The Wix of Voice – Bob Stolzberg, VoiceXP – Voice Tech Podcast ep.045

Bob Stolzberg VoiceXP

Episode description

Bob Stolzberg is the founder of VoiceXP, a platform that lets you build engaging voice experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby without writing a line of code. Find out how VoiceXP’s super simple form based approach lets users have build multimodal voice apps with custom voices and API integrations for a wide variety of use cases.

We also learn about some of the big trends in voice, such as why now is the perfect time to set up a flash briefing, what the word on the ground in Silicon Valley is, and how all websites will soon have a voice interface. This is an energetic conversation packed with useful insights and fun demos, so don’t miss it!

Full summary of takeaway points

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Quotes from the show

[06:11] If you want to generate ROI and increase your audience now is the best time

[39:46] Voice is brand new to the Valley

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