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In today’s episode, you’ll hear four of my favorite conversations with brands and providers recorded at the recent Project Voice conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

First up is Alexey Khitrov from IDR&D, who comes back on the show to give us an update on recent features, including their prizewinning results on liveness checks, a five-step behind-the-scenes authentication system, and their recent adoption of face technology too.

Next up are Ron Jaworski and Noa Eshed from Trinity Audio who present the innovative features of their audio content solution. The team notably lists their CMS platform and the higher agency it provides their clients as far as content management.

Laura Frantz from ICF also joins us to tell the story of how she built a voice app for a utilities company. She speaks about the functionality of the app and its hopes to integrate billing services in the future.

Lastly, we speak to Zac Jarrard, project manager at Park University in Missouri, who talks about how students are not only using Alexa to access university services but are also learning to build Alexa apps in his voice development club.


  • Services IDR&D provides: biometric voice and face recognition authentication technology.
  • IDR&D’s mission to be a leader in making the authentication process feel frictionless.
  • IDR&D applicability with 3rd party voice assistants; soft usage beyond security.
  • Flexibility and capacity for voice authentication to perform large transactions
  • The five-step behind the scenes authentication process that IDR&D provides.
  • Benefits of apps that perform continuous authentication as far as crime prevention.
  • What Trinity Audio provides: a text to audio feature on websites.
  • Trinity differentiators: monetization, CMS, additional content, list generation, ad servers, etc.
  • More on the CMS platform Trinity offers: to be in control of publishing audio.
  • Continuity services Trinity offers for cross-device and text to audio on the go use.
  • Using the Trinity plugin and then being directed to compatible sites.
  • The future of Trinity services: a fully integrated package and advert compatibility.
  • Services Laura provides at ICS: tech integration for clients with a recent focus on voice.
  • A Voice pilot Alexa based app Laura is developing to help utility provider efficiency.
  • Features of the ICS app: Education, rebate programs, FAQs, and more.
  • Lessons learned during this process: the need for billing integration in a utility app.
  • Broader definitions of voice use beyond a mere app that utility providers could adopt.
  • Information on Zac’s Alexa skills-building module with students from Park University.
  • Functionality of the Alexa skill: privacy, grade, and remaining class searches.
  • Higher student engagement which is enabled by Alexa and games like Minecraft.
  • The future at Park: course descriptions, prerequisites, class schedules, more utterances.

Quotes from the show

[17:29] Technology-wise we are there

[21:50] Anyone creating textual content that is longer than two paragraphs is relevant

[40:39] There’s so much opportunity in voice for utility sets

[46:27] Since April 2018 we’ve had over 7000 skill activations

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Security, Content, Utilities, Students - IDRnD, Trinity Audio, ICF, Park - Voice Tech Podcast ep.060

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