voice side and on the other

upside it has got a lot to do also with the personalization that we as users require from the technology right now but I think you are tired with the information that are flowing to ask from every single direction and we want to just get the things in the concentrator and what time is messed around we just want it now new features have you got coming up writing campaign that’s one step towards voice purchasing especially are there still a lot of like epi and over for you to be able to even

so if we were using Voice Commands to Jest with Magento or with view and Magento what’s the what’s the process for paying for stuff at the moment is it still does a user have to have already paid for a website in order for you to make her a repurchase is that is that the state were out as soon as you have to set up a website involve someone at Argos electrical products using voice on the verge of dying on this information and Vanessa and so if I wanted to tell her I store using view and using the voice, such as what what are the main steps I would have to take as a developer to to the Builder

I started there are we have patience in Quran go Super Saiyan god back garden light and then I send it straight from the start of customised actions based on the search up your mama don’t allow you to ask their compatibility and it’s pretty straightforward and does it work with WordPress or woocommerce or anything like that was that BBC

are so yeah I can have something else is on the Vue storefront side I want to want to view as compatible then voice, such as a wet weather ok alright lovely casual can you tell me give you some examples of a voice, as there are you guys been involved in so hope you not implemented voice command stop JS so we’re right now working with want to client was very early on the stage of Discovery and the funny thing is that the client comes from the fashion industry so it’s very interesting see how people who is business rely on visual so questions are also interested in voice what they would like to do to you the customer support to the boys are everything that I have mentioned about working with the word they’re taking the status of the package with all the things that are very relevant in the

Ashington that relies on others but also there are a lot of things that we can do when a cat dies and also the top of that we are currently experimenting but I will provide a little bit more information on the product also when it comes to boys though it’s really easy to read about certain things online but we are also thinking how to make the introduction through voice with a certain things that we can purchase through through the devices and speakers interesting service users are exploring beauty products of fashion products on the website on mobile app they read a bit about it but then they want more information to make an egg engage with this conversation interface and interrogated for the personalized information for them and get recommendations

ASOS one of the biggest UK retailers free did a voice app called in and energy also can act as a personal assistant so we could be recommended and branch or some piece of clothing that suits us and our style and also other interested this huge part of Being Idle up with that one I’m alright so lastly I am I just wanted to get some general advice some maybe from from your off all about advice for people who are just starting to build their first voice app and particular what technical resources are you recommend for people to get started because there’s that this sounds like there’s a number of options now like dialogflow Jovi Alexa skills curtain and more besides so it what what would be your advice for someone who’s just just getting started what what would you suggest that they they do first

eBay are right now so I’m waiting for you to play around learning about Design Experience person I’m talking about the box

designing experiences for those are interesting that you’re saying you need a slightly different persona 3 to those that each other’s environments and does personal place on Earth also define a police case actually say it sounds like because it’s it’s quite new although there are books are available on an invoice interface design a lot of it comes from this iterative process of building something and then testing it with with real users who have you found as well that the beta testing in their focus groups are a really crucial to to actually building something that says it’s valuable

is very tempting to be very very complex long question three ways to personalise bright that in how do you discover what their most the most in demand are the most common actions are no is there some kind of Analytics you can use or is it through interviews or obvious that’s what you get before we start we are also

are you now and then I’m using the voice integration That what are the possible abuse cases oscillator approximation are your voice app to see what they’re asking for so you can discover what it is they really want things you haven’t thought about before is that ok can I say what what what do you what do you know now that you’ve completed a number of these these projects for clients that you wish you knew when you’re just starting out what are the big lessons that you’ll apply to the future projects vs I’m working a lot with the design of the application I really wish I was more aware of the limitations when I

adding and technology is growing really quickly but there are still only a couple of things that we do and be sure that also do it and at first when I started I was in this Dreamers out of mind when I think and improbable that helped me a lot today for the last approach design that start small tested with the uses Estate with really uses I will also say I feel very very simple brackets you do any expand and then build up on her and I’ve also discovered a lot of stew

in the meantime I’m sticking through also the easiest plants a couple have to go anything anywhere feather duster I completely agree I in fact as my previous roles as running mate I was a big fan Google drawings I said I’ve tried balsamic I’ve tried all these fancy tools boat Google drawings really really so crazy to edit if he’s designs you update them all the time rights you need something can just dive in and tweak quickly I will not getting fancy what are the markup tools did you say specifically for voice I mean have used some of the tools that actually allow you to do my voice interactions you can actually talked with her or do you just get on build it be the floor and on song that was a working prototype also work with Google assistant

the Slayer of visuals that Europe including invoice app of the responses and the cards and the visual companies help me a lot is sketch he said program and they’re already made you I told you that you can download and you have the other companies that you can possibly do and to use on Google assistant on a family with sketch is there a specific wireframe one is it a bit like that I met you can just drop in windows and buttons and things that, I really encourage the discovery that very fine but I’m right I see you can you can go from a wireframe to the the full-fledged under

how do you integrate that with her do you using storyline for the voice flow and you’ve got there be any SketchUp designs for the for the visuals for The Mighty mode multimode apart and how do you how do you use those together can you give us an idea of how that you just said you follow the voice flow through in a new user physical print out you just call at the sketch show get a wireframe on screen when an appropriate time or is there something more to it very simple online tools Google Cloud definitely an example when building Google assistant apps for Trafford mention about dialogue flow and the ability to create very simple markup is the next step and ones that is tested we are moving slowly toward development and between a working

in the first version of the app to get the clients involved because I assume it would you test internally obviously but you’ve got the voice flow on you’ve got the you got the visuals and do then go to the clients site and and and do a presentation or is that you some kind of remote to do it remotely so the clients is there with us when we keep the process of but we’re also doing a lot of chickens on the way and with most of the clients we encourage them to us directions for us see where the work is going at all so we are asking a replying to connect us with a really uses of their application they’re tired but I have got this really crucial but how do you do that in practice because I know from experience that very difficult to do

it is so when it comes to the users we are working either on the flowchart order working prototype and we’re inviting them to join us for a online course and we are sharing the screen and the way of the creators or a person who is being quiet and we’re just listening is listening getting the feedback and asking how would you perform this action what does an orchid later so I think that is also crucial when designing and developing any piece of software including the details of how the stuff actually

only takes place on Earth on a day-to-day basis yeah there’s really other the secrets to designing something high quality in it and useful value by users so they appreciate you sharing that what’s on Horizon 4 upside what what will be focusing your energies on in the next 6 to 12 months and we are based in Poland where we do not have access to a working voice technologies so you do not have to call you as a support language later on Google assistant but we have got to be strong feeling of educating designers developers in House of educating the market on both so we are doing our own metre heavy gold shops ready come in here and there and going anywhere we can with the stop being so this is definitely one of the sheets on the horizon

things are pretty things forward it in Poland at how’s the the accent do you guys have a problem in the you just having the distance understand what you what you want me to do assistant and Alexa in English that usually do not have problems but we saw a lot of and the people were struggling with the pronunciation but we are also seeing is the advancement of the technologies and the fact that even if we make mistakes we can be matched with a proper result ok so is it’s been a bit more what you mean like error handling some kind of the else clause in the Indian in the air in the recognition to the something valuable comes even if they’re even if the intent isn’t understood

don’t have perfect in Abingdon where is your night going ok so I’m not a nice fairy falls over whenever it’s not yet well I have to congratulate you both got fantastic English accent as part of it I know in Poland general the level of English is pretty which to be introduced to any of the class are tested finally with our on the native language of the aircraft it maybe it’s possible for you to know if you guys at your meetups in your community efforts to develop the the corpus 1300 the mozella project even and then and train your own models

bike ride now thank the general of a little thing is they are strongly brushing modern languages and I’m pretty sure that police thing about you guys in a upside online at your website your social networks etc upside in on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter are we also have our website which is upside lab. I know we are down there is a

start a blog where we are posting other articles and I’m being really enjoyed your articles around say I really hope that we will have a chance to meet with majority of voice and Juliet with Angela next year thank you very much for your time and really appreciate it under a great deal we are in a conversation then I wish you all the best

ok so you just heard from casual ryniak and Rafael samara’s co-founders of upside a voice app development agency best based in Krakow Poland that offers everything from voice interaction design a strategy to voice app development services only love the idea about issuing orders to your commander in StarCraft I thought I was a wonderful application of voice technology because not only did it enhance the enjoyment of the game through a greater immersion into the world but it also provided useful shortcut to a repetitive tasks and one that might even give you an advantage on the Battlefield 4 yeah I look forward to seeing more applications like these a pair of 2019 as more developers get involved in voice flexo creativity and I’ll see if you’ve got an idea for a voice app or you just some kind of prototypes then by all mean send it over to me I’d love to take a look at it as a tool for today hope you enjoyed listening as always you can find all the show notes at if you enjoyed this episode

there are many ways to support me at the easiest one is just tell one friend or colleague about this episode next you could leave a review on iTunes / iTunes be very much appreciated or if you’d like to join the other paper and then they’re keeping the show at 3 and you can just go to / donate what you can donate for as little as $1 a month to you of course even if you don’t I’m very grateful to have you as a listener I’ll be back soon with another episode until then I’ve been your house to karl Robinson thank you for listening to the voice tech podcast

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