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David Ciccarelli is the CEO of Voices.com, the online marketplace where brand managers and marketers discover, audition and hire professional voice actors. In our conversation, you’ll learn all about how to find and hire a voice actor to represent your brand in marketing campaigns or for use in voice development projects, how projects are priced, and what rights you have to use the audio you purchase.

We discover why personas are the most effective common language to describe voices. We also hear samples of the state of the art in synthetic voices, and learn when and why to choose a synthetic voice over a human actor. We also discuss the reasons for the recent boom in voice content and services, and how voice in all forms, from audiobooks to podcasts, is the ideal medium for today’s highly mobile, permanently connected population.

David is a seasoned professional in the voice space with decades of experience and advice to share, so whatever your interest in voice, you’re sure to get a lot of value from this conversation.

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welcome to the voice Tech podcast join me Tom Robinson in conversation with the world’s leading voice technology expert discover the latest product tools and techniques and learn to build the voice app to the Future we’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years there’s never been so much excitement around voice and never heard the word so much

hello and welcome back to another episode of The Voice Tech podcast my name is Carl Robinson and today’s episode isn’t hard to voice actors and synthetics with David chicarelli cor voices.com the only Marketplace discover audition and hire professional voice actors in our conversation you’ll learn how to find and hire a voice actor to represent your brand and marketing campaign using your voice or you’ll find out how projects are priced and what rights you have to be able to go after you purchase it

David and explains why episode has are the most effective way to describe voices and white disown is such as a common language do you know relate to we have some samples of the state of the in synthetic voices wow we learn when and why to choose a synthetic voice over human actor and how to purchase a custom synthetic Voice through voices.com we come in partnership with jogging. Calm and learn how voice Talent will soon be available through the same voice of all bombs from the podcast is the ideal medium for today is Holly mobile currently connected population

David is a seasoned professional in the void space with Decades of experience and advice to share

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okay so now it’s my pleasure to bring you today’s guy David chicarelli

okay so I’m on the line with David chicarelli the founder and CEO of voices.com David hello welcome to the show greatly appreciate until you I sound like I was just saying before the show that I have just listened to podcast right on. I’m so many listeners who listen to talk show as well enjoy that I’m So Into interested and right-sided to the dive into some of the issues and where do you go back to the last Jedi on this conversation. I’m all for it okay cuz I’m quick and then voices.com the only place where Braun manages and mocked his discover rotation and high professional voice actors is that right in a nutshell since 2005 is when we first Incorporated and launch this company

which are at the time started as interactive voices and doing voice for all kinds of media and more recently the emerging opportunities everything from podcasting to books being converted into audio books in the heater brands of looking to create a lot more content that they ever did before for social media videos are bringing these parties together the people with great voices who have their own professional recording studios and those clients places that you can see yourself more of a Marketplace thinner than the agency is that right

as such an online Marketplace or a two-sided Marketplace and I think the key to either side lengths to position ourselves into DD trusted intermediary that passes information along so the voice Talent the weather center in applying or replying to a job posting they want to know about out of parameters of the job what it entails budget is with their deadline need to be able to bring all that information I presented a challenge for the clients and it’s not just that initial connection as well

two-sided Market places are more challenging that they love to cut a pull off because both parties have sometimes diametrically opposed needs and wants and rightfully so wants to take take her time they do their craft is no an art form they want to hit it off perfectly well. Only just got issues but not finished product and the clients are very time to Strange Day of tight budgets tight timelines of the reasons why was in the marketplaces I should try to set one up long time ago translation Marketplace actually show me or anything they doing it was more fitting model we were looking at it from a completely automated point of view as I know you guys have some level of automation with a joke so you will have the human touch rice started as a week between those two offerings as a self-service or a full service

cell Services business is hosting the job Vlogs in post a job they get those responses in an automatic fashion hiring decision on their own and pay by credit card online have a fully hands off demo curation of atmora customisation involved and commercial solar 60 seconds I translated into different languages as well as Parts in the larger projects and it just it it does benefit from the projects done

translation actually because it is a similar kind of thing we’re not something I want to refer to kiss my wife in the sand in the translation was that the quick and dirty kind of automated translation services why you can go on and fully automated but it’s generally smaller jobs and then they will say that you say that the big projects which have 10 different language is very specific can I have to use style guides and all the rest of that I’m so I guess it sounds like you guys can’t sit for the the whole the whole gamut the whole range of a voice project let’s talk a little bit about the types of the types of problems did you solve all the types of clients that want what do they typically come to voices.com to do to to find a voice talent to solve what kind of programs around most of us are going to become a copywriter

I have a project in mind initially they like most of them creative Services trying to solve is finding the right boys that matches their grand style in a time efficient manner budget there is a very interesting phenomenon there’s a lot of budget I would see what is elasticity sometimes you know if it’s a small business a few hundred dollars is willing to pay a premium as in under ten thousand or maybe over a particular jurisdiction or geography and yeah I wasn’t aware of that. That kind of thing at the audience size and the longevity over the amount of times that you were going to use that voice being a factor in the price but it’s it’s it’s a huge night to run what it said to you

absolutely anything to eat by dad is going to run on national TV for 13 minutes done nowadays the time frame is so short of when you actually need something or you actually break it’s hard to get into into some advertising platform exactly how I decide that it’s it’s going to be something that you know if you are running a pilot and going to buy it for and usage rights if you will for a limited time frame or in a limited application like

however you always have the option to the get-go because they don’t want to run into trouble of tracking it a recording it just want to know one Fell Swoop that they have the ability to use the original price point but in the grand scheme of things if you’re spending $100,000 on media pie or this issue okay so some of these big customers they just find that the right side forever, but on a smaller projects you can buy just for a specific project I guess you have to stay in advance you the best gas it was going to use for how many people looking to hear it in the price comes down accordingly exactly

this is where I get my information from how can you possibly expect me to buy sure is easy to use in masks the right questions Bill the past that owns the trailer if you were looking for a boy’s head out that the description of exactly what I’m looking for what is going to be used for etcetera by Seema goyal say stay at budget because I guess you have a range of different prices that

experience levels The Voice talent to how do I know if the client I might do most of the clients a pretty pretty on you to at least know something by everyday so that’s that’s the problem of Education as well I’m done and like you said the right time sensitive to how do you say they must be appropriate for the client is always just use the the cheapest so old how do you rap out of the oven and it show that you’re giving the right voice to the decline and not just them allowing them to just pick the cheapest car the number one question that we were getting was how much do I charge for a voice of where the talent were curious they’re trying to develop their own and declines as you said

you know what are what are kind of the average prices across all these Dimensions so we surveyed the voice and you charge across you know whether to commercial with the video and voices.com the website in the floor there is a link igloos cooperates and pricing that they just closed is all of that whatever they want it but you know glimpse into expected rates that the charging the pricing engine know and how this relates to it is as you said we were producing a an audio add a video on YouTube it’s in an advertisement paucity that they can’t just say I got twenty-five bucks

it’s disrespectful and so there are ineffective minimums which was something we actually had right in the very thought we had some advice from a voice acting coach in La who said you should really help you know you want to stop this race to the bottom so we set the minimum that $100 was a range of 100 to 250 and it just in those ranges 250 to 500 500. Has allowed us to create this that is distributed day for that type of work as soon as you’re feeling out that would be showing up at 4 to think about you know the behind-the-scenes

in car driving through you know if you’re answering questions what the most suitable range is about the pricing as a filling out the form translate I have to come out to you and then I’m surprised at the end of the day I make sense have the Minutemen but it stayed the talent has the freedom to SAS as high prices they feel that that I deserve say any of the other ones who decided the price in the end

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one of your clients so I can see you’ve got many many case studies on that has Coca-Cola you can imagine a company’s big is not by Prince & Brenda sensitive can you tell us a little bit about them working with a company big is that what was that what was the requirements and what did you end up doing for them prices one of the boys I mean for those listening at wondering how do I land a client like that you know one of the things I would encourage you to figure out how to do in reviewing a bit of the secret sauce here’s how to get onto their vendors list if you can be an approved vendor of choice that’s often there first, go to place when they’re procuring any product or service internally Mystic cross reference this database of approved vendors and so that might require some paperwork in your financer administrative team to help you

in Prairieville learn how to do it yourself but as you accumulate those to pay or maybe some other legal requirements to be you know with a credit card issue a purchase order the factors into consideration with was looking to run a series of campaigns through their agency of record in Latin America and I’ll pay the studio in so they produce a ton of contents and what’s interesting in Latin America is that the voice actors actually need to it’s like a bike session much like a healthcare support worker would be here

able to eat speak on behalf of another of another company that was one of the requirements that need to ensure that they had in that situation as well as others is really kind of upfront and nurturing a relationship over time I’m in. Senior doing the best in the best weren’t recognizing okay let’s talk about an hour from that from the client side if I was looking for voice Talent say for instance for a voice assistant but it could be funny you could be for any reason what would be some of your top 10 apps you’ll do some dance the hiring voice actors on how do you understand expectations of somebody who was completely new to this it was that first time can I expect what should they do they look out for

stop ears audio engineering and so I was one that was always the advice given to me or when would you trust your ears getting an audition audition is a sample read a paragraph or potential talent that you might want to listen to I end the benefit begin hearing your exact script sometimes words in a medical dictionary or there’s some Outer Banks going back to the translation reference again there’s some real lexicon that could be unique to that organization or the script

you want red and so the boys Talent then not you said listen to the listen to other it sounds good with crackly voice Talent is not just the voice talent but they’re also the ones that I responsible for producing the Define Lodi oh so I guess you also assessing their ability to produce all the I don’t use the tools Etc. What’s happening looking for a local performance it’s the quality of the audio recording and when we issued are you listening for what are you looking for

professional sounding recording in your right side it’s a really good observation that you’re listening for both the artistic performance as well as the quality of the audio recording itself okay what was worried about you have for four clients and you know where is an image of white out there you can see it it’s referenceable you have a language

especially the human voice is not as clear or not as you understood what how we would go about describing a voice and resort to these things from Persona as opposed to the newscaster these are all personas that are way more relatable and something that a client

what is the sound professional actually want to sound like a Seasons corporate executive at a board meeting all right let’s and then it’s more you know what I love about you is a common language speaking a language you know I’m jumping on something that everybody everybody understands more last and you’re giving them a language to describe something which is quiet there real quiet and Abstract you explain the role played by the sounding sarcastic are they energetic what emotions are you trying to convey around that upfront

those auditions The Voice with that artistic direction that lets them present you a few options even give you what we call the Goldilocks effect over the top performance one that’s too low may be more subtle body very subdued in the middle and so then you know each other voice actor has a has quite a wide range and they like to demonstrate that in in the audition just so you can see the Purple Rain two things that they could do I want to talk about synthetic voices wow this is an exciting that you mentioned in any other interview that I want to go into a bit more detail you just started offering synthetic voices through voices.com is that right

ship with a company called vocal ID logo ideas based on fire Boston and second episode long time it’s been initially started her business around getting voice to the voiceless literally those who could not speak and Roo mentioning through recordings of I just was able to create each kind of Sonic voice that was uniquely that person rather than tripling a voice from someone else and so that’s really started and they recognize that there are other opportunities or pursue for a while and not know a sign from the largest Tech players and in the space they are checking the

pretty unique approach to treating synthetic voices sound sounds like a perfect fit for you guys then I’ll just creating a human sounding voice like reading a specific voice to voice it sounds like a certain kind of person for that particular individual which is exactly your business before we just call a branded synthetic or one of the police voices there’s other situations though that novel applications that businesses realize that has their own identity and they want to maybe they have already

did the mascot voice voice may be part of a sports team is an example of synthetic voices what are the what are the exercises that vocal ideas pursued is almost you know one of these you know how far is technology has come a couple years

you’re laying down the challenge for the lesson is now so I’m going to play some samples and have a listen and see if you can tell whether this is human voice or synthetic voice

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okay then David with those were pretty lifelike sounding voices tell us which ones we human and which ones was synthetic getting us three out of the four fracture in in our situation so I think if you are away sometimes be a Genus that occurs when one or two of them I had. But they were pretty convincing have to say I already have to strain my attitude to tell the difference it makes sense you know your ear but I think that there’s industrial uses or commercial uses where this makes might make sense as an alternative for can I buy stat Beyond sounds

massage cream puff and stuff okay that’s a fully synthetic voice York rating for a brand and on the other side side of the spectrum. Just off the shelf Google Assistant that I probably. Boy says what other options in in between all that kind of more custom voices that still off the shelf that you don’t have to go through it the full of branding and and training and exercise but you can still get something that’s reasonably read me custom the people want of head of the Fall to fix him one of these these kind of bra was I met you before I like it like a cowboy noise for instance does not exist I’m sure somebody will be up there what brands and Kennedy

podcast YouTube videos and you probably want voice actor to record that is synthetic a square umbrellas in effect text to speech that comes into play is where the wanton is quite Dynamic is either a conversational where someone is speaking and need an instant automatic response from the synthetic racer that’s at the AI the alternative is where the content is

it still wasn’t listening experience from a weather alert or in an airport near the gate changes our flight change score media stock ticker symbols or up close the information or news headlines too big a range of information to pre-record everything you need to know to dynamically generate the spot on the time turn it around by the time you get the scripts right because it’s from the translation site again I know some of those successful companies will ones and the dead will I never thought of doing which was basically connect the CNS systems which hole at the tax tonight like WordPress for instance to an automatic translation system would either be automatically translated using something like Google translate it would be fine

hand it off to some kind of semi-automated or fully automated human translator system what I was most massive bidding system will ever fix pricing so I imagined with wood voice and face is going the same route and a lot of the voice content and to be living on these a headless CMS has that we haven’t spoken about that maybe there will be a demand for that or is that something that you guys are already looking at that these kind of automated voice so I voice Talent delivery companies working on this precisely. It is a slugging that allows your content for WordPress to be pushed out

2A your boy scout database Richie is you have to have free you have to skip the whole process and you have to have a preset pricing because if the talin are auditioning be losing time if and you have to make a decision waste time and then you know it’s not really in negotiation what you want is to be able to say I just wrote an article for Huffington Post one of my five cortical brand voices voice actor and I get a recording back within the hour you really need to be on the bed like at the ready in their home studio the challenge that we seen with that model has been the shelf life is so short on that Fontaine having any news articles I read out loud

glass a day my son so why would you going to have these articles right out in real time I think that’s why you know most news organizations have opted for a kind of a daily Round-Up of the news headlines for the top stories in business and more traditional radio show you don’t have lines at the top of the hour she has a great business problem and likewise a business opportunity for someone to figure out how how can you wear those new stories are constantly that he kind of is washed out and recorded very quickly by a group of on-demand talent and deliver

inevitable I think one thing that she is doing very well but from the translate aside from the the content and supplies than Oprah happy because that really is a push his rights right to the bottom is nothing like oversupply I’m two to really push the Wrightstown and compared to working on a custom projects are you know any interesting interesting client I erase just it’s just farmed just finding out they said it’s going to come down under the rights of 64 love for the people making the contents I hate to see that happen to say and it’s not putting up the best image for a company to get into if I ran by treating that that the supplies like that’s going to stand his and his concerns on the supply side as well for sure and remind you what we talked about

minimum on any project 10-15 $20 / spawn synthetic voices it sounds like it could be the solution I you got your partnership with the vehicle ID what what’s the usage trends that is the demand for synthetic voices on the rise and Sam was driving that projects in kind of a preliminary proof of concept so we are optimistic I think just like you know as the adoption of smart speakers as in two homes into offices

what is lacking is the content and I think we’re going to be trying to figure out okay are we just treating this like a literally like it sounds a smart speaker to a conversation with assistant experience that can also work for the journey that’s for sure and I think we’ll be over the next couple years we view it as additive to a voice actor

I helped produce a synthetic and I’ll never get tired again will to want to keep using your voice it’s a royalty or it’s used in particular applications or someone like you set the parameters of just coming around baptism and you know where we’re helping to bring these two parties together but also at you know this is problematic are successful in doing these type of projects where there is an annuity for them

the amount of dates are required to train on the synthetic voice I understand it is a steadily decreasing as a doll’s voice talent I would I would be concerned someone that these voice need synthetic voices will be taking the position of a voice telling who providing the kind of smaller jobs the quickest jobs the ones that don’t require the real specialist though that you’re the highest quality of voices similar in Translation again because that’s exactly why the you know the pressure was the cut for the translate sizes at the bottom end of the market that the guys at the top and you know that the gentleman is living in the south of France because he’s translate French literature you know where it is how I know he does monkey places which really know they would have to compete with olso internationally is out of the other thing is that you’re living in the west you’re competing with someone who you may have

great talent overseas no voice time I guess it’s not your problem cuz you got the accent translator right to entry with translation is just so long as it’s ridiculous that the place where a voice Talent will always be sought after is on short form content is on long form content we’re listening to a story and audio dramatization there’s number of characters you really want to get lost in it and that would be a wolf surely you know that’s where he uses

what is a data feed that’s just being read aloud that is exactly where she makes sense because that’s really the dimension is like you know that the higher the quality much more entertainment experience it’s more educational for someone’s trying to learn something if it’s just a confirmation that like it’s a synthetic or automated voice that’s where it belongs to the demanded is coming from Android will only increase with increasing devices

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I took out to mention that your recent partnership with with jogging jogging they provide an SDK I had to structure a managing up to my voice come across the back to scales Google Assistant actions in NJ vote and so Einstein they were originally focused on I look like station translation and one of the themes but now they’re branching out I’m sick of you tell us a little bit about the decision to partner with jogging and what it is that you guys are planning to do together that look who’s the CEO of Alexa compounds in Chattanooga Tennessee that they were real de Pointes of Uno app

Vision what I really slept with was that app developers and voice app developers localization and translation might be on the horizon feel bad infrastructure in at the outset in so it’s likely one of the fastest ways that a business and expand graphically is translating the website their voice app experience on their marketing collateral that’s just with with a video or a product video demonstration and even app so we thought that this would be a good way for us to at least inform

audiences and your overtime and learn how we can emotions and cut across promotional activities and Export opportunities as well to or dating projects that would be a sermon from a developing yolk content translating into a number of different languages and then of course she’s going to need someone to read in the crack. Sun using the correct X excetera time sinus and authentic for it to really engage you internationally and I think we only represent about to send online content or something but we just her getting a CDL everything didn’t glad she knows so you know that will do for for the time being they absolutely I think he’s waiting for him to plan from the

play from the beginning and I can see that the jogging path from doesn’t just offered legislation Bachelor off of your way to find something more variations and Randomness to add to your voice applications. Separate the code in the content from the beginning when he was a great practice in case you want to change something later I’m so I think it’s a great thing that we’ve got to get voices.com Voice through that kind of a platform as well that’s exactly at okay so what is this this concept of the era of voice could you you tell us about how you see what technology developing over the coming years and was it mean for us now and into the future and you know it needs to look back and understand how we got here we’ve always communicated of course McCoy’s First Technology a while to catch up

in the 1900 devices that were generally available in her office here in London and it actually still working this thing put on any a wax cylinder stores he’s actually said some of the most popular music and the spoken word and it was

reading passage stories and no speeches on the Dining Plan inspirational content so we have a few of those Killers records as well lead to this is the anthem of the oldest voices ever recorded the song which actress was hired by Warner Brothers to get the first voices for animated characters for free bird Bugs Bunny and that’s why we had reel-to-reel audio books on tape

he walked in on the 1st coming out right now if my generator in snow when you come to think of getting to almost like a turkey in the turn of the century here Internet connected computers MP3’s really that will ship from analog to digital which is call it you know 2015 to 2028 no home assistance voice integrated into all kinds of activities this is emerging we’ve been doing this for years

never goin back release more of Siri and I’m a Xanax after the most is it the people are kind of sick of sitting at computer and tapping and struggling with eating spices that I just craving something a little bit more not sure little bit more on a frictionless listen to that advertisers have saturated the eyes and the ears look at screen everyday

at your Resort at 2 ad blockers restricted all the final all the privacy settings and you know don’t trap you like new desperately trying to escape more in visual information you know you come home and you and your screen so I would I would argue that it may be a release to be able to listen to something without visual stimuli to be feeling like I’m listening or being entertained or learning something new you know Brian Tracy years ago what kind of that self-help personal success you know you talked about your car is being University on Wheels death and this is the place that you go to learn Mass content producers

places where people would rather ignore get that information in it needs to be in a hands-free eyes-free scenario and voices the best medium podcast books other credit Concepts the best way to communicate information up there cuz the price of headphones countdown on the quality of headphones is gone up or they just you know of a wide variety of content available in audio form of the all of that and but it seems like many many people how many more people than I remember I listening now than they used to have some of the most daring a Netflix on the phone calls but yeah it’s so I think it’s it’s kind of practical as well as you want to try and you don’t always have fun

Car Wash that’s Jamie video it’s a it’s much easier to synchronize audio to two to these devices and so it’s it’s always with you I’ve always got a holistic and I was just too but they always have a whole list of programs I’m going to watch and lights a jump on the train and I’m going to keep watching them and I’ll show you where you can keep listening to a podcast sent a letter by Fats and yeah I think I have more probably hotter medieval 150 or 200 audiobooks on my on my iPhone and I actually can you to listen to some of the same material over over type me a story just like people like watch a movie more than once because it’s been a few years I can’t remember how it ended in in much the same way and for that I’m actually learning something new that’s great reference material I would you know

I would love to be equivalent out on audio or some type of clipping so maybe somebody from from Apple’s Elder audible I love you slip or bookmark response so I can go back and later having to write a quick note counter launch Google home app on my phone I was a bit of a chore you have something that was listening to whatever you were listening to you and you just kept on and it just summarizes what what happened in the last 20 seconds or something that would be my observational iPhone earbuds and headphones

years ago just after they got I purchased by Amazon and they were describing how they were producing 4,000 audiobooks a year and you know the title now we’re done me an audiobook format and if you think of that for you to process is done the right the editing the artwork to go into a studio or probably somewhere between 4 to 6 to 8 hours to be. Over a couple of days and it’s a marathon not a Sprint it’s a marathon on a washer and the public network is it available forever what is it The Count of Monte Cristo and that’s a long book

but I couldn’t swear the older record of having multiple multiple audio recordings of that just for the greater good and it written that is more than four to six hours recording application Norma I saw a receipt LibriVox free public domain audiobooks out there you can do one of two things you can volunteer to read and there’s fantastic material is in the public domain many of these kind of Classics is your mentioning then you can also listen and download them but I believe that comes in MP3 format so broken up but you can jump into iTunes or some kind of equivalent to get them onto your device

listen to new content that might not necessarily be actual recording a new satellite that did the voice acting but then because I offer you and because there’s a variety to choose from you can find the one that suits you do a French accent means Highway 303 funny but yeah just the Appalachians Way North as this Most Wanted references but yeah you can you can find pretty much anything you want I just searching through these apps which is yeah I can I’m not sure it’s going to translate I would see you smile speakers but I think that these two things will converge in some way I can see that you know these Voice Assistant making their way into hedge funds now and it was just a matter of time before we can just ask for it and it will stop playing

the listening experiences are very very contextual right now whether I was sitting in my car or on earbuds or attitude pewter or in my home what is missing from all that is just consistency I’d love to be able to pick up that’s actually why I still listen mostly through my phone is because the phone’s always with me and I just pick up right where I left off battery location Alexa have that capability if it is your internet connected whether I’m asking a question Play the song I listened to this morning these types of experiences and kind of follow you throughout the day that make it kind of War experience as opposed to

you just move freely between the devices that you asked about you more and more as pretty exciting so what’s on that the Horizon 4 voices. Come then I would say exciting partnership with jogging but 2019 is going to be promising to be a big year for the voice in general I would it bother you guys got planned as well as the number of other Industries specific events so looking forward to engaging with all of you if I happened to be in Dallas

hiring a voice and what is 8 by 30 shirts LabCorp process to work together on that so things like voting on inviting multiple users into account on voices.com voting on who they like best insurance for auditions of being able to set up various roles and responsibilities and permissions to the system so you trying to convert from Marketplace online software that will facilitate projects with all the exciting I love that patient of getting the whole team involved in in the decision that you say that voice is a very subjective thing like the more is you have all know on the subject the better

thank you for the coming on the show it’s been fantastic still with you. Good luck with that and then I’ll keep in touch all right

okay so you just heard from David chicarelli the CEO of voices.com at us over today have you enjoyed listening as always you can find the show notes voicetechpodcast.com future this episode how you can tell one friend will call you about this episode you can leave a quick review on iTunes voicetechpodcast.com iTunes I’ll be very much appreciated for the plug and you can submit your original content voicetechpodcast.com and of course you can become a sponsor I just like the many sponsors that I meant to the beginning of the show voicetechpodcast.com donate and your confusion really does matter shape possible I’ll be back soon with the another episode of until then I’ll be the Ohio state governments in thank you for listening to the voice chat podcast

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