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Episode description

Today’s guest is Anthony Tassone, founder of Green Key, a startup that builds artificial intelligence to optimize sales, trading, and a growing list of other services. Green Key uses voice technology to structure conversations into actionable data toward the end aim of generating insights and powering automation. They also work with police officers and first responders, helping them to leverage the power of voice to go hands-free, thereby improving the speed and safety of operations.

Our conversation focusses mostly on the topic of how Green Key voice-assists the police. He explains how NLP is transforming the emergency services sector by enabling officers to use voice technology to fill out reports or conduct searches and queries in a hands-free manner. It then enables them to access that data later while at the wheel or on the street. We also talk about some privacy implications and how Green Key avoids them through the provision of an on-premises solution. In the example of the Police, it provides an on-demand recording microphone rather than one which is always listening.

Anthony covers some machine learning processes which enable Green Key to construct its collections of domain-specific jargon libraries as well. You’ll also discover why voice isn’t always the best output method, and how Green Key scaled up from its initial role in the financial sector to servicing new markets. This is a great episode and one you are going to want to hear.

Highlights from the show

  • The barriers to effective police work such as paperwork and how NLP removes them.
  • How voice technology optimizes police work by enabling quicker and more detailed reports.
  • The ineffectiveness of Siri as opposed to Green Key for interpreting complex jargon.
  • Learning techniques that Green Key uses to tailor its services to different departments.
  • How Green Key pivoted away from being software that optimized soft turret technology.
  • Code tools that Green Key develops or borrows to develop its models.
  • Reasons why Green Key provides an on-premises service.
  • Skills that Anthony looks for in prospective employees such as a non-egotistical attitude.
  • The role that discovering genetic algorithms played in Anthony’s career path.
  • Green Key’s journey from being Anthony’s personal app to partnering with IPC.
  • How extracting meaning from transcripts is the key aspect of voice insights.
  • Why security concerns have resulted in Green Key building all its own software.
  • How it is more useful to help companies find the ‘alpha’ than to find it for them.
  • The different components such as ASR and NLP in Green Key’s product service.
  • Two ways clients usually require Green Key’s services: real-time and historical.
  • Challenges Green Key faces in creating models to understand complex jargon.
  • The quantity of jargon words spoken per day on average in different environments.
  • How Green Key trains its AI through its web app called Focus.
  • Incentivizing processes for encouraging employees to train Green Key’s AI faster.
  • Examples of how Green Key helps BCG.
  • What NLP means for converting the messy human world into data sets.
  • Why the benefits of recording workplace conversations outweigh the pushbacks.
  • Filtering and storage services that help Green Key get past employer privacy concerns.
  • Green Key’s position concerning the privacy of their clients’ customers.
  • What privacy and security problems Anthony sees for the future of Green Key.
  • Anthony’s vision for the future of Green Key as a virtual police dispatch.
  • Advice for startups who hope to work with government departments.
  • The challenge of getting customer feedback when working with a sales partner.

Quotes from the show

[06:30] There are particular people who require hands-free and eyes-up to do their job or to remain safe

[15:30] We’re building a collection of domain-specific jargon libraries globally

[19:23] The first time that I came across genetic algorithms I almost fell out of my chair

[21:45] NLP is the interface from human to machine

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